Baby Boy Names In Bulgaria

 Introduction To Bulgaria :

Nestled in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria stands as a nation rich in history, culture, and natural wonders. Its capital, Sofia, serves as the vibrant nucleus of the country, blending ancient historical sites with a bustling modern cityscape.

Area, Population, and Density:

Covering an area of around 111,000 square kilometers, Bulgaria boasts diverse landscapes ranging from the serene Black Sea coast to majestic mountain ranges in the Balkans. With a population of approximately 6.9 million people, Bulgaria's demographic diversity enriches its society and culture. The population density stands at roughly 62 people per square kilometer, creating a dynamic tapestry of communities across the country.

Largest and Smallest Towns:
Plovdiv, one of Bulgaria's largest cities, stands as a testament to the country's historical significance. Its well-preserved ancient sites and vibrant atmosphere attract both locals and tourists alike. In contrast, Melnik, situated in the southwest, holds the distinction of being Bulgaria's smallest town, boasting a serene ambiance and historical charm that entices visitors seeking a quieter retreat.

Births and Deaths Per Day:

On an average day, Bulgaria sees around 45 children born, contributing to the nation's demographic growth and vitality. Conversely, approximately 110 people pass away daily, reflecting the natural cycle of life within Bulgaria's borders.

Bulgaria, a country woven with historical legacies and natural beauty, hosts Sofia as its capital. With diverse landscapes, a population of 6.9 million, and a blend of ancient and modern towns like Plovdiv and Melnik, Bulgaria presents a fascinating tapestry of culture and heritage. The country's daily life unfolds with around 45 births and 110 deaths, marking the ebb and flow of its population.

Bulgaria Baby Boy Popular Name From A To Z.

01. "A" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


  • Aleksandar: Defender of the people.
  • Andrei: Manly; brave.
  • Anton: Highly praiseworthy.
  • Atanas: Immortal; eternal.
  • Angel: Messenger or messenger of God.
  • Asen: Healthy; strong.
  • Adrian: From the Adriatic Sea; dark one.
  • Aleksei: Defender; protector.
  • Atanas: Eternal; immortal.
  • Apostol: Apostle; messenger.
  • Asparuh: Founder of the Bulgarian state.
  • Asen: Healthy; robust.
  • Angelov: Son of an angel.
  • Adriyan: From the Adriatic Sea.
  • Asenov: Descendant of Asen.

02. "B" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


    • Borislav: Glorious battle; fight for glory.
    • Boyan: Warrior; battle-worthy.
    • Bogdan: Given by God; God's gift.
    • Biser: Pearl; precious gem.
    • Branimir: Peaceful protector.
    • Blagoy: Kind; gentle.
    • Bozhidar: God's gift; gift from heaven.
    • Borimir: Great peace; peace spreader.
    • Bogomil: Dear to God; loved by God.
    • Branislav: Glorious protection; protector in battle.
    • Borislav: Glorious fighter; renowned glory.
    • Bojidar: Divine gift; God's grace.
    • Biser: Precious; jewel.
    • Bozhidar: God's gift; divine present.
    • Bilyan: White; pure.

    03. "C" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


      • Cvetan: Blossoming; flowering.
      • Chavdar: Calm; serene.
      • Chavdar: Peaceful; calm.
      • Cvetomir: Flower of peace; peaceful blossom.
      • Cvetko: Little flower; small blossom.
      • Cherno: Black; dark.
      • Chudomir: Miracle; wonderous peace.
      • Cvetoslav: Glorious flower; splendid blossom.
      • Cvetin: Blooming; flowering.
      • Chavdar: Quiet; calm.
      • Cheslav: Great glory; famous glory.
      • Chernoyar: Black; dark.
      • Chudomir: Wonderous peace; miraculous tranquility.
      • Cvetelin: Blooming; flowering.
      • Chavdar: Peaceful; serene.

