Baby Girl Names In Malayalam

Introduction To Indian State Malayalam : 

India is a country located in South Asia, with a population of 1.425 billion people as of 2023. The state of Malayalam is located in the southwestern region of India and is also known as Kerala. The capital of India is New Delhi. One of the biggest towns in India is Mumbai, with a population of 21.297 million people as of 2023. One of the smallest towns in India is Mawsynram, located in the state of Meghalaya, with a population of around 1,500 people.
  • Area : The area of India is 3.287 million km².
  • Population: As mentioned earlier, the population of India is 1.425 billion people as of 2023.
  • Density : The population density of India is 473.42 people per km² as of 2021. The density of population in Kerala is estimated to reach 1,101 people per km² in 2026.
  • Children born per day : The birth rate in India is 16.1 births per 1,000 population as of 2023. This translates to approximately 22,935 children born per day in India.
  • People death per day : The death rate in India is 6.6 deaths per 1,000 population as of 2023. This translates to approximately 9,405 people dying per day in India.
It is important to note that the above figures are for the entire country of India and not specific to the state of Malayalam/Kerala. However, as of 2021, Kerala has a population density of 859 people per km² and a total population of 34.8 million people.

The fertility rate in Kerala is 1.82 children per woman. The state has the highest literacy rate in India of 93.91% as of 2011. The life expectancy in Kerala is the highest in India, with males living up to 75 years and females up to 80.15 years.

Malayalam Baby Girl Popular Name From A To Z .

01. " A " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Aaradhya - meaning "worshiped" or "respected"
  • Aditi - meaning "free" or "boundless"
  • Aishwarya - meaning "prosperity" or "wealth"
  • Amrutha - meaning "nectar" or "immortality"
  • Ananya - meaning "unique" or "matchless"
  • Anika - meaning "grace" or "favour"
  • Aarushi - meaning "first ray of the sun" or "dawn"
  • Anamika - meaning "nameless" or "without a name"
  • Akshara - meaning "letter" or "alphabet"
  • Anupama - meaning "incomparable" or "unique"
  • Arya - meaning "noble" or "honorable"
  • Anagha - meaning "sinless" or "pure"
  • Adhya - meaning "first" or "initial"
  • Aswathy - meaning "identity" or "individuality"
  • Anjali - meaning "tribute" or "offering"
  • Ambika - meaning "mother" or "goddess Parvati"
  • Akshaya - meaning "indestructible" or "endless"
  • Aparna - meaning "goddess Parvati" or "leafless"
  • Athira - meaning "quick" or "lightning"
  • Anuja - meaning "younger sister" or "born after"
  • Anisha - meaning "unobstructed" or "unhindered"
  • Anvi - meaning "one of a kind" or "unique"
  • Anaghaa - meaning "sinless" or "pure"
  • Archa - meaning "prayer" or "devotion"
  • Anandhi - meaning "happy" or "joyful"

02. " B " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Bala - meaning "young girl" or "daughter"
  • Bhama - meaning "glamorous" or "beautiful"
  • Bhavana - meaning "feelings" or "emotions"
  • Bhagya - meaning "luck" or "fortune"
  • Bhagini - meaning "sister" or "female sibling"
  • Bhadra - meaning "auspicious" or "fortunate"
  • Bhagyalakshmi - meaning "goddess of wealth" or "fortunate"
  • Bhagirathi - meaning "the river Ganges" or "one who brings luck"
  • Bhanumati - meaning "beautiful" or "charming"
  • Bhanupriya - meaning "beloved" or "dear to the sun"
  • Bhargavi - meaning "radiant" or "luminous"
  • Bhavana - meaning "imagination" or "thinking"
  • Bhavika - meaning "emotional" or "sentimental"
  • Bhavini - meaning "emotional" or "sentimental"
  • Bhagyashree - meaning "fortunate" or "lucky"
  • Bhavani - meaning "goddess Parvati" or "the giver of life"
  • Bhuvana - meaning "the world" or "earth"
  • Bhuvika - meaning "heaven" or "earth"
  • Bhuvitha - meaning "heavenly" or "celestial"
  • Bhuvithra - meaning "earth" or "goddess of earth"
  • Brinda - meaning "tulsi" or "holy basil"
  • Bindu - meaning "drop" or "point"
  • Brindavana - meaning "tulsi garden" or "grove of sacred basil"
  • Bhavya - meaning "splendid" or "grand"
  • Bhoomika - meaning "earth" or "land"

