Baby Girl Names In Barbados

 Introduction To Barbados :

Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean, boasts a rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty. Its capital, Bridgetown, serves as the hub of commerce and government. With an area spanning approximately 432 square kilometers and a population of around 287,000, Barbados maintains a unique balance of being one of the smallest countries in the region while still holding significant historical and economic importance.

Within its diverse landscapes, you'll find bustling Bridgetown alongside serene beaches and lush tropical gardens. Speights town stands as one of the smaller yet historically significant towns, offering glimpses into Barbados' colonial past.

The population density of Barbados, at roughly 667 people per square kilometer, reflects its vibrant and bustling communities. On average, there are a few births per day and a similar number of deaths, contributing to a stable population growth and a society that values its heritage while embracing modernity.

Barbados Baby Boy Popular Name From A To Z. 

01."A" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


    • Abigail: Of Hebrew origin, translating to "my father is joyful."
    • Adriana: Signifying "from the Adriatic Sea."
    • Aaliyah: Meaning "high and exalted" or "to ascend."
    • Amelia: Derived from Germanic origins, meaning "work."
    • Aria: Referring to a "melody" or "song."
    • Asha: Of Swahili origin, meaning "life" or "hope."
    • Astrid: Signifying "divine strength" or "beautiful, loved one."
    • Athena: Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
    • Audrey: Meaning "noble strength" or "noble one."
    • Aurora: Referring to the Roman goddess of dawn.
    • Autumn: Signifying the season of fall or harvest.
    • Ava: Derived from Latin, meaning "life" or "bird."
    • Alice: Meaning "noble" or "truth."
    • Alina: Signifying "bright" or "beautiful."
    • Anastasia: Of Greek origin, translating to "resurrection."

    1. 02."B" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

    1. Baby_Girl

      • Brianna: Derived from Celtic, meaning "strong" or "virtuous."
      • Brooklyn: Signifying "water" or "stream."
      • Bailey: Meaning "bailiff" or "trusted guardian."
      • Bianca: Referring to "white" or "fair."
      • Bethany: Signifying "house of figs" or "house of affliction."
      • Bridget: Derived from Gaelic, meaning "strength" or "exalted one."
      • Bella: Meaning "beautiful" or "God is my oath."
      • Beatrice: Signifying "bringer of joy" or "blessed."
      • Brielle: Derived from French, meaning "God is my strength."
      • Blakely: Referring to "dark meadow" or "dark wood."
      • Brinley: Signifying "burnt meadow."
      • Brynn: Meaning "hill" or "mound."
      • Baelyn: Derived from Old English, referring to "bone valley."
      • Bronte: Signifying "thunder."
      • Blythe: Meaning "free spirit" or "carefree."

      1. 03."C" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

      1. Baby_Girl

        • Charlotte: Meaning "free woman" or "petite."
        • Chloe: Signifying "blooming" or "young green shoot."
        • Claire: Referring to "clear" or "bright."
        • Cassandra: Meaning "shining upon men" or "prophetess."
        • Caitlin: Signifying "pure" or "chaste."
        • Carmen: Referring to "song" or "poem."
        • Cecilia: Meaning "blind" or "dim-sighted."
        • Cynthia: Signifying "moon goddess" or "from Mount Cynthus."
        • Caroline: Referring to "free woman" or "strong."
        • Camila: Meaning "young ceremonial attendant" or "virgin of unblemished character."
        • Cadence: Signifying "rhythmic flow of sounds."
        • Crystal: Referring to a "clear, brilliant glass."
        • Cara: Meaning "beloved" or "friend."
        • Colette: Signifying "victory of the people."
        • Celia: Referring to "heaven" or "blind."

        1. 04."D" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

        1. Baby_Girl

          • Daisy: Derived from the flower name, symbolizing "innocence" or "purity."
          • Delilah: Signifying "delicate" or "weakened."
          • Danielle: Meaning "God is my judge."
          • Daphne: Referring to "laurel tree" or "bay tree."
          • Destiny: Signifying "fate" or "fortune."
          • Diana: Meaning "divine" or "heavenly."
          • Darlene: Referring to "dear" or "beloved."
          • Demi: Signifying "half" or "small."
          • Dahlia: Meaning "valley" or named after the flower.
          • Drew: Referring to "strong and manly."
          • Dara: Signifying "oak tree" or "wise."
          • Dina: Meaning "love" or "justified."
          • Darcy: Referring to "dark one" or "from the fortress."
          • Dolores: Signifying "sorrow" or "lady of sorrows."
          • Della: Meaning "noble" or "bright."

          1. 05."E" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

            • Emma: Meaning "universal" or "whole."
            • Ella: Signifying "beautiful fairy woman" or "goddess."
            • Evelyn: Referring to "desired" or "wished for."
            • Emily: Meaning "industrious" or "striving."
            • Elena: Signifying "bright" or "shining light."
            • Elise: Referring to "pledged to God."
            • Eleanor: Meaning "bright, shining one" or "torch."
            • Esme: Signifying "esteemed" or "loved."
            • Eliza: Referring to "pledged to God."
            • Eden: Meaning "place of pleasure" or "delight."
            • Erica: Signifying "eternal ruler."
            • Elaine: Referring to "bright" or "light."
            • Ember: Meaning "spark" or "burning low."
            • Elodie: Signifying "foreign riches."
            • Estelle: Referring to "star" or "celestial."

            1. 06."F" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

            1. Baby_Girl

              • Fiona: Meaning "fair" or "white."
              • Faith: Signifying "trust" or "belief."
              • Florence: Referring to "blooming" or "prosperous."
              • Freya: Meaning "a noble woman."
              • Fern: Signifying the plant name, representing sincerity or fascination.
              • Francesca: Referring to "free one" or "from France."
              • Flora: Meaning "flower" or "blooming."
              • Faye: Signifying "fairy" or "fairy-like."
              • Farrah: Referring to "joy" or "happiness."
              • Felicia: Meaning "happy" or "fortunate."
              • Felicity: Signifying "happiness" or "good fortune."
              • Fleur: Referring to "flower" or "blossom."
              • Frida: Meaning "peace" or "beautiful."
              • Fiorella: Signifying "little flower."
              • Farida: Referring to "unique" or "precious."

              1. 07."G" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
              2. Baby_Girl

                • Grace: Meaning "elegance" or "divine grace."
                • Gabrielle: Signifying "God is my strength."
                • Gianna: Referring to "God is gracious."
                • Gemma: Meaning "precious stone" or "gem."
                • Giselle: Signifying "pledge" or "oath."
                • Georgia: Referring to "farmer" or "earth-worker."
                • Genevieve: Meaning "tribe woman" or "woman of the race."
                • Gwendolyn: Signifying "white ring" or "blessed ring."
                • Gloria: Referring to "glory" or "fame."
                • Guinevere: Meaning "fair" or "white phantom."
                • Greta: Signifying "pearl."
                • Galilea: Referring to "rolling hills" or "district."
                • Gillian: Meaning "youthful" or "eternally young."
                • Gail: Signifying "lively" or "joyful."
                • Gwendoline: Referring to "white ring" or "blessed ring."

                1. 08."H" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

                  • Hannah: Meaning "grace" or "favor."
                  • Harper: Signifying "harp player" or "minstrel."
                  • Hailey: Referring to "hay meadow" or "hay clearing."
                  • Hazel: Meaning "hazel tree" or "light brown."
                  • Hope: Signifying "faith" or "belief."
                  • Heidi: Referring to "noble" or "of noble birth."
                  • Holly: Meaning "plant with red berries" or "to prick."
                  • Helena: Signifying "bright" or "shining light."
                  • Halle: Referring to "dweller by the meadow" or "hall."
                  • Harlow: Meaning "army hill" or "rock hill."
                  • Heaven: Signifying "paradise" or "sky."
                  • Hana: Referring to "flower" or "blossom."
                  • Harriet: Meaning "estate ruler" or "ruler of the home."
                  • Henley: Signifying "high meadow" or "enclosed meadow."
                  • Hermione: Referring to "messenger" or "earthly."

                  1. 09."I" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

                  1. Baby_Girl

                    • Isabella: Meaning "pledged to God" or "God's promise."
                    • Ivy: Signifying the climbing plant name, symbolizing "faithfulness" or "fidelity."
                    • Irene: Referring to "peace" or "peaceful."
                    • Isadora: Meaning "gift of Isis" or "gift of the goddess."
                    • Ingrid: Signifying "beautiful" or "fair."
                    • Isla: Referring to "island" or "island of the river."
                    • Imani: Meaning "faith" or "belief."
                    • Indira: Signifying "beauty" or "splendid."
                    • Ines: Referring to "pure" or "virginal."
                    • Irina: Meaning "peace."
                    • Iliana: Signifying "bright" or "beautiful."
                    • Ireland: Referring to "green land" or "land of Eire."
                    • Ivette: Meaning "yew wood" or "archer."
                    • Ida: Signifying "industrious" or "prosperous."
                    • Ilene: Referring to "light" or "torch."
                      1. 10."J" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                      2. Baby_Girl

                        • Julia: Meaning "youthful" or "downy-bearded."
                        • Jessica: Signifying "God beholds" or "foresight."
                        • Jasmine: Referring to the fragrant flower or "gift from God."
                        • Jocelyn: Meaning "joyous" or "happy."
                        • Jade: Signifying the precious green stone.
                        • Jenna: Referring to "white" or "fair."
                        • Josie: Meaning "God will increase" or "God will add."
                        • Joy: Signifying "happiness" or "delight."
                        • Jillian: Referring to "youthful" or "young at heart."
                        • Janet: Meaning "God is gracious" or "gift of God."
                        • Joanna: Signifying "God is gracious" or "God is merciful."
                        • Juno: Referring to the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth.
                        • Josephine: Meaning "God will add" or "God increases."
                        • Journey: Signifying "travel" or "adventure."
                        • Jacqueline: Referring to "supplanter" or "one who follows."

                        11."K" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                        • Kylie: Meaning "boomerang" or "beautiful."
                        • Kara: Signifying "beloved" or "dear friend."
                        • Kennedy: Referring to "helmeted chief" or "helmeted head."
                        • Kiera: Meaning "little dark one" or "dark-haired."
                        • Kinsley: Signifying "king's meadow" or "king's field."
                        • Keira: Referring to "little dark-haired one."
                        • Kaya: Meaning "restful place" or "stone."
                        • Kiara: Signifying "bright" or "famous."
                        • Kalista: Referring to "most beautiful" or "most lovely."
                        • Kendall: Meaning "valley of the River Kent."
                        • Karina: Signifying "pure" or "beloved."
                        • Kaylee: Referring to "slender" or "graceful."
                        • Kristen: Meaning "follower of Christ."
                        • Kassidy: Signifying "curly-haired" or "clever."
                        • Kiana: Referring to "divine" or "heavenly."

                        1. 12."L" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                        2. Baby_Girl

                          • Lily: Meaning "pure" or "innocent."
                          • Leah: Signifying "weary" or "tired."
                          • Lucy: Referring to "light" or "illumination."
                          • Layla: Meaning "night" or "dark beauty."
                          • Luna: Signifying "moon" or "goddess of the moon."
                          • Leilani: Referring to "heavenly flowers" or "royal child."
                          • Lila: Meaning "night" or "dark beauty."
                          • Lydia: Signifying "woman from Lydia" or "noble kind."
                          • Lena: Referring to "light" or "brightness."
                          • Lacey: Meaning "from Lassy" or "lace-like."
                          • Lauren: Signifying "from Laurentum" or "laurel."
                          • Lara: Referring to "cheerful" or "bright."
                          • Liv: Meaning "life" or "alive."
                          • Lottie: Signifying "free" or "petite."
                          • Lorelei: Referring to "alluring" or "temptress."

                          1. 13."M" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                          2. Baby_Girl

                            • Madison: Meaning "son of Maud" or "son of Matthew."
                            • Mia: Signifying "mine" or "bitterness."
                            • Mila: Referring to "dear" or "gracious."
                            • Maya: Meaning "illusion" or "magic."
                            • Melanie: Signifying "black" or "dark."
                            • Molly: Referring to "bitter" or "rebellious."
                            • Mackenzie: Meaning "child of the wise leader" or "fair one."
                            • Morgan: Signifying "circling sea" or "bright sea."
                            • Marissa: Referring to "of the sea" or "bitter."
                            • Mabel: Meaning "lovable" or "dear."
                            • Matilda: Signifying "strength in battle."
                            • Miranda: Referring to "admirable" or "wonderful."
                            • Mariana: Meaning "beloved" or "worthy of love."
                            • Margot: Signifying "pearl" or "child of light."
                            • Maeve: Referring to "intoxicating" or "she who intoxicates."

                            1. 14."N" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                            2. Baby_Girl

                              • Natalie: Meaning "born on Christmas" or "birthday."
                              • Nora: Signifying "light" or "honor."
                              • Naomi: Referring to "pleasantness" or "sweetness."
                              • Nina: Meaning "grace" or "little girl."
                              • Nicole: Signifying "victory of the people."
                              • Nora: Referring to "light" or "honor."
                              • Nadia: Meaning "hope" or "delicate."
                              • Nyla: Signifying "winner" or "successful."
                              • Nova: Referring to "new" or "star."
                              • Nellie: Meaning "shining light" or "bright one."
                              • Niamh: Signifying "bright" or "radiant."
                              • Nola: Referring to "famous" or "well-known."
                              • Noelle: Meaning "Christmas" or "born on Christmas."
                              • Noreen: Signifying "honor" or "light."
                              • Nikita: Referring to "unconquered" or "victorious."

                              1. 15."O" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.

                              1. Baby_Girl

                                • Olivia: Meaning "olive tree" or "peace."
                                • Ophelia: Signifying "help" or "aid."
                                • Octavia: Referring to "eighth" or "eighth born."
                                • Odette: Meaning "wealth" or "fortune."
                                • Olive: Signifying "olive tree."
                                • Opal: Referring to the gemstone "opal."
                                • Orla: Meaning "golden princess" or "golden lady."
                                • Oriana: Signifying "gold" or "sunrise."
                                • Oona: Referring to "lamb" or "pure."
                                • Olesia: Meaning "defender of mankind."
                                • Odessa: Signifying "long journey."
                                • Odilia: Referring to "wealth" or "prosperity."
                                • Onyx: Meaning "black gemstone."
                                • Ocean: Signifying "large body of water."
                                • Olympia: Referring to "from Mount Olympus."

                                1. 16."P" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                2. Baby_Girl

                                  • Penelope: Meaning "weaver" or "duck."
                                  • Paige: Signifying "young servant" or "young child."
                                  • Piper: Referring to "pipe player" or "flute player."
                                  • Peyton: Meaning "fighting man's estate."
                                  • Phoebe: Signifying "bright" or "radiant."
                                  • Priscilla: Referring to "ancient" or "venerable."
                                  • Paisley: Meaning "church" or "place of worship."
                                  • Paloma: Signifying "dove" or "peaceful."
                                  • Portia: Referring to "pig" or "pork market."
                                  • Primrose: Meaning "first rose" or "early rose."
                                  • Patricia: Signifying "noble" or "patrician."
                                  • Paulina: Referring to "small" or "humble."
                                  • Phyllis: Meaning "greenery" or "foliage."
                                  • Pandora: Signifying "all gifted" or "all giving."
                                  • Poppy: Referring to the red flower or "joy."

                                  1. 17."Q" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                  2. Baby_Girl

                                    • Quinn: Meaning "wisdom" or "counsel."
                                    • Queenie: Signifying "queen-like" or "royal."
                                    • Quiana: Referring to "silky" or "velvety."
                                    • Quinley: Meaning "queen's meadow" or "royal field."
                                    • Quanda: Signifying "sacred" or "holy."
                                    • Quilla: Referring to "feather" or "quill."
                                    • Quenby: Meaning "woman's estate."
                                    • Quirina: Signifying "spear" or "lance."
                                    • Quincy: Referring to "fifth" or "born fifth."
                                    • Quenisha: Meaning "variant of Keisha."
                                    • Quintessa: Signifying "fifth-born" or "born fifth."
                                    • Querida: Referring to "dear" or "beloved."
                                    • Quilla: Meaning "quiet" or "peaceful."
                                    • Quita: Signifying "quiet" or "peaceful."
                                    • Quiana: Referring to "silky" or "velvety."
                                    1. 18."R" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                    2. Baby_Girl

                                      • Rachel: Meaning "ewe" or "female sheep."
                                      • Rebecca: Signifying "to tie" or "to bind."
                                      • Rose: Referring to the flower "rose" or "beauty."
                                      • Ruby: Meaning "red gemstone."
                                      • Riley: Signifying "courageous" or "valiant."
                                      • Reagan: Referring to "little ruler" or "queenly."
                                      • Renee: Meaning "reborn" or "born again."
                                      • Raelyn: Signifying "ewe" or "female sheep."
                                      • Ruth: Referring to "compassionate friend" or "companion."
                                      • Reina: Meaning "queen" or "royalty."
                                      • Remy: Signifying "oarsman" or "remedy."
                                      • Raina: Referring to "queen" or "mighty."
                                      • Rowan: Meaning "little redhead" or "red-haired."
                                      • Rosalie: Signifying "rose" or "beautiful."
                                      • Rylee: Referring to "courageous" or "valiant."
                                      1. 19."S" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                      2. Baby_Girl

                                        • Sophia: Meaning "wisdom" or "wise."
                                        • Scarlett: Signifying "red" or "red-haired."
                                        • Samantha: Referring to "listener" or "heard by God."
                                        • Stella: Meaning "star" or "bright as a star."
                                        • Serena: Signifying "serene" or "calm."
                                        • Sienna: Referring to "reddish-brown" or "orange-red."
                                        • Savannah: Meaning "treeless plain" or "open plain."
                                        • Sadie: Signifying "princess" or "noble."
                                        • Skylar: Referring to "scholar" or "learned one."
                                        • Sydney: Meaning "wide island" or "wide meadow."
                                        • Sasha: Signifying "defender of mankind" or "helper of humanity."
                                        • Sylvia: Referring to "forest" or "woods."
                                        • Summer: Meaning "season of summer" or "hot season."
                                        • Selena: Signifying "moon" or "goddess of the moon."
                                        • Sabrina: Referring to "from the boundary stream" or "from the river Severn."
                                        1. 20."T" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                        2. Baby_Girl

                                          • Taylor: Meaning "tailor" or "cutter of cloth."
                                          • Tessa: Signifying "to harvest" or "to reap."
                                          • Trinity: Referring to "threefold" or "triad."
                                          • Talia: Meaning "gentle dew from heaven."
                                          • Tabitha: Signifying "gazelle" or "graceful beauty."
                                          • Tara: Referring to "star" or "hill."
                                          • Thalia: Meaning "blooming" or "to flourish."
                                          • Tatum: Signifying "cheerful" or "full of spirit."
                                          • Tiffany: Referring to "appearance of God" or "manifestation of God."
                                          • Theresa: Meaning "harvester" or "summer."
                                          • Tamara: Signifying "palm tree" or "date palm."
                                          • Tiana: Referring to "follower of Christ."
                                          • Thea: Meaning "goddess" or "divine."
                                          • Taliah: Signifying "dew from heaven."
                                          • Tamsin: Referring to "twin."
                                          1. 21."U" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                          2. Baby_Girl

                                            • Una: Derived from the Irish word "uaine," meaning "green" or "fresh."
                                            • Unity: Signifying "oneness" or "togetherness."
                                            • Ursa: Referring to the "Great Bear" constellation or "female bear."
                                            • Uma: Meaning "flax" or "splendor."
                                            • Ulrica: Signifying "power of the wolf" or "ruler of all."
                                            • Ulla: Referring to "will" or "determination."
                                            • Umaima: Meaning "little mother" or "young mother."
                                            • Udoka: Signifying "peace is supreme" or "the peace of the home."
                                            • Ulla: Referring to "determined" or "resolute."
                                            • Uriela: Meaning "God is my light."
                                            • Ulani: Signifying "cheerful" or "happy."
                                            • Ulima: Referring to "wise" or "knowledgeable."
                                            • Umbrielle: Meaning "shadow" or "shady."
                                            • Urit: Signifying "light" or "flame."
                                            • Umi: Referring to "life" or "the ocean."

                                            22."V" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                                              • Victoria: Meaning "victory" or "conqueror."
                                              • Valerie: Signifying "strong" or "brave."
                                              • Vanessa: Referring to "butterfly."
                                              • Vivian: Meaning "full of life" or "lively."
                                              • Vera: Signifying "truth" or "faith."
                                              • Virginia: Referring to "maiden" or "virginal."
                                              • Viola: Meaning "violet" or "purple flower."
                                              • Valencia: Signifying "bravery" or "strength."
                                              • Violet: Referring to the flower "violet."
                                              • Veda: Meaning "knowledge" or "wisdom."
                                              • Vada: Signifying "wise" or "knowledgeable."
                                              • Venus: Referring to the Roman goddess of love.
                                              • Vanna: Meaning "God is gracious."
                                              • Vespera: Signifying "evening star" or "evening time."
                                              • Velda: Referring to "ruler" or "power."
                                              1. 23."W" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                              2. Baby_Girl

                                                • Willow: Meaning "slender" or "graceful."
                                                • Wendy: Signifying "friend" or "blessed ring."
                                                • Whitney: Referring to "white island" or "white meadow."
                                                • Willa: Meaning "resolute protection" or "determined protector."
                                                • Winifred: Signifying "blessed peacemaking" or "holy reconciliation."
                                                • Wren: Referring to the bird "wren" or "small bird."
                                                • Winter: Meaning "the coldest season."
                                                • Waverly: Signifying "quaking aspen" or "meadow of quivering aspens."
                                                • Winnie: Referring to "fair one" or "white and smooth."
                                                • Wanda: Meaning "wanderer" or "wanderer of the Slavs."
                                                • Wilma: Signifying "will" or "desire."
                                                • Whitley: Referring to "white clearing" or "white meadow."
                                                • Winona: Meaning "firstborn daughter" or "eldest daughter."
                                                • Wednesday: Signifying the "day of the week."
                                                • Wilhelmina: Referring to "resolute protection" or "determined guardian."
                                                1. 24."X" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                                2. Baby_Girl

                                                  • Xena: Meaning "hospitable" or "welcoming."
                                                  • Xiomara: Signifying "ready for battle" or "famous in battle."
                                                  • Xanthe: Referring to "yellow" or "blonde."
                                                  • Xyla: Meaning "of the forest" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xandra: Signifying "defender of the people."
                                                  • Xara: Referring to "princess" or "bright."
                                                  • Xenia: Meaning "hospitality" or "guest-friendship."
                                                  • Xyla: Signifying "of the woods" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xyla: Referring to "of the forest" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xenia: Meaning "hospitality" or "guest-friendship."
                                                  • Xyla: Signifying "of the woods" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xylia: Referring to "from the wooded land."
                                                  • Xanthia: Meaning "golden" or "yellow-haired."
                                                  • Xylona: Signifying "woodland woman."
                                                  • Xaria: Referring to "princess" or "golden."

                                                  25."Y" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                                                    • Yara: Meaning "water lady" or "small butterfly."
                                                    • Yasmine: Signifying "jasmine flower."
                                                    • Yvonne: Referring to "archer" or "yew wood."
                                                    • Yara: Meaning "water lady" or "small butterfly."
                                                    • Yadira: Signifying "beloved friend."
                                                    • Yvette: Referring to "yew wood" or "archer."
                                                    • Yolanda: Meaning "violet flower" or "modest."
                                                    • Yvonne: Signifying "archer" or "yew wood."
                                                    • Yasmin: Referring to "jasmine flower."
                                                    • Yadira: Meaning "beloved friend."
                                                    • Ysabel: Signifying "God is my oath" or "consecrated to God."
                                                    • Ysadora: Referring to "gift of Isis."
                                                    • Yamina: Meaning "right hand" or "blessed."
                                                    • Yanira: Signifying "gift from God."
                                                    • Yasmina: Referring to "jasmine flower."
                                                    1. 26."Z" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                                    2. Baby_Girl

                                                      • Zara: Meaning "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zoe: Signifying "life" or "alive."
                                                      • Zelda: Referring to "grey fighting maid" or "battle maiden."
                                                      • Zadie: Meaning "prosperous" or "fortunate."
                                                      • Zia: Signifying "light" or "splendor."
                                                      • Zinnia: Referring to the flower "zinnia."
                                                      • Zara: Meaning "blooming flower."
                                                      • Zola: Signifying "earth" or "ball of earth."
                                                      • Zola: Referring to "earth" or "ground."
                                                      • Zara: Meaning "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zara: Signifying "blooming flower."
                                                      • Zena: Referring to "moon" or "fame."
                                                      • Ziva: Meaning "radiance" or "brilliance."
                                                      • Zoya: Signifying "life" or "alive."
                                                      • Zelena: Referring to "green" or "shining."

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