      04. "D" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


        • Dimitar: Devoted to Demeter; farmer.
        • Dobromir: Good peace; kind peace.
        • Daniel: God is my judge.
        • Deyan: Divine; heavenly.
        • Dobrin: Good; kind-hearted.
        • Dobrinko: Kind; good-hearted.
        • Deyan: Divine; celestial.
        • Darin: Precious; dear.
        • Danko: God's gift; divine grace.
        • Deyan: Divine; heavenly.
        • Dobromil: Good favor; kind grace.
        • Dobromir: Kind peace; good will.
        • Dimitrov: Son of Dimitar.
        • Darin: Darling; beloved.
        • Dobrin: Good; kind-hearted.

        05. "E" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


          • Emil: Industrious; hardworking.
          • Evgeni: Well-born; noble.
          • Emanuil: God is with us; God is among us.
          • Elias: Jehovah is God.
          • Eftim: Well-pleasing; desirable.
          • Elian: The sun.
          • Encho: Winner; victorious.
          • Evstatii: Stable; firm.
          • Emanuilov: Son of Emanuil.
          • Evgeniy: Noble; well-born.
          • Evdoki: Pleasing; acceptable.
          • Eli: Uplifted; ascended.
          • Erol: Strong; courageous.
          • Eftimov: Son of Eftim.
          • Elenko: Bright; shining.

          06. "F" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


            • Filip: Lover of horses; friend of horses.
            • Fedor: Gift from God; divine gift.
            • Fernand: Adventurous; bold journey.
            • Florian: Flowering; blossoming.
            • Ferdinand: Bold voyager; adventurous.
            • Froim: Joyful; happy.
            • Fane: Crowned with laurel; victorious.
            • Fetko: Fighter; warrior.
            • Froimov: Son of Froim; joyous.
            • Fernando: Bold traveler; adventurous.
            • Froimir: Peaceful joy; joyful peace.
            • Ferdinandov: Son of Ferdinand.
            • Froimcho: Little joy; small happiness.
            • Froime: Happiness; joyfulness.
            • Filipov: Son of Filip.

            07. "G" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


              • Georgi: Farmer; earth worker.
              • Grigor: Watchful; vigilant.
              • Gavril: God is my strength.
              • Goran: Highlander; mountain man.
              • Galin: Calm; peaceful.
              • Genadi: Generous; noble.
              • Gerasim: Old man; aged.
              • Galinov: Son of Galin.
              • Gavrilov: Son of Gavril.
              • Georgiev: Son of Georgi.
              • Gorazd: Pride; glory.
              • Goranov: Son of Goran.
              • Grigorov: Son of Grigor.
              • Genadiev: Son of Genadi.
              • Gerasimov: Son of Gerasim.

              08. "H" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Hristo: Follower of Christ; Christian.
                • Hristofor: Christ-bearer; carrier of Christ.
                • Hristomir: Peace of Christ; peaceful Christ.
                • Hristian: Christian; follower of Christ.
                • Hristiyan: Christian; believer in Christ.
                • Hristov: Son of Hristo.
                • Hrabrin: Brave; courageous.
                • Hranislav: Nourishing glory; fostering fame.
                • Hranimir: Peaceful nourishment; peaceful fostering.
                • Hristodar: Gift of Christ.
                • Hristof: Christ-bearing; carrying Christ.
                • Hrabroslav: Brave fame; courageous glory.
                • Hranislav: Nourishing glory; fostering fame.
                • Hristoslav: Glorious Christ; Christ's glory.
                • Hristov: Son of Hristo.

                09. "I" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Ivan: God is gracious; gift from God.
                • Iliya: Jehovah is God.
                • Ivo: Yew; archer.
                • Ivaylo: Resilient; strong-willed.
                • Iordan: Descending; flowing down.
                • Iskren: Sincere; honest.
                • Izmail: God hears; heard by God.
                • Ivanov: Son of Ivan.
                • Ilian: God is my lord.
                • Ivan: God's gift; gift from heaven.
                • Ivanov: Son of Ivan.
                • Ilyan: Jehovah is God.
                • Ivaylov: Son of Ivaylo.
                • Iskrenov: Son of Iskren.
                • Izmailov: Son of Izmail.

                10. "J" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Jasen: Ash tree; mountain ash.
                • Jivko: Full of life; lively.
                • Jordan: Descending; flowing down.
                • Janko: God is gracious; gift from God.
                • Javor: Maple tree.
                • Jivomir: Full of life; lively peace.
                • Jeremi: God will uplift; exalted by God.
                • Jelyazko: Iron-like; strong as iron.
                • Jasenov: Son of Jasen.
                • Javor: Son of Javor.
                • Jivkov: Son of Jivko.
                • Jordanov: Son of Jordan.
                • Jasen: Ash tree; mountain ash.
                • Jivko: Full of life; lively.
                • Jeremi: God will uplift; exalted by God.

                11. "K" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Kristo: Follower of Christ; Christian.
                • Kalin: Strong; healthy.
                • Krasimir: Beautiful peace; peaceful beauty.
                • Kiril: Lordly; masterful.
                • Kamen: Stone; rock.
                • Kostadin: Constant; steadfast.
                • Krasen: Handsome; beautiful.
                • Krum: Firm; strong.
                • Kirilov: Son of Kiril.
                • Kostadinov: Son of Kostadin.
                • Krasimir: Beautiful and peaceful.
                • Kalin: Strong and healthy.
                • Kamenov: Son of Kamen.
                • Krasenov: Son of Krasen.
                • Krumov: Son of Krum.

                12. "L" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Lyuben: Beloved; dear.
                • Lachezar: Bringer of happiness; joyous.
                • Lyubomir: Lover of peace; peace-loving.
                • Lyudmil: Dear to the people; beloved.
                • Lazar: God is my help; assistance from God.
                • Lyubenov: Son of Lyuben.
                • Lyubomirov: Son of Lyubomir.
                • Lyudmilov: Son of Lyudmil.
                • Lyuben: Beloved; dear one.
                • Lyudmil: Beloved by the people.
                • Lazarov: Son of Lazar.
                • Lyubomir: Lover of peace; peacekeeper.
                • Lyubenov: Beloved; dear one.
                • Lyudmil: Beloved; cherished.
                • Lachezar: Bringer of joy; happiness.

                13. "M" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Milen: Gracious; kind.
                • Miroslav: Peaceful glory; glorious peace.
                • Martin: Warlike; warrior.
                • Mladen: Young; youth.
                • Metodi: Methodical; systematic.
                • Mitko: Gift from God; divine gift.
                • Mikhail: Who is like God?
                • Milenov: Son of Milen.
                • Miroslavov: Son of Miroslav.
                • Martinov: Son of Martin.
                • Milen: Gracious; kind-hearted.
                • Mladenov: Son of Mladen.
                • Metodiev: Son of Metodi.
                • Mikhailov: Son of Mikhail.
                • Mitko: Gift from God; divine gift.

                14. "N" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Nikolay: Victory of the people.
                • Nikola: Victory of the people.
                • Nedelcho: Born on Sunday.
                • Nasko: Born on Christmas.
                • Nedyalko: Gift of God.
                • Nikifor: Carrying victory.
                • Nikolaev: Son of Nikola.
                • Nencho: Charming; attractive.
                • Nikolov: Son of Nikolay.
                • Nedyalkov: Son of Nedyalko.
                • Nikolay: Victory of the people.
                • Nasko: Born on Christmas.
                • Nikiforov: Son of Nikifor.
                • Nedyalko: Gift of God.
                • Nikolaev: Son of Nikola.

                15. "O" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Ognian: Fiery; passionate.
                • Ognyan: Fiery; passionate.
                • Orest: Mountain dweller; mountain man.
                • Ognyanov: Son of Ognyan.
                • Ognyanov: Son of Ognyan.
                • Ovanes: Gracious; kind.
                • Ovid: Sheep herder; sheep keeper.
                • Ognian: Fiery; passionate.
                • Ognen: Fiery; burning.
                • Ovidius: Sheep herder; sheep keeper.
                • Orestes: Mountain dweller; mountain man.
                • Ovanesyan: Son of Ovanes.
                • Ognyanov: Son of Ognyan.
                • Orest: Dweller of the mountains.
                • Ovidiu: Sheep herder; sheep keeper.

