Baby Girl Names In Colombia

 Introduction To Colombia : 

Colombia, located in the northwest corner of South America, boasts a rich tapestry of culture, biodiversity, and history. Its capital, Bogotá, sits nestled in the Andes Mountains, serving as a bustling metropolis and the heart of Colombia's political and economic landscape.

With an expansive area of approximately 1.14 million square kilometers, Colombia is home to diverse landscapes, encompassing everything from lush rainforests to Caribbean beaches. Its population, estimated around 50 million people, showcases a blend of indigenous, European, and African heritages, contributing to the country's vibrant culture.

Within Colombia, you'll find the extremes of city life in Bogotá, bustling with over 7 million residents, while also encountering intimate towns like Guatavita, known for its serene beauty and small population.

Colombia's density varies across regions, with the majority of the population concentrated in urban centers, creating a density of around 44 people per square kilometer. On average, over 60,000 children are born daily in the country, reflecting the vitality of its population growth, while approximately 2,500 people pass away daily.

The country's rich heritage, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality make it a captivating destination for travelers and a dynamic place to call home for its residents.

Colombia Baby Girl Names with meaning From A To Z.

01."A"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


    • Abigail: Originating from Hebrew, it means "my father's joy" or "source of joy."
    • Ava: Of Latin origin, it signifies "life" or "living one."
    • Amelia: Meaning "industrious" or "striving" in Latin.
    • Audrey: Derived from Old English, it means "noble strength" or "noble one."
    • Aria: Of Italian origin, it signifies "air" or "melody."
    • Alice: Meaning "noble" or "of nobility."
    • Aurora: Originating from Latin, it means "dawn."
    • Adeline: Derived from Germanic roots, it signifies "noble" or "nobility."
    • Anna: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "grace" or "favor."
    • Avery: Meaning "ruler of the elves" or "wise" in Old English.

    02."B"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


      • Bella: Derived from Latin, it means "beautiful" or "lovely."
      • Bailey: Meaning "bailiff" or "trusted guardian" in Old English.
      • Brooklyn: Signifying "brook" or "water" combined with "lake" or "stream."
      • Brielle: Of French origin, it means "God is my strength."
      • Beatrice: Meaning "she who brings happiness" in Latin.
      • Bridget: Derived from Gaelic, it signifies "strength" or "exalted one."
      • Bethany: Of Hebrew origin, it means "house of figs" or "house of affliction."
      • Bianca: Meaning "white" or "fair" in Italian.
      • Blair: Of Scottish Gaelic origin, signifying "dweller on the plain" or "field."
      • Brinley: Derived from Old English, it means "burnt meadow" or "clearing."

      03."C"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


        • Chloe: Of Greek origin, meaning "blooming" or "fertility."
        • Charlotte: Signifying "free woman" or "petite" in French.
        • Clara: Derived from Latin, it means "bright" or "clear."
        • Cora: Meaning "maiden" or "heart" in Greek.
        • Cecilia: Of Latin origin, signifying "blind" or "one who sees with the heart."
        • Camila: Derived from Latin, it means "attendant" or "young ceremonial servant."
        • Caroline: Meaning "free woman" or "strong" in French.
        • Cadence: Of Latin origin, signifying "rhythm" or "beat."
        • Callie: Derived from Greek, it means "beautiful" or "most beautiful."
        • Cassandra: Meaning "shining upon men" or "she who entangles men" in Greek mythology.

        04."D"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


          • Daisy: Meaning "day's eye" or "flower name" in Old English.
          • Delilah: Of Hebrew origin, it means "delicate" or "temptress."
          • Danielle: Signifying "God is my judge" in Hebrew.
          • Diana: Derived from Latin, meaning "divine" or "heavenly."
          • Daphne: Of Greek origin, it signifies "laurel tree" or "bay tree."
          • Dahlia: Meaning "valley" or "flower name" in Scandinavian.
          • Demi: Derived from French, it means "half" or "small."
          • Destiny: Signifying "fate" or "fortune" in English.
          • Diana: Of Latin origin, meaning "divine" or "heavenly."
          • Darcy: Meaning "from Arcy" or "dark one" in Old French.