03. " C " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Chandana: Derived from the Sanskrit word "chandan," meaning "sandalwood."
  • Chithra: Meaning "painting" or "picture."
  • Charitha: Means "history" or "character."
  • Charulata: Means "beautiful" or "graceful."
  • Chandni: Refers to the "moonlight" or "luminescence."
  • Chandralekha: A combination of "chandra" (moon) and "lekha" (writing), meaning "moonbeam."
  • Charumathi: Means "charming" or "pleasant-minded."
  • Chetana: Refers to "consciousness" or "intellect."
  • Chithira: Means "painting" or "drawing."
  • Chandrika: Refers to a "moon" or "lunar."
  • Chithralekha: Derived from "chithra" (painting) and "lekha" (writing), meaning "beautiful picture."
  • Charitha: Means "history" or "character."

04. " D " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Devika: Refers to the goddess Devi or "little goddess."
  • Deepthi: Means "brightness" or "luminescence."
  • Devi: Means "goddess" or "divine."
  • Dhanya: Means "lucky" or "fortunate."
  • Diya: Refers to "lamp" or "light."
  • Durga: Refers to the goddess Durga or "invincible."
  • Darshana: Means "sight" or "vision."
  • Darsini: Means "to see" or "to observe."
  • Divya: Means "divine" or "heavenly."
  • Darshana: Means "sight" or "vision."

05. " E " Baby Girl Names With Meaning.


  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."
  • Elina: Means "bright" or "shining light."
  • Esha: Refers to the goddess Parvati or "desire."
  • Ekta: Means "unity" or "harmony."

06. " F " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Fareeda (ഫരീദ): Unique, precious.
  • Falguni (ഫാൽഗുണി): Born in the month of Falgun, spring.
  • Fanitha (ഫനിത): Artistic, creative.
  • Faria (ഫാരിയ): A beautiful lady.
  • Fasila (ഫാസില): Clear, eloquent.
  • Fazia (ഫാസിയ): Victorious woman.
  • Femi (ഫേമി): Love.
  • Feryal (ഫേര്യല്): Beauty of light.
  • Fijaya (ഫിജയ): Achievement, success.
  • Fiona (ഫിയോണ): Fair, white.
  • Fitha (ഫിത): Pleasant, charming.
  • Fiza (ഫിസ): Breeze.
  • Flora (ഫ്ലോറ): Flower.
  • Fulki (ഫുൽകി): Spark.
  • Fulmala (ഫുൽമാല): Garland of flowers.
  • Fulya (ഫുല്യ): Blooming, flowering.
  • Furjaan (ഫൂർജാൻ): Radiant, shining.
  • Furvi (ഫുർവി): Bountiful.
  • Fushna (ഫുഷ്ണ): Poem, verse.
  • Futika (ഫുടിക): Sprout.
  • Fuvika (ഫുവിക): Light.
  • Fya (ഫ്യ): Knowledge.
  • Fyza (ഫൈസ): Successful.
  • Fulmala (ഫുൽമാല): Garland of flowers.
  • Folki (ഫൊൽകി): Bird.

