Baby Girl Names In Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville )

Introduction To Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville ) :

Congo, officially known as the Republic of the Congo and often referred to as Congo-Brazzaville to distinguish it from its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a vibrant country located in Central Africa. Its capital and largest city is Brazzaville, situated on the Congo River.

Covering an area of around 342,000 square kilometers (132,047 square miles), Congo is home to a diverse population estimated to be around 5.6 million people as of my last update. The density of population is approximately 16.4 individuals per square kilometer.

In Congo, the birth rate averages around 28 births per 1,000 people annually, which equates to approximately 154 children born each day. Unfortunately, data regarding the exact number of daily deaths in Congo is not readily available.

One of the biggest towns in Congo is Pointe-Noire, which serves as a major seaport and commercial center, contributing significantly to the country's economy. Conversely, one of the smaller towns in Congo is Ouésso, located in the northern region of the country.

Congo's rich cultural heritage, lush rainforests, and vibrant cities make it a unique and dynamic nation in the heart of Africa.

Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville ) Baby Girl Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With A.


    • Adofo: Meaning "warrior" or "fighter."
    • Adika: Signifying "first child" or "initial."
    • Akello: Represents "wise one" or "intelligent."
    • Amadi: Meaning "one who is at peace."
    • Amare: Signifies "strength" or "power."
    • Amin: Denoting "faithful" or "trustworthy."
    • Anan: Meaning "fourth-born."
    • Asante: Represents "thank you" or "gratitude."
    • Atu: Signifying "eagle" or "bird of prey."
    • Azubuike: Meaning "the past is your strength."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With B.


    • Bahati: Signifying "luck" or "fortune."
    • Bala: Denotes "one who brings happiness."
    • Bisa: Meaning "greatly loved."
    • Bomani: Represents "fighter" or "warrior."
    • Busara: Signifying "wisdom" or "intelligence."
    • Bwalya: Denotes "rain" or "rains during the night."
    • Bwira: Meaning "learned" or "knowledgeable."
    • Bwiza: Represents "beautiful" or "gorgeous."
    • Bwumba: Signifying "butterfly."
    • Byala: Denotes "moonlight" or "light in the darkness."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With C.


    • Chiara: Signifying "bright" or "clear."
    • Chinue: Denotes "God's own blessing."
    • Cyrene: Represents "supreme power" or "authority."
    • Cynthia: Meaning "moon goddess" or "light."
    • Claribel: Denotes "bright" or "beautiful."
    • Charisma: Signifying "charm" or "appeal."
    • Cora: Represents "maiden" or "maiden's heart."
    • Chione: Meaning "daughter of the Nile."
    • Cherise: Denotes "beloved" or "dear one."
    • Cleo: Signifying "glory" or "pride."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With D.


    • Dahlia: Signifying "valley" or "flower."
    • Danika: Denotes "morning star" or "God is my judge."
    • Daria: Represents "rich" or "wealthy."
    • Delaney: Meaning "from the alder grove."
    • Destiny: Denotes "fate" or "destiny."
    • Diana: Signifying "divine" or "heavenly."
    • Dionne: Represents "divine queen" or "goddess."
    • Dominique: Meaning "belonging to the Lord."
    • Dora: Denotes "gift" or "God's gift."
    • Dove: Signifying "peaceful" or "gentle."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With E.


    • Ebony: Signifying "deep black wood."
    • Eden: Denotes "delight" or "paradise."
    • Efe: Represents "love" or "beloved."
    • Efia: Meaning "born on Friday."
    • Eliana: Denotes "God has answered."
    • Elin: Signifying "light" or "torch."
    • Elodie: Represents "marsh flower" or "beautiful."
    • Emani: Meaning "faith" or "belief."
    • Eshe: Denotes "life" or "alive."
    • Ezina: Signifying "good" or "pleasant."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With F.