          05."E"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


            • Emma: Of German origin, meaning "universal" or "whole."
            • Emily: Signifying "rival" or "industrious" in Latin.
            • Evelyn: Meaning "desired" or "life" in English.
            • Ella: Derived from Germanic roots, it means "beautiful fairy" or "goddess."
            • Eleanor: Of Old French origin, signifying "bright," "shining one," or "light."
            • Eva: Meaning "life" or "living one" in Hebrew.
            • Eliza: Derived from Hebrew, it signifies "God is my oath."
            • Eden: Signifying "delight" or "place of pleasure" in Hebrew.
            • Esme: Meaning "esteemed" or "loved" in Old French.
            • Elaine: Of Greek origin, it means "bright," "light," or "shining one."

            06."F"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


              • Fiona: Of Gaelic origin, meaning "fair" or "white."
              • Faith: Signifying "trust" or "belief" in English.
              • Francesca: Derived from Italian, it means "free man" or "from France."
              • Felicity: Meaning "happiness" or "good fortune" in Latin.
              • Faye: Of Old English origin, signifying "fairy" or "fairy-like."
              • Flora: Derived from Latin, it means "flower" or "blossom."
              • Farrah: Meaning "joy" or "happiness" in Arabic.
              • Fern: Of Old English origin, signifying "fern plant."
              • Freya: Derived from Norse mythology, it means "noblewoman" or "lady."
              • Fleur: Meaning "flower" in French.

              07."G"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                • Grace: Of Latin origin, meaning "elegance" or "divine grace."
                • Gabriella: Signifying "God is my strength" or "God is my heroine" in Hebrew.
                • Gianna: Meaning "God is gracious" or "God is merciful" in Italian.
                • Giselle: Of German origin, it signifies "pledge" or "hostage."
                • Genevieve: Derived from Old Germanic, meaning "tribe woman" or "woman of the race."
                • Gemma: Signifying "gem" or "precious stone" in Italian.
                • Georgia: Meaning "farmer" or "earthworker" in Greek.
                • Grace: Of Latin origin, meaning "gracefulness" or "blessing."
                • Gwendolyn: Signifying "white ring" or "blessed ring" in Welsh.
                • Gloria: Derived from Latin, it means "glory" or "praise."

                08."H"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                  • Hannah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "grace" or "favor."
                  • Harper: Signifying "harp player" or "minstrel" in Old English.
                  • Hazel: Meaning "the hazelnut tree" or "light brown color."
                  • Hailey: Of English origin, it signifies "hay clearing" or "hay meadow."
                  • Hope: Derived from Old English, meaning "optimism" or "faith."
                  • Heidi: Signifying "of noble birth" or "noble one" in German.
                  • Holly: Meaning "holly tree" or "plant with red berries."
                  • Helena: Of Greek origin, it means "light" or "bright."
                  • Haven: Signifying "safe place" or "refuge."
                  • Harlow: Derived from Old English, it means "army hill" or "mound."

                  09."I"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                    • Isabella: Derived from Hebrew, meaning "pledged to God" or "God is my oath."
                    • Ivy: Signifying the climbing evergreen plant, symbolizing fidelity and friendship.
                    • Iris: Of Greek origin, meaning "rainbow" or "messenger of the gods."
                    • Isabel: A variation of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath" in Hebrew.
                    • Imani: Of Swahili origin, signifying "faith" or "belief."
                    • Isla: Meaning "island" in Spanish and Scottish Gaelic.
                    • Irene: Derived from Greek, it means "peace."
                    • Ingrid: Signifying "beautiful" or "fair" in Scandinavian.
                    • Ida: Of Germanic origin, meaning "hardworking" or "industrious."
                    • India: Meaning "river" in Sanskrit, also referring to the country in South Asia.

                    10."J"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                      • Jessica: Derived from Hebrew, meaning "to behold" or "foresight."
                      • Jasmine: Signifying the fragrant flower or plant.
                      • Julia: Of Latin origin, meaning "youthful" or "full of energy."
                      • Jade: Meaning "stone of the side" or "flank" in Spanish and English.
                      • Josephine: Derived from Hebrew, it means "Jehovah increases" or "God will add."
                      • Jocelyn: Signifying "member of the Gauts" or "member of the Goths."
                      • Joyce: Of Breton origin, meaning "lord" or "ruler."
                      • Jenna: Meaning "white" or "smooth" in Arabic.
                      • Jillian: Derived from Latin, it signifies "youthful" or "downy."
                      • Jacqueline: Of French origin, meaning "supplanter" or "one who follows."