                16. "P" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Petar: Rock; stone.
                • Pavel: Small; humble.
                • Plamen: Flame; blaze.
                • Petyo: Rock; stone.
                • Preslav: Glory; fame.
                • Paskal: Easter; Passover.
                • Plamenko: Little flame; small blaze.
                • Plamenov: Son of Plamen.
                • Petkov: Son of Petar.
                • Pavel: Small; humble.
                • Preslav: Famous; glorious.
                • Plamen: Flame; blaze.
                • Paskov: Son of Paskal.
                • Petkov: Son of Petar.
                • Plamenko: Small flame; little blaze.

                17. "Q" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Quinton: Derived from English, meaning "queen's town."
                • Quincy: Meaning "estate of the fifth son" in Old French.

                18. "R" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Radoslav: Happy glory; joyful fame.
                • Radomir: Peaceful joy; joyful peace.
                • Rumen: Red; ruddy.
                • Rostislav: Glorious growth; growing glory.
                • Radko: Happy; joyful.
                • Rangel: Angel; messenger.
                • Radin: Glad; happy.
                • Radoslavov: Son of Radoslav.
                • Rumenov: Son of Rumen.
                • Radomir: Peaceful joy; joyful peace.
                • Rostislav: Glorious growth; growing glory.
                • Rumen: Red; ruddy.
                • Radko: Happy; joyful.
                • Rangel: Angel; messenger.
                • Radin: Glad; happy.

                19. "S" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Stefan: Crown; crowned in victory.
                • Stoyan: Firm; steadfast.
                • Stanislav: Glorious government; glorious fame.
                • Simeon: Listening; hearing.
                • Slavi: Glory; fame.
                • Svetoslav: Bright fame; glorious light.
                • Spas: Savior; salvation.
                • Stefanov: Son of Stefan.
                • Stoyanov: Son of Stoyan.
                • Stanislav: Glorious government; glorious fame.
                • Simeon: Listener; hearer.
                • Slavcho: Little glory; small fame.
                • Svetoslav: Glorious light; bright fame.
                • Spasov: Son of Spas.
                • Stanimir: Glorious peace; peaceful glory.

                20. "T" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Todor: God's gift; gift from God.
                • Tsvetan: Flowering; blossoming.
                • Tihomir: Peaceful world; peaceful peace.
                • Teodor: God's gift; gift from God.
                • Tsvetko: Flower; blossom.
                • Tihomir: Peaceful; quiet.
                • Todorov: Son of Todor.
                • Tsvetanov: Son of Tsvetan.
                • Tihomirov: Son of Tihomir.
                • Teodosiy: God's gift; gift from God.
                • Todorov: Son of Todor.
                • Tsvetan: Blossoming; flowering.
                • Tihomir: Peaceful; serene.
                • Teodor: God's gift; divine gift.
                • Tsvetko: Flower; blossom.

                21. "U" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Uros: Derived from Serbian, meaning "lord" or "master."
                • Uri: Derived from Hebrew, meaning "my light" or "flame."

                22. "V" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Vasil: Royal; kingly.
                • Valentin: Strong; healthy.
                • Vladimir: Ruler of the world; glorious ruler.
                • Veliko: Great; large.
                • Veselin: Cheerful; merry.
                • Valcho: Brave; courageous.
                • Vasiliev: Son of Vasil.
                • Valentinov: Son of Valentin.
                • Vladimirov: Son of Vladimir.
                • Velin: Little; small.
                • Vasil: Royal; kingly.
                • Valentin: Strong; vigorous.
                • Vladimir: Ruler of the world; glorious ruler.
                • Veselin: Joyful; merry.
                • Valcho: Brave; courageous.

                23. "W" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Wade: Meaning "river crossing."
                • Wesley: Meaning "western meadow."

                24. "X" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Xander: Meaning "defender of the people."
                • Xavier: Meaning "bright" or "splendid."

                25. "Y" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Yale: Meaning "fertile upland; from the slope land."
                • Yancy: Meaning "Englishman; from Yan's land."

                26. "Z" Baby Boy Name With Meaning.


                • Zahari: Meaning "God remembers."
                • Zlatan: Meaning "golden."
                • Zdravko: Meaning "healthy; robust."
                • Zvezdan: Meaning "star."

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