    • Faith: Signifying "trust" or "belief."
    • Fiona: Denotes "fair" or "white."
    • Flora: Represents "flower" or "blooming."
    • Fola: Meaning "honor" or "pride."
    • Freya: Denotes "noble woman" or "lady."
    • Frida: Signifying "peaceful" or "loving."
    • Farida: Represents "unique" or "precious."
    • Faye: Meaning "fairy" or "fairy-like."
    • Femi: Denotes "love me" or "cherish me."
    • Florence: Signifying "blossoming" or "prosperous."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With G.


    • Grace: Signifying "elegance" or "divine grace."
    • Gemma: Denotes "precious stone" or "gem."
    • Giselle: Represents "pledge" or "hostage."
    • Gianna: Meaning "God is gracious."
    • Gloria: Denotes "glory" or "praise."
    • Genevieve: Signifying "tribe woman" or "woman of the family."
    • Gwendolyn: Represents "white ring" or "blessed ring."
    • Gala: Meaning "celebration" or "festivity."
    • Gilda: Denotes "sacrifice" or "tribute."
    • Goldie: Signifying "precious metal" or "gold."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With H.


    • Halle: Signifying "heroine" or "heroic woman."
    • Harmony: Denotes "agreement" or "unity."
    • Hazel: Represents "hazel tree" or "light brown color."
    • Heidi: Meaning "noble" or "of noble birth."
    • Hera: Denotes "queen of heaven" or "goddess."
    • Hester: Signifying "star" or "hester flower."
    • Holly: Represents "holly tree" or "sacred plant."
    • Hope: Meaning "optimism" or "belief."
    • Honor: Denotes "integrity" or "dignity."
    • Heaven: Signifying "sky" or "celestial realm."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With I.


    • Imani: Signifying "faith" or "belief."
    • Iris: Denotes "rainbow" or "messenger of the gods."
    • Ivy: Represents "faithfulness" or "fidelity."
    • Isabel: Meaning "pledged to God" or "God is my oath."
    • Irene: Denotes "peace" or "peaceful."
    • Isra: Signifying "journey by night" or "freedom."
    • Isla: Represents "island" or "river island."
    • Inez: Meaning "chaste" or "pure."
    • Ilana: Denotes "tree" or "oak tree."
    • Idalia: Signifying "behold the sun" or "behold the light."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With J.


    • Jasmine: Signifying "gift from God" or "God's gift."
    • Jada: Denotes "wise" or "knowing."
    • Josephine: Represents "God will increase" or "God will add."
    • Jolie: Meaning "pretty" or "beautiful."
    • Jocelyn: Denotes "happy" or "joyous."
    • Joy: Signifying "happiness" or "delight."
    • Juno: Represents "queen of the heavens" or "goddess."
    • Jade: Meaning "precious stone" or "jewel."
    • Jemma: Denotes "precious stone" or "gem."
    • Journey: Signifying "travel" or "voyage."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With K.


    • Kaya: Signifying "wise child" or "restful place."
    • Kiera: Denotes "dark-haired" or "little dark one."
    • Kiara: Represents "bright" or "clear."
    • Kyla: Meaning "beautiful" or "graceful."
    • Kaden: Denotes "fighter" or "companion."
    • Kemi: Signifying "beloved" or "cherished."
    • Kiera: Represents "little dark-haired one."
    • Kira: Meaning "throne" or "ruler."
    • Kyra: Denotes "lord" or "lady."
    • Kaya: Signifying "forgiveness" or "purity."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With L.


    • Layla: Signifying "night" or "dark beauty."
    • Leah: Denotes "weary" or "tired."
    • Lena: Represents "light" or "bright."
    • Lila: Meaning "night" or "dark beauty."
    • Lillian: Signifying "lily flower" or "pure."
    • Lydia: Denotes "woman from Lydia" or "noble kind."
    • Lara: Represents "cheerful" or "light-hearted."
    • Laurel: Meaning "bay tree" or "victory."
    • Leona: Denotes "lioness" or "brave woman."
    • Lana: Signifying "rock" or "harmony."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With M.


    • Maya: Signifying "illusion" or "magic."
    • Madeline: Denotes "woman from Magdala."
    • Mia: Represents "mine" or "belonging to me."
    • Mila: Meaning "dear" or "gracious."
    • Mabel: Signifying "lovable" or "dear."
    • Marisol: Denotes "sea and sun."
    • Mara: Represents "bitter" or "sorrowful."
    • Mara: Meaning "sea" or "ocean."
    • Malia: Denotes "calm" or "peaceful."
    • Melody: Signifying "song" or "melodic."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With N.


    • Nora: Signifying "light" or "honor."
    • Naomi: Denotes "pleasantness" or "delight."
    • Nina: Represents "grace" or "little girl."
    • Nola: Meaning "famous" or "renowned."
    • Nova: Signifying "new" or "young."
    • Nadia: Denotes "hope" or "generosity."
    • Nyla: Represents "winner" or "champion."
    • Nia: Meaning "purpose" or "goal."
    • Nellie: Signifying "bright" or "shining one."
    • Nevaeh: Denotes "heaven" spelled backward.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With O.


    • Olivia: Signifying "olive" or "symbol of peace."
    • Ophelia: Denotes "help" or "aid."
    • Octavia: Represents "eighth" or "born eighth."
    • Oriana: Meaning "golden" or "sunrise."
    • Odette: Signifying "wealth" or "fortune."
    • Olive: Denotes "olive tree" or "symbol of peace."
    • Opal: Represents "gemstone" or "precious stone."
    • Odessa: Meaning "long journey" or "great voyage."
    • Oona: Signifying "lamb" or "pure."
    • Olympia: Denotes "from Mount Olympus" or "heavenly."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With P.


    • Paige: Signifying "young helper" or "assistant."
    • Piper: Denotes "flute player" or "pipe player."
    • Penelope: Represents "weaver" or "weaving."
    • Phoebe: Meaning "radiant" or "shining one."
    • Pearl: Signifying "pearl" or "precious gem."
    • Paisley: Denotes "church" or "place of worship."
    • Paula: Represents "small" or "humble."
    • Paloma: Meaning "dove" or "peaceful."
    • Patricia: Signifying "noble" or "patrician."
    • Priscilla: Denotes "ancient" or "venerable."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Q.


    • Quinn: Signifying "wise" or "counsel."
    • Quanda: Denotes "fifth-born child."
    • Quinby: Represents "from the woman's estate."
    • Quincy: Meaning "estate of the fifth son."
    • Quilla: Signifying "feather" or "pen."
    • Quirina: Denotes "woman with a spear."
    • Quintessa: Represents "fifth-born" or "fifth child."
    • Quiana: Meaning "silky" or "soft."
    • Qadira: Signifying "capable" or "able."
    • Quenby: Denotes "woman's estate" or "from the queen's estate."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With R.


    • Rachel: Signifying "ewe" or "female sheep."
    • Rebecca: Denotes "to tie" or "to bind."
    • Rosalie: Represents "rose" or "beautiful flower."
    • Ruby: Meaning "red gemstone."
    • Ruth: Signifying "compassionate friend" or "companion."
    • Raegan: Denotes "little ruler" or "queen."
    • Rhiannon: Represents "divine queen" or "nymph."
    • Rowan: Meaning "little red-haired one."
    • Ramona: Signifying "wise protector" or "guardian."
    • Roxanne: Denotes "dawn" or "bright."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With S.


    • Sophia: Signifying "wisdom" or "knowledge."
    • Samantha: Denotes "listener" or "heard by God."
    • Stella: Represents "star" or "celestial body."
    • Serena: Signifying "serene" or "calm."
    • Sienna: Meaning "orange-red" or "reddish-brown."
    • Savannah: Denotes "flat tropical grassland."
    • Scarlett: Represents "red" or "bright red."
    • Sabrina: Signifying "legendary princess" or "river boundary."
    • Selena: Meaning "moon" or "goddess of the moon."
    • Sylvia: Denotes "from the forest" or "woods."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With T.


    • Taylor: Signifying "tailor" or "clothing cutter."
    • Tara: Denotes "hill" or "tower."
    • Tabitha: Represents "gazelle" or "graceful beauty."
    • Tessa: Meaning "harvester" or "to reap."
    • Thalia: Denotes "to blossom" or "blooming."
    • Thea: Signifying "goddess" or "godly."
    • Tiffany: Represents "appearance of God" or "manifestation of God."
    • Trinity: Meaning "threefold" or "triad."
    • Tiana: Denotes "princess" or "royalty."
    • Talia: Signifying "gentle rain" or "dew from heaven."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With U.


    • Una: Signifying "one" or "unity."
    • Uma: Denotes "mother" or "goddess Parvati."
    • Ursula: Represents "little bear" or "she-bear."
    • Ulla: Meaning "willpower" or "determination."
    • Ulani: Signifying "cheerful" or "happy."
    • Uriela: Denotes "God is my light" or "God's flame."
    • Unity: Represents "oneness" or "harmony."
    • Udelle: Meaning "fortunate" or "lucky."
    • Ulva: Signifying "wolf" or "she-wolf."
    • Usha: Denotes "dawn" or "sunrise."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With V.


    • Victoria: Signifying "victory" or "conquest."
    • Valerie: Denotes "strong" or "brave."
    • Vivian: Represents "full of life" or "lively."
    • Vanessa: Meaning "butterfly."
    • Vera: Signifying "truth" or "faith."
    • Violet: Denotes the purple-blue flower.
    • Viola: Represents "violet" or "purple."
    • Vada: Meaning "knowing" or "wise."
    • Valencia: Signifying "brave" or "strong."
    • Vanna: Denotes "golden" or "like gold."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With W.


    • Willow: Signifying the "willow tree."
    • Wren: Denotes "small bird" or "songbird."
    • Willa: Represents "resolute protection" or "strong-willed."
    • Winifred: Meaning "blessed peacemaking" or "holy reconciliation."
    • Whitney: Signifying "white island" or "white meadow."
    • Wanda: Denotes "wanderer" or "voyager."
    • Winter: Represents the "season of winter."
    • Wynne: Meaning "fair" or "blessed."
    • Waverly: Signifying "quaking aspen" or "meadow of quivering aspens."
    • Wilma: Denotes "resolute protector" or "determined guardian."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With X.


    • Xena: Signifying "hospitable" or "welcoming."
    • Xia: Denotes "glow of the sunrise" or "glow of the dawn."
    • Xanthe: Represents "golden" or "yellow."
    • Ximena: Meaning "hearkening" or "listening."
    • Xyla: Signifying "from the forest" or "woodland."
    • Xara: Denotes "princess" or "royalty."
    • Xandra: Represents "defender of the people."
    • Xenia: Meaning "hospitality" or "guest-friendship."
    • Xoey: Signifying "life" or "alive."
    • Xylia: Denotes "from the forest" or "wooden."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Y.


    • Yvonne: Denotes "yew wood" or "archer."
    • Yasmin: Represents "jasmine flower" or "fragrant flower."
    • Yvette: Meaning "yew wood" or "archer."
    • Yara: Signifying "water lady" or "beautiful one."
    • Yasmine: Denotes "jasmine flower" or "gift from God."
    • Yolanda: Represents "violet flower" or "purple flower."
    • Yael: Meaning "mountain goat" or "strength of God."
    • Yana: Signifying "God's gift" or "gracious."
    • Ysabel: Denotes "pledged to God" or "God's promise."

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Z.


    • Zoey: Denotes "life" or "alive."
    • Zoe: Represents "life" or "vitality."
    • Zelda: Meaning "gray fighting maid" or "dark battle."
    • Zuri: Signifying "beautiful" or "lovely."
    • Zahara: Denotes "flower" or "blossom."
    • Zena: Represents "life" or "hospitality."
    • Zaina: Meaning "beauty" or "grace."
    • Zola: Signifying "peaceful" or "calm."
    • Zada: Denotes "fortunate" or "lucky."

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