07. " G " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Gauri (ഗൗരി): Goddess Parvati; Fair complexioned.
  • Gayathri (ഗായത്രി): A sacred verse; The Mother of all Vedas.
  • Greeshma (ഗ്രീഷ്മ): Summer season.
  • Gowri (ഗൗരി): Another name for Goddess Parvati; Bright and radiant.
  • Gitanjali (ഗീതാഞ്ജലി): Offering of songs; A poetic collection.
  • Girija (ഗിരിജ): Daughter of the mountain; Goddess Parvati.
  • Githa (ഗീത): Song; A musical composition.
  • Greeshika (ഗ്രീഷിക): Lamp.
  • Giritha (ഗിരിത): Another name for Goddess Parvati; Goddess of mountains.
  • Gaurika (ഗൗരിക): Young girl.
  • Gayana (ഗയന): Singing.
  • Grishma (ഗൃഷ്മ): Warmth; Summer season.
  • Girvani (ഗിർവാണി): Melody; Goddess Saraswati.
  • Gowthami (ഗൗതമി): River Godavari.
  • Githika (ഗിതിക): A small song.
  • Greeshitha (ഗ്രീഷിത): Warmth.
  • Girika (ഗിരിക): Goddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva.
  • Gajalakshmi (ഗജലക്ഷ്മി): Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing prosperity.
  • Granthika (ഗ്രന്ഥിക): A small knot.
  • Githanjali (ഗീതാഞ്ജലി): An offering of songs; Devotional offering.
  • Guruvayoori (ഗുരുവായൂരി): Devotee of Guruvayoorappan.
  • Girivani (ഗിരിവാണി): Melodious.
  • Grihalakshmi (ഗൃഹലക്ഷ്മി): Goddess Lakshmi of the house; Goddess of wealth.
  • Ganika (ഗണിക): Flower.
  • Girika (ഗിരിക): Another name for Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva.

08. " H " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Haritha (ഹരിത): Green; Nature-loving.
  • Hamsika (ഹംസിക): Goddess Saraswati; The one with a swan.
  • Hridya (ഹൃദ്യ): Heartfelt; Lovable.
  • Hema (ഹേമ): Golden; Precious metal.
  • Hamsini (ഹംസിനി): Goddess Saraswati; One who rides a swan.
  • Havya (ഹവ്യ): Offering to God; Sacred.
  • Hitha (ഹിത): Lovable; Love and kindness.
  • Hiranya (ഹിരണ്യ): Gold; Precious metal.
  • Hrithika (ഹൃതിക): Joyful; Of the heart.
  • Hansuja (ഹംസുജ): Goddess Saraswati; Born from a swan.
  • Hamsadhwani (ഹംസധ്വനി): Swan's voice; Melodious.
  • Hridhika (ഹൃദിക): Pure-hearted; Loving.
  • Hrishika (ഹൃഷിക): Happiness; Delightful.
  • Harina (ഹരിന): Deer-like; Graceful.
  • Hemalatha (ഹേമലത): Lustrous like gold; Golden creeper.
  • Himalaya (ഹിമാലയ): Daughter of the Himalayas; Snow-clad.
  • Hansitha (ഹംസിത): Smile; Laughter.
  • Harshika (ഹർഷിക): Happiness; Delighted.
  • Hiritha (ഹിരിത): Compassionate; Benevolent.
  • Hithaya (ഹിതയ): Always giving; Beneficial.
  • Heshika (ഹേഷിക): Happiness.
  • Harini (ഹരിണി): Deer; Goddess Saraswati.
  • Hirva (ഹിർവ): Greenery; Freshness.
  • Hemika (ഹേമിക): Golden.
  • Hemadri (ഹേമദ്രി): Mountain of gold; Lord Vishnu.

09. " I " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Ishita (ഇഷിത): Desired; One who desires.
  • Inika (ഇനിക): Sweetness.
  • Ishwari (ഇശ്വരി): Goddess; Consort of Lord Shiva.
  • Ishana (ഇശാന): Goddess Durga; Rich.
  • Ishwarya (ഇശ്വര്യ): Wealth; Prosperity.
  • Isha (ഇഷ): One who protects; Goddess.
  • Indira (ഇന്ദിര): Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful
  • Inaaya (ഇനായ): Gift of God; Concern; Solicitude.
  • Ishani (ഇഷാനി): Consort of Lord Shiva; Goddess Parvati.
  • Inika (ഇനിക): Sweet.
  • Idika (ഇടിക): Another name for Parvati; Observation.
  • Ira (ഇര): Earth; Goddess Saraswati.
  • Ishitha (ഇശിത): Superior; Goddess.
  • Ilakkiya (ഇലക്കിയ): Literature; Worldly-minded.
  • Indulekha (ഇന്ദുലേഖ): Moon; Beautiful.
  • Ilina (ഇലിന): Queen of the earth; Intelligent.
  • Ishithva (ഇശിത്വ): Superiority; Wealth.
  • Iyalisai (ഇയാളിസ): Music.
  • Ishal (ഇഷാൽ): Desired; Goddess.
  • Inchara (ഇഞ്ചാര): Sweet voice; Charming.
  • Indukala (ഇന്ദുകല): Moonlight.
  • Ilavarasi (ഇളവരാസി): Princess; Youthful.
  • Ilha (ഇൽഹ): Inspiration.
  • Ishwa (ഇശ്വ): Goddess.
  • Ivya (ഇവ്യ): Ruler; Queen.

10. " J " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Jiya (ജിയ): Heart; Spirit.
  • Jithika (ജിതിക): Winner; Triumph.
  • Jyotsna (ജ്യോത്സ്ന): Moonlight; Radiant.
  • Jitha (ജിത): One who has conquered; Triumph.
  • Janika (ജനിക): Born; Mother.
  • Jivika (ജീവിക): Source of life; Alive.
  • Janisha (ജനിഷ): Dispeller of ignorance; Knowledge.
  • Jilpa (ജിൽപ): Artistic; Creative.
  • Jesika (ജെസിക): Foresighted; Wealthy.
  • Jyothi (ജ്യോതി): Light; Radiance.
  • Jeenya (ജീന്യ): Gracious; Full of life.
  • Jisha (ജിഷ): God's gift; Victorious.
  • Jalaja (ജലജ): Lotus; Born in water.
  • Jithra (ജിത്ര): Person who conquers.
  • Jeevisha (ജീവിഷ): Life; Alive.
  • Janitha (ജനിത): Born; Created.
  • Jashitha (ജശിത): Successful; Winner.
  • Jhalak (ഝലക്): Glimpse; Spark.
  • Jeevitha (ജീവിത): Life; Vitality.
  • Jamila (ജമീല): Beautiful; Graceful.
  • Jivanya (ജീവാന്യ): Life-giving.
  • Jeevana (ജീവന): Life; Vitality.
  • Jivisha (ജീവിഷ): Life; Courage.
  • Janvitha (ജന്വിത): Born; Origin.
  • Jithara (ജിതര): One who conquers; Victorious.

11. " K " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Kavya (കാവ്യ): Poem; Poetry; Literary work.
  • Kirthika (കിർതിക): Famous; Brilliant; Stars.
  • Krithi (കൃതി): A work of art; Song; Poem.
  • Kavyanjali (കാവ്യാഞ്ജലി): Offering of poetry.
  • Kripa (കൃപ): Mercy; Compassion.
  • Kiran (കിരണ): Ray of light; Sunbeam.
  • Krisha (കൃഷ): Divine; Divine power.
  • Kavisha (കവിഷ): Poetess; Literary artist.
  • Kalyani (കല്യാണി): Auspicious; Fortunate.
  • Kavyasri (കാവ്യശ്രീ): Beautiful poetry.
  • Kshirja (ക്ഷീർജ): Daughter of the milk ocean; Lakshmi.
  • Kshama (ക്ഷമ): Forgiveness; Patience.
  • Kanika (കാനിക): Grain; Atom; Gold.
  • Keerthana (കീർത്തന): Song; Praise.
  • Krithika (കൃതിക): Name of a star; Leading; Path-showing.
  • Kumudini (കുമുദിനി): Lotus; Delightful.
  • Kavya (കാവ്യ): Poem; Poetry.
  • Kamala (കമല): Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Kiranmayi (കിരണ്മയി): Full of rays; Lustrous.
  • Karishma (കരിഷ്മ): Miracle; Gift of God.
  • Kritha (കൃത): Action; Achievement.
  • Kusumika (കുസുമിക): Flower; Blossom
  • Kshirja (ക്ഷീർജ): Daughter of the milk ocean; Lakshmi.
  • Kalya (കല്യ): Praise; Pleasant.

12. " L " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Lakshmi (ലക്ഷ്മി): Goddess of wealth; Prosperity.
  • Lavanya (ലാവന്യ): Grace; Beauty.
  • Lekha (ലേഖ): Writing; Document.
  • Leela (ലീല): Divine play; Joy.
  • Laya (ലയ): Music; Rhythm; Melody.
  • Lithika (ലിതിക): Bright; Beautiful; Graceful.
  • Lavitha (ലവിത): Grace; Charm.
  • Lisha (ലിഷ): Happiness; A short form of Alisha.
  • Likhitha (ലിഖിത): Writing; Manuscript.
  • Lavisha (ലവീഷ): Grace; Elegance.
  • Lalita (ലലിത): Beautiful; Elegant.
  • Lasya (ലസ്യ): Graceful; Dance performed by Goddess Parvati.
  • Leshika (ലേഷിക): Lovely.
  • Lakisha (ലകിഷ): Combination of Lakshmi and Aisha; Goddess of prosperity.
  • Leelavathi (ലീലാവതി): Playful; Goddess Durga.
  • Lakshitha (ലക്ഷിത): Distinguished; Visible.
  • Lavina (ലാവിന): Grace; Purity.
  • Lokitha (ലോകിത): Worldly-wise; Well known.
  • Lakshana (ലക്ഷണ): Sign; Symbol; Distinguished.
  • Likhil (ലിഖിൽ): Writing; Composing.
  • Lashika (ലാഷിക): Honest; Truthful.
  • Lakshitha (ലക്ഷിത): Distinguished; Visible.
  • Lavya (ലവ്യ): Lovely; Beauty.
  • Layana (ലയന): Gentle; Tender.

13. " M " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Maithili (മൈഥിലി): Princess of Mithila; Sita.
  • Manju (മഞ്ജു): Sweet; Pleasant.
  • Meera (മീര): Lord Krishna's devotee; Variant of Mira.
  • Mithra (മിത്ര): Friend; Sun.
  • Mahima (മഹിമ): Greatness; Glory.
  • Mithila (മിഥില): Sita; Kingdom in Hindu mythology.
  • Maya (മായ): Illusion; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Malini (മാലിനി): Fragrant; Jasmine.
  • Medha (മേധ): Intelligence; Wisdom.
  • Manasa (മനസ): Mind; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Manitha (മനിത): Honored; Respected.
  • Mithila (മിഥില): Sita; Kingdom in Hindu mythology.
  • Meenal (മീനൽ): Precious gem; Blue stone.
  • Malavika (മാലവിക): Princess of Malava; Jasmine.
  • Megha (മേഘ): Cloud.
  • Mira (മീര): Admirable; Ocean; Lord Krishna's devotee.
  • Mridula (മൃദുല): Soft; Gentle.
  • Manasa (മനസ): Mind; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Meenakshi (മീനാക്ഷി): Goddess with fish-shaped eyes; Parvati.
  • Mounika (മൗനിക): Silent girl.
  • Madhavi (മാധവി): Springtime; Born in the month of Madhu.
  • Mahitha (മഹിത): Greatness; Renowned.
  • Mithila (മിഥില): Sita; Kingdom in Hindu mythology.
  • Mehr (മെഹർ): Blessing; Kindness

14. " N " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Nandini (നന്ദിനി): Delightful; Goddess Durga.
  • Neha (നേഹ): Love; Affection.
  • Nitya (നിത്യ): Eternal; Constant.
  • Nandita (നന്ദിത): Happy; Joyful.
  • Naina (നയന): Eyes; Beautiful eyes.
  • Nithila (നിതില): Everlasting.
  • Neelima (നീലിമ): Blue; Sapphire.
  • Nisha (നിശ): Night.
  • Naira (നയ്ര): Shining; Glittering.
  • Nivedita (നിവേദിത): Surrendered; Offered.
  • Nithya (നിത്യ): Eternal; Constant.
  • Nisha (നിശ): Night.
  • Nehal (നേഹല്): Rainy; Handsome.
  • Nandana (നന്ദന): Daughter; Goddess Durga.
  • Nayana (നയന): Eyes; Beautiful eyes.
  • Navya (നാവ്യ): New; Worth praising.
  • Nimisha (നിമിഷ): Momentary; Twinkling of an eye.
  • Nidhi (നിധി): Treasure; Wealth.
  • Nandhini (നന്ധിനി): Delightful; Goddess Durga.
  • Nityasree (നിത്യശ്രീ): Eternal beauty.
  • Naina (നൈന): Eyes; Beautiful eyes.
  • Nithila (നിതില): Everlasting
  • Neelam (നീലം): Sapphire; Precious stone.
  • Namrata (നമ്രത): Politeness; Modesty.

15. " O " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Omana (ഓമന): Woman.
  • Oviya (ഒവിയ): Artist; Beautiful drawing.

16. " P " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Prisha (പൃഷ): Beloved; Loving; God's gift.
  • Parvathi (പാർവതി): Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva.
  • Pooja (പൂജ): Worship; Prayer.
  • Pavithra (പവിത്ര): Pure; Sacred.
  • Pallavi (പല്ലവി): New leaves; Bud.
  • Priyanka (പ്രിയങ്ക): Beautiful; Loved one.
  • Preeti (പ്രീതി): Love; Affection.
  • Pranavi (പ്രണവി): Goddess Parvati; Sacred.
  • Padmaja (പദ്മജ): Born from the lotus; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Pavana (പവന): Pure; Holy.
  • Pournami (പൗർണമി): Full moon day.
  • Pari (പരി): Fairy; Angel.
  • Pranitha (പ്രണിത): Promoted; Led.
  • Parinita (പരിണിത): Expert; Competent.
  • Pankaja (പങ്കജ): Lotus; Born in mud.
  • Prathyusha (പ്രത്യുഷ): Sunlight; Sunrise.
  • Pavaki (പാവകി): Pure; Sacred.
  • Priya (പ്രിയ): Beloved; Loved one.
  • Pavitha (പവിത): Pure; Holy.
  • Punitha (പുനിത): Pure; Holy.
  • Pravitha (പ്രവിത): Introduced; Favored.
  • Prajeesha (പ്രജീഷ): Lovable; One who is praised.
  • Poojitha (പൂജിത): Worshiped; Revered.
  • Pragna (പ്രജ്ഞ): Wisdom; Intelligence.

17. " Q " Girl Name With Meaning.


Qara (ഖാര): This is a unique name that is not traditionally Malayalam, but it has a pleasant sound. Please note that the availability of Malayalam names starting with "Q" is limited.

18. " R " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Riya (രിയ): Singer; Graceful.
  • Rithika (രിതിക): Of truth; Clever.
  • Roshni (രോഷ്ണി): Brightness; Light.
  • Reethu (രീതു): Tradition; Culture.
  • Ranjitha (രഞ്ജിത): Adorned; Pleasing.
  • Ritara (രിതര): Beautiful; Harmonious.
  • Rithanya (രിതന്യ): Truthful; Honest.
  • Ruchira (രുചിര): Beautiful; Delightful.
  • Ridhima (രിധിമ): Full of love; Full moon.
  • Radhika (രാധിക): Successful; Prosperous.
  • Reema (രീമ): Goddess Durga; White antelope.
  • Ritisha (രിതിഷ): Saint; Moonlight.
  • Rasika (രസിക): Connoisseur; Elegant.
  • Rishika (രിഷിക): Saintly; Silken.
  • Reeva (രീവ): Star; One who is adored.
  • Rithani (രിഥനി): Music.
  • Ritara (രിതര): Beautiful; Harmonious.
  • Reethika (രീതിക): Riti - Tradition; Cultural.
  • Rianna (റിയാന്ന): Belonging to the king.
  • Rithara (രിതാര): Harmonious; Beautiful.
  • Ridhika (രിധിക): Full of Love; Prosperous.
  • Rithira (രിതിര): Truthful; Honest.
  • Ridhima (രിധിമ): Full of Love; Best friend.
  • Roshitha (രോഷിത): Bright; Happy.

19. " S " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Sara (സാര): Princess; Precious.
  • Sadhana (സാധന): Worship; Spiritual practice.
  • Sakshi (സാക്ഷി): Witness; Observer.
  • Shreya (ശ്രേയ): Auspicious; Beautiful.
  • Sanika (സാനിക): Flute; Gentle.
  • Sanya (സന്യ): Moment; Sensible.
  • Sadhika (സാധിക): Achiever; Worshipper.
  • Sarika (സാരിക): Princess; Koel bird.
  • Shruti (ശ്രുതി): Musical notes; Knowledge.
  • Sneha (സ്നേഹ): Affection; Love.
  • Swara (സ്വര): Musical note; Goddess Saraswati.
  • Saranya (സരണ്യ): Surrendered; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Sanskriti (സംസ്കൃതി): Culture; Tradition.
  • Shivani (ശിവാനി): Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva.
  • Suhana (സുഹന): Beautiful.
  • Sithara (സിതാര): Star.
  • Sara (സാര): Princess; Precious.
  • Swathi (സ്വാതി): Pure; Beautiful.
  • Saanvi (സാൻവി): Goddess Lakshmi; Glowing.
  • Srihitha (ശ്രിഹിത): Best friend.
  • Shalini (ശാലിനി): Modesty; Virtuous.
  • Sanya (സന്യ): Moment; Sensible.
  • Sreelakshmi (ശ്രീലക്ഷ്മി): Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Samitha (സാമിത): Collected; United.

20. " T " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Tanvi (തന്വി): Delicate; Goddess of beauty.
  • Tithira (തിതിര): Beautiful girl; Bright.
  • Tejasvi (തേജസ്വി): Energetic; Bright.
  • Tanya (തന്യ): Of the family; Fairy queen.
  • Trisha (തൃശ): Noble; Desire.
  • Tithika (തിതിക): Beautiful; Radiant.
  • Tanishi (തനിഷി): Ambition; Beautiful.
  • Tanaya (തനയ): Daughter.
  • Trisha (തൃഷ): Thirst; Desire.
  • Tanirika (തനിരിക): Beautiful flower.
  • Tithira (തിതിര): Bright; Beautiful.
  • Tanirika (തനിരിക): Beautiful flower.
  • Tara (താര): Star; Goddess.
  • Tanaya (തനയ): Daughter.
  • Tisha (തിഷ): Joy; Happiness.
  • Tithira (തിതിര): Bright; Beautiful.
  • Tanishi (തനിഷി): Ambition; Beautiful.
  • Tejal (തേജൽ): Lustrous.
  • Tanaya (തനയ): Daughter.
  • Tithira (തിതിര): Bright; Beautiful.
  • Tanirika (തനിരിക): Beautiful flower.
  • Trisha (തൃഷ): Thirst; Desire.
  • Tanishi (തനിഷി): Ambition; Beautiful.
  • Tara (താര): Star; Goