Baby Boy Names In Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville )

Introduction To Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville ) :

Congo, officially known as the Republic of the Congo and often referred to as Congo-Brazzaville to distinguish it from its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a vibrant country located in Central Africa. Its capital and largest city is Brazzaville, situated on the Congo River.

Covering an area of around 342,000 square kilometers (132,047 square miles), Congo is home to a diverse population estimated to be around 5.6 million people as of my last update. The density of population is approximately 16.4 individuals per square kilometer.

In Congo, the birth rate averages around 28 births per 1,000 people annually, which equates to approximately 154 children born each day. Unfortunately, data regarding the exact number of daily deaths in Congo is not readily available.

One of the biggest towns in Congo is Pointe-Noire, which serves as a major seaport and commercial center, contributing significantly to the country's economy. Conversely, one of the smaller towns in Congo is Ouésso, located in the northern region of the country.

Congo's rich cultural heritage, lush rainforests, and vibrant cities make it a unique and dynamic nation in the heart of Africa.

Congo ( Congo - Brazzaville ) Baby Boy Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With A.


    • Adofo: Meaning "warrior" or "fighter."
    • Adika: Signifying "first child" or "initial."
    • Akello: Represents "wise one" or "intelligent."
    • Amadi: Meaning "one who is at peace."
    • Amare: Signifies "strength" or "power."
    • Amin: Denoting "faithful" or "trustworthy."
    • Anan: Meaning "fourth-born."
    • Asante: Represents "thank you" or "gratitude."
    • Atu: Signifying "eagle" or "bird of prey."
    • Azubuike: Meaning "the past is your strength."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With B.


    • Bakari: Meaning "hope" or "promise."
    • Baraka: Denotes "blessing" or "divine favor."
    • Bembe: Represents "music" or "rhythm."
    • Benji: Signifying "son of the right hand."
    • Bilal: Meaning "water" or "refreshment."
    • Bolingo: Denotes "love" or "affection."
    • Bosco: Represents "wood" or "forest."
    • Bube: Signifying "second-born."
    • Buhle: Meaning "beauty" or "handsome."
    • Bwana: Denotes "master" or "lord."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With C.


    • Caleb: Meaning "devotion to God" or "faithful."
    • Chidi: Denotes "God exists" or "God lives."
    • Clement: Signifying "mild" or "gentle."
    • Cosmos: Represents "order" or "harmony."
    • Cyrus: Meaning "far-sighted" or "wise."
    • Cedric: Denotes "bounty" or "generous."
    • Chuma: Signifying "wealth" or "riches."
    • Cyprian: Represents "from Cyprus" or "of the sea."
    • Cato: Meaning "wise" or "shrewd."
    • Cullen: Denotes "handsome" or "attractive."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With D.


    • Dante: Meaning "steadfast" or "enduring."
    • Darien: Denotes "upholder of the good" or "maintainer."
    • Dax: Represents "leader" or "commander."
    • Denzel: Signifying "from the high stronghold."
    • Derrick: Meaning "ruler of the people."
    • Desmond: Denotes "one from South Munster."
    • Dior: Represents "golden" or "gift of gold."
    • Duncan: Signifying "dark warrior."
    • Dorian: Meaning "gift" or "gifted."
    • Dwight: Denotes "blond" or "fair-haired."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With E.


    • Ebo: Meaning "born on Tuesday."
    • Ekon: Denotes "strong" or "powerful."
    • Elon: Represents "oak tree" or "strong."
    • Emeka: Signifying "great deeds" or "accomplishment."
    • Emmanuel: Meaning "God is with us."
    • Enoch: Denotes "dedicated" or "initiated."
    • Ephraim: Represents "fruitful" or "productive."
    • Eshe: Signifying "life" or "alive."
    • Ewan: Meaning "born of the yew tree."
    • Ezra: Denotes "help" or "aid."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With F.


    • Fabian: Meaning "bean grower" or "bean seller."
    • Felix: Denotes "fortunate" or "lucky."
    • Floyd: Represents "gray-haired" or "grey-haired."
    • Franco: Signifying "Frenchman" or "free man."
    • Fidel: Meaning "faithful" or "loyal."
    • Foster: Denotes "one who looks after" or "nurturer."
    • Franklin: Represents "free landholder" or "free man."
    • Fynn: Signifying "fair" or "blond."
    • Fabrice: Meaning "craftsman" or "artisan."
    • Faraji: Denotes "consolation" or "comfort."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With G.


    • Gabriel: Meaning "God is my strength" or "God's messenger."
    • Gideon: Denotes "mighty warrior" or "one who cuts down."
    • Gregory: Represents "watchful" or "vigilant."
    • Giovanni: Signifying "God is gracious."
    • Giles: Meaning "young goat" or "shield-bearer."
    • Graham: Denotes "gravelly homestead" or "gravel area."
    • Gadiel: Represents "God is my fortune" or "God is my wealth."
    • Galvin: Signifying "sparrow" or "falcon."
    • Gareth: Meaning "gentle" or "modest."
    • Gibson: Denotes "son of Gilbert" or "bright pledge."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With H.


    • Hakim: Meaning "wise" or "judicious."
    • Harvey: Denotes "battle-worthy" or "warrior."
    • Hassan: Represents "handsome" or "good-looking."
    • Heath: Signifying "heathland dweller" or "from the heath."
    • Hector: Meaning "steadfast" or "enduring."
    • Hendrix: Denotes "ruler of the home" or "estate ruler."
    • Herve: Represents "army warrior" or "battle worthy."
    • Hugo: Signifying "mind" or "intellect."
    • Hussein: Meaning "handsome" or "beautiful."
    • Harrison: Denotes "son of Harry" or "son of Henry."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With I.


    • Ian: Meaning "God is gracious" or "gift from God."
    • Ibrahim: Denotes "father of many" or "father of nations."
    • Ivan: Represents "God is gracious" or "gift from God."
    • Isaac: Signifying "laughter" or "he will laugh."
    • Isaiah: Meaning "Yahweh is salvation."
    • Ike: Denotes "strength" or "power."
    • Ismail: Represents "God hears" or "God listens."
    • Ivor: Signifying "archer" or "bow warrior."
    • Ishmael: Meaning "God will hear" or "God listens."
    • Ifeanyi: Denotes "nothing is impossible with God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With J.


    • Jacob: Meaning "supplanter" or "holder of the heel."
    • Jaden: Denotes "God has heard" or "thankful."
    • James: Represents "supplanter" or "one who follows."
    • Jeremiah: Signifying "appointed by God" or "God will uplift."
    • Joel: Meaning "Jehovah is God" or "Yahweh is God."
    • John: Denotes "God is gracious" or "gift of God."
    • Jonah: Represents "dove" or "peaceful being."
    • Josiah: Signifying "God supports" or "Yahweh saves."
    • Joshua: Meaning "God is salvation" or "Yahweh saves."
    • Julian: Denotes "youthful" or "downy-bearded."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With K.


    • Kai: Meaning "sea" or "ocean."
    • Kaleb: Denotes "loyal" or "faithful."
    • Kato: Represents "second-born" or "twin."
    • Keanu: Signifying "cool breeze" or "refreshing."
    • Kellan: Meaning "powerful" or "bright-headed."
    • Khalil: Denotes "friend" or "companion."
    • Kibo: Represents "hope" or "aspiration."
    • Kieran: Signifying "little dark one" or "dark-haired."
    • Kofi: Meaning "born on Friday."
    • Kwame: Denotes "born on Saturday."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With L.


    • Landon: Meaning "long hill" or "ridge."
    • Leo: Denotes "lion" or "brave."
    • Liam: Represents "strong-willed warrior" or "protector."
    • Lucas: Signifying "light" or "illumination."
    • Lyle: Meaning "island" or "pleasant island."
    • Levi: Denotes "joined" or "attached."
    • Logan: Represents "small hollow" or "little hollow."
    • Luther: Signifying "army people" or "warrior."
    • Langston: Meaning "long stone" or "tall man's town."
    • Lloyd: Denotes "gray" or "sacred."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With M.


    • Malik: Meaning "king" or "owner."
    • Mateo: Denotes "gift of God" or "gift of Yahweh."
    • Miles: Represents "soldier" or "merciful."
    • Mason: Signifying "stoneworker" or "one who works with stone."
    • Micah: Meaning "who is like God?"
    • Maxwell: Denotes "great spring" or "great stream."
    • Milo: Represents "soldier" or "merciful."
    • Maurice: Signifying "dark-skinned" or "Moorish."
    • Moses: Meaning "drawn out of water."
    • Malcolm: Denotes "disciple of Saint Columba."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With N.


    • Nathan: Meaning "given" or "gift of God."
    • Noah: Denotes "rest" or "comfort."
    • Nolan: Represents "champion" or "noble one."
    • Nico: Signifying "victory of the people."
    • Nigel: Meaning "dark cloud" or "champion."
    • Nash: Denotes "by the ash tree."
    • Nelson: Represents "son of Neil" or "champion."
    • Nevin: Signifying "holy" or "saintly."
    • Nolan: Meaning "noble" or "famous."
    • Nyle: Denotes "champion" or "cloud."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With O.


    • Oscar: Meaning "divine spear" or "champion warrior."
    • Oliver: Denotes "olive tree" or "peace."
    • Orion: Represents "son of fire" or "hunter."
    • Omar: Signifying "flourishing" or "long-lived."
    • Otto: Meaning "wealth" or "prosperity."
    • Owen: Denotes "young warrior" or "well-born."
    • Oswald: Represents "ruler of the divine" or "God's power."
    • Olivier: Signifying "olive tree" or "peaceful one."
    • Orlando: Meaning "famous throughout the land."
    • Omarion: Denotes "eloquent" or "gifted speaker."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With P.


    • Patrick: Meaning "nobleman" or "patrician."
    • Parker: Denotes "park keeper" or "gamekeeper."
    • Paul: Represents "small" or "humble."
    • Peter: Signifying "rock" or "stone."
    • Perry: Meaning "traveler" or "wanderer."
    • Philip: Denotes "lover of horses" or "horse lover."
    • Preston: Represents "priest's town" or "town of the clergy."
    • Pierce: Signifying "rock" or "stone."
    • Pablo: Meaning "small" or "humble."
    • Phoenix: Denotes "mythical bird" or "reborn."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Q.


    • Quentin: Meaning "fifth" or "the fifth in order."
    • Quincy: Denotes "estate of the fifth son."
    • Quinton: Represents "queen's town" or "queen's estate."
    • Quillan: Signifying "cub" or "young one."
    • Quest: Meaning "search" or "journey."
    • Quade: Denotes "descendant of the noble."
    • Quinn: Represents "counsel" or "intelligence."
    • Quintus: Signifying "fifth" or "the fifth in order."
    • Quirin: Meaning "spear" or "lance."
    • Qasim: Denotes "divider" or "distributor."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With R.


    • Ryan: Meaning "little king" or "illustrious."
    • Raphael: Denotes "God has healed" or "God's healer."
    • Reuben: Represents "behold, a son" or "vision of a son."
    • Remy: Signifying "oarsman" or "rower."
    • Ronan: Meaning "little seal" or "wise."
    • Raymond: Denotes "wise protector" or "guardian."
    • Roland: Represents "famous throughout the land."
    • Rocco: Signifying "rest" or "peace."
    • Rory: Meaning "red king" or "red-haired king."
    • Rex: Denotes "king" or "ruler."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With S.


    • Samuel: Meaning "heard by God" or "name of God."
    • Simon: Denotes "listener" or "he who hears."
    • Sebastian: Represents "venerable" or "revered."
    • Silas: Signifying "wood" or "forest."
    • Seth: Meaning "appointed" or "placed."
    • Stephen: Denotes "crown" or "garland."
    • Scott: Represents "from Scotland" or "painted warrior."
    • Sullivan: Signifying "dark-eyed" or "black-eyed."
    • Solomon: Meaning "peace" or "peaceful."
    • Samson: Denotes "sun" or "brightness."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With T.


    • Theodore: Meaning "gift of God" or "God-given."
    • Thomas: Denotes "twin" or "double."
    • Tristan: Represents "sorrowful" or "sad."
    • Timothy: Signifying "honoring God" or "to honor God."
    • Tobias: Meaning "God is good" or "God is Yahweh."
    • Tate: Denotes "cheerful" or "happy."
    • Tyler: Represents "maker of tiles" or "tile layer."
    • Tyrone: Signifying "land of Owen" or "land of the noble."
    • Troy: Meaning "foot soldier" or "descendant of foot soldier."
    • Tariq: Denotes "morning star" or "he who knocks at the door."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With U.


    • Uriel: Meaning "God is my light" or "God's flame."
    • Ulysses: Denotes "wrathful" or "hateful."
    • Urban: Represents "city dweller" or "from the city."
    • Upton: Signifying "upper town" or "high town."
    • Ulric: Meaning "power of the wolf" or "wolf ruler."
    • Usher: Denotes "doorkeeper" or "usher."
    • Umar: Represents "flourishing" or "thriving."
    • Udell: Signifying "from the yew tree valley."
    • Ugo: Meaning "mind" or "intellect."
    • Udoka: Denotes "peace" or "peaceful."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With V.


    • Vincent: Meaning "conquering" or "victorious."
    • Victor: Denotes "winner" or "conqueror."
    • Vaughn: Represents "little" or "junior."
    • Valentin: Signifying "strong" or "healthy."
    • Vance: Meaning "marshland" or "bog."
    • Vernon: Denotes "alder tree" or "alder grove."
    • Vidal: Represents "life" or "vitality."
    • Virgil: Signifying "flourishing" or "living."
    • Vaughan: Meaning "small" or "junior."
    • Vito: Denotes "life" or "alive."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With W.


    • William: Meaning "resolute protection" or "strong-willed warrior."
    • Wesley: Denotes "western meadow" or "western clearing."
    • Wyatt: Represents "brave in war" or "warrior."
    • Winston: Signifying "joy stone" or "happy town."
    • Walter: Meaning "ruler of the army" or "powerful warrior."
    • Wade: Denotes "able to go" or "river crossing."
    • Warren: Represents "park-keeper" or "protector."
    • Wayne: Signifying "wagon maker" or "craftsman."
    • Weston: Meaning "western town" or "west town."
    • Wilder: Denotes "untamed" or "wild one."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With X.


    • Xander: Meaning "defender of the people" or "warrior."
    • Xavier: Denotes "bright" or "splendid."
    • Xan: Represents "praise" or "glory."
    • Xerxes: Signifying "ruler over heroes" or "warrior king."
    • Xylon: Meaning "wood" or "forest."
    • Xiomar: Denotes "famous in battle" or "renowned warrior."
    • Xenon: Represents "foreigner" or "stranger."
    • Xylon: Signifying "from the forest" or "wood."
    • Xanthus: Meaning "blonde" or "golden-haired."
    • Xaiden: Denotes a unique name without a specific meaning.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Y.


    • Yusuf: Meaning "God increases" or "God will add."
    • Yahir: Denotes "light" or "to enlighten."
    • Yves: Represents "yew wood" or "archer."
    • Yannick: Signifying "God is gracious."
    • Yosef: Meaning "God will add" or "God will increase."
    • Yarden: Denotes "river" or "flowing down."
    • Yasir: Represents "wealthy" or "prosperous."
    • Yanis: Signifying "God is gracious."
    • Yann: Meaning "God is gracious."
    • Yadiel: Denotes "God is willing."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Z.


    • Zane: Meaning "gift from God" or "God is gracious."
    • Zander: Denotes "defender of the people" or "warrior."
    • Zayn: Represents "beauty" or "grace."
    • Zachary: Signifying "remembered by God" or "God has remembered."
    • Zephyr: Meaning "west wind" or "gentle breeze."
    • Zaiden: Denotes a unique name without a specific meaning.
    • Zion: Represents "highest point" or "promised land."
    • Zahir: Signifying "shining" or "luminous."
    • Zain: Meaning "grace" or "beauty."
    • Zavier: Denotes "new house" or "bright."

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