                      11."K"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                        • Kylie: Of Australian Aboriginal origin, meaning "boomerang."
                        • Kayla: Signifying "pure" or "beloved" in Greek.
                        • Kennedy: Meaning "misshapen head" or "helmeted chief" in Irish Gaelic.
                        • Kinsley: Derived from Old English, it means "king's meadow" or "royal field."
                        • Kiera: Of Irish Gaelic origin, signifying "little dark one" or "black-haired."
                        • Kaya: Meaning "restful place" or "home" in Hopi.
                        • Kaia: Derived from Scandinavian, it means "pure" or "earth."
                        • Kendall: Signifying "valley of the River Kent" or "royal valley" in Old English.
                        • Kara: Of Greek origin, meaning "pure" or "beloved."
                        • Karina: Meaning "pure" or "beloved" in Scandinavian.

                        12."L"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                          • Lily: Of English origin, meaning "pure," "innocent," or "beautiful flower."
                          • Luna: Signifying "moon" in Latin, representing mystery and femininity.
                          • Lucy: Derived from Latin, meaning "light" or "illumination."
                          • Leah: Of Hebrew origin, it signifies "weary" or "tired."
                          • Leila: Meaning "night" or "dark beauty" in Arabic.
                          • Lydia: Signifying "woman from Lydia" or "beautiful one" in Greek.
                          • Layla: Of Arabic origin, meaning "night" or "dark beauty."
                          • Lauren: Derived from Latin, it means "laurel tree" or "crowned with laurel."
                          • Lillian: Signifying "lily" or "pure" in English.
                          • Lola: Meaning "sorrows" or "lady of sorrows" in Spanish.

                          13."M"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                            • Madison: Of English origin, meaning "son of Matthew" or "son of Maud."
                            • Mia: Signifying "mine" or "bitterness" in Hebrew.
                            • Mila: Meaning "dear" or "gracious" in Slavic languages.
                            • Maya: Of Sanskrit origin, it signifies "illusion" or "magic."
                            • Mackenzie: Derived from Scottish Gaelic, it means "son of the wise leader."
                            • Melanie: Signifying "dark" or "black" in Greek.
                            • Molly: Meaning "bitter" in Hebrew, but often associated with "sweetness."
                            • Marley: Of Old English origin, it means "pleasant seaside meadow."
                            • Miranda: Derived from Latin, signifying "admirable" or "wonderful."
                            • Morgan: Meaning "sea-born" or "bright" in Welsh.

                            14."N"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                              • Nora: Of Irish origin, meaning "light" or "honorable."
                              • Natalie: Signifying "born on Christmas" or "birthday of the Lord."
                              • Naomi: Meaning "pleasantness" or "sweetness" in Hebrew.
                              • Nina: Of Spanish origin, it signifies "little girl" or "granddaughter."
                              • Nadia: Derived from Slavic roots, meaning "hope" or "expectation."
                              • Nicole: Signifying "victory of the people" in Greek.
                              • Nora: Meaning "light" or "honor" in Arabic.
                              • Nova: Of Latin origin, it signifies "new" or "star."
                              • Nellie: Derived from Greek, meaning "light" or "torch."
                              • Nia: Signifying "purpose" or "bright" in Swahili.

                              15."O"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                • Olivia: Derived from Latin, meaning "olive tree" or "peace."
                                • Ophelia: Signifying "helper" or "serpent" in Greek.
                                • Olive: Of English origin, it means "symbol of peace" or "olive tree."
                                • Octavia: Meaning "eighth" in Latin, often associated with the Roman Empire.
                                • Opal: Derived from Sanskrit, signifying "gem" or "jewel."
                                • Odette: Of French origin, meaning "wealthy" or "fortunate."
                                • Onyx: Meaning "black gemstone" or "black-colored" in Greek.
                                • Orla: Signifying "golden princess" or "golden lady" in Irish.
                                • Odessa: Of Greek origin, meaning "long journey" or "wrathful."
                                • Oona: Meaning "lamb" or "unity" in Irish.

                                16."P"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                  • Penelope: Of Greek origin, meaning "weaver" or "duck."
                                  • Paisley: Signifying "church" or "place of worship."
                                  • Piper: Meaning "flute player" or "pipe player."
                                  • Phoebe: Of Greek origin, it means "bright" or "pure."
                                  • Paige: Signifying "page" or "assistant."
                                  • Peyton: Meaning "warrior's town" or "warrior's estate."
                                  • Penny: Of English origin, it signifies "weaver" or "coin."
                                  • Priscilla: Derived from Latin, it means "ancient" or "classical."
                                  • Paloma: Signifying "dove" in Spanish.
                                  • Pearl: Meaning "precious gem" or "gemstone."

                                  17."Q"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                    • Quinn: Of Irish origin, meaning "descendant of Conn" or "wise."
                                    • Quincy: Signifying "estate of the fifth son" in Old French.
                                    • Quintessa: Meaning "fifth-born" or "queenly."
                                    • Queenie: Of English origin, it signifies "queen" or "wife of a king."
                                    • Quiana: Derived from American origins, meaning "silky."
                                    • Quilliana: Signifying "graceful" or "belonging to a woman."
                                    • Quenby: Meaning "woman's estate" or "woman's settlement."
                                    • Qadira: Of Arabic origin, it means "powerful" or "capable."
                                    • Quintessa: Signifying "fifth-born" or "queenly."
                                    • Quilla: Meaning "feather" or "pen" in Spanish.

                                    18."R"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                      • Rachel: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "ewe" or "innocence."
                                      • Rebecca: Signifying "to tie" or "to bind" in Hebrew.
                                      • Ruby: Meaning "deep red precious stone."
                                      • Rose: Of Latin origin, it signifies the fragrant flower or "flowering shrub."
                                      • Riley: Signifying "courageous" or "valiant" in Old English.
                                      • Reagan: Meaning "little ruler" or "descendant of Riagán."
                                      • Raelyn: Of American origin, signifying a combination of "rae" and "lyn."
                                      • Ruth: Meaning "compassionate friend" or "companion" in Hebrew.
                                      • Reina: Signifying "queen" or "royalty" in Spanish.
                                      • Rowan: Of Gaelic origin, meaning "little red one" or "red-haired."

                                      19."S"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                        • Sophia: Of Greek origin, meaning "wisdom" or "knowledge."
                                        • Samantha: Signifying "listener" or "told by God."
                                        • Scarlett: Meaning "red" or "bright red" in English.
                                        • Sarah: Of Hebrew origin, it signifies "princess" or "noblewoman."
                                        • Stella: Signifying "star" in Latin.
                                        • Sadie: Meaning "princess" or "noblewoman."
                                        • Serena: Of Latin origin, meaning "serene" or "calm."
                                        • Savannah: Signifying "treeless plain" or "grassland."
                                        • Sienna: Meaning "reddish-brown" or "orange-red."
                                        • Sage: Of Latin origin, it means "wise" or "profoundly wise."

                                        20."T"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                          • Taylor: Of English origin, meaning "cutter of cloth" or "tailor."
                                          • Tessa: Signifying "harvester" or "reaper" in Greek.
                                          • Trinity: Meaning "threefold" or "three in one" in Latin.
                                          • Tara: Of Gaelic origin, it signifies "rocky hill" or "tower."
                                          • Tabitha: Signifying "gazelle" or "beautiful" in Aramaic.
                                          • Talia: Meaning "dew from God" or "blooming" in Hebrew.
                                          • Thalia: Of Greek origin, meaning "blooming" or "to flourish."
                                          • Thea: Signifying "goddess" or "divine" in Greek.
                                          • Tatum: Meaning "cheerful bringer of joy" or "full of spirit."
                                          • Tiffany: Of Greek origin, it means "manifestation of God."

                                          21."U"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                            • Uma: Meaning "flax" or "poppy" in Sanskrit.
                                            • Una: Signifying "one" or "unity" in Latin.
                                            • Ursula: Meaning "little bear" or "she-bear."
                                            • Unity: Signifying "oneness" or "harmony."
                                            • Ulrika: Of Scandinavian origin, it means "power of the wolf" or "wolf ruler."
                                            • Ulla: Meaning "will" or "determination" in Scandinavian.
                                            • Uma: Signifying "mother" or "goddess Parvati" in Hindu mythology.
                                            • Ursel: Of Latin origin, it signifies "little bear" or "bear cub."
                                            • Urbana: Meaning "from the city" or "city dweller."
                                            • Udoka: Signifying "peace" or "peaceful" in Igbo.

                                            22."V"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                              • Victoria: Derived from Latin, meaning "victory" or "conqueror."
                                              • Valerie: Signifying "strong" or "brave" in Latin.
                                              • Vanessa: Meaning "butterfly" in Greek.
                                              • Vivian: Of Latin origin, it signifies "lively" or "full of life."
                                              • Violet: Signifying the violet flower or "purple" in English.
                                              • Virginia: Meaning "maiden" or "virginal" in Latin.
                                              • Vera: Of Russian origin, it means "faith" or "truth."
                                              • Vivienne: Signifying "life" or "lively" in French.
                                              • Valentina: Meaning "strong" or "brave" in Latin.
                                              • Vesper: Of Latin origin, it signifies "evening star" or "evening prayer."

                                              23."W"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                                • Willow: Signifying the willow tree, associated with grace and flexibility.
                                                • Wendy: Meaning "friend" or "blessed ring" in English.
                                                • Whitney: Of Old English origin, it means "white island" or "white meadow."
                                                • Willa: Signifying "resolute protector" or "will-helmet."
                                                • Winifred: Meaning "blessed peacemaking" or "holy reconciliation."
                                                • Wren: Of English origin, it signifies a small bird.
                                                • Wanda: Signifying "wanderer" or "shepherdess" in Slavic languages.
                                                • Winter: Meaning the season of winter, associated with purity and quietness.
                                                • Wynter: Of English origin, it signifies "winter" or "cold season."
                                                • Wynona: Signifying "firstborn daughter" or "beloved."

                                                24."X"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                                  • Xena: Meaning "hospitable" or "welcoming" in Greek.
                                                  • Ximena: Of Spanish origin, meaning "listener" or "hearkening."
                                                  • Xandra: A variation of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
                                                  • Xanthe: Signifying "golden" or "yellow" in Greek.
                                                  • Xenia: Meaning "hospitable" or "welcoming" in Greek.
                                                  • Xyla: Signifying "of the woods" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xitlali: Of Nahuatl origin, meaning "star" or "comet."
                                                  • Xoe: A variation of Zoe, meaning "life" or "vitality."
                                                  • Xara: Meaning "princess" or "flower" in Arabic.
                                                  • Xabrina: A variant of Sabrina, of uncertain origin.

                                                  25."Y"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                                    • Yara: Meaning "small butterfly" or "water lady" in Arabic.
                                                    • Yvonne: Signifying "archer" or "yew wood" in French.
                                                    • Yasmin: Of Persian origin, meaning "jasmine flower."
                                                    • Yolanda: Meaning "violet flower" or "purple" in Greek.
                                                    • Yvette: Signifying "yew wood" or "archer" in French.
                                                    • Yasmine: Of Arabic origin, meaning "jasmine flower."
                                                    • Yara: Meaning "water lady" or "small butterfly" in Brazilian.
                                                    • Yadira: Signifying "beloved friend" or "worthy" in Arabic.
                                                    • Yana: Of Native American origin, meaning "blossom" or "to grow."
                                                    • Yoko: Meaning "child of sunlight" or "ocean child" in Japanese.

                                                    26."Z"Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


                                                      • Zara: Of Arabic origin, meaning "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zoe: Signifying "life" or "vitality" in Greek.
                                                      • Zelda: Meaning "gray fighting maid" or "blessed" in German.
                                                      • Zoey: A variation of Zoe, also meaning "life" or "vitality."
                                                      • Zia: Signifying "light" or "splendor" in Arabic.
                                                      • Ziva: Meaning "radiance" or "brightness" in Hebrew.
                                                      • Zahara: Of Hebrew and Swahili origins, meaning "flower" or "shining."
                                                      • Zinnia: Named after the flower, symbolizing "thoughts of friends."
                                                      • Zara: Signifying "blooming flower" or "princess" in Persian.
                                                      • Zelda: Meaning "happy" or "blessed" in Old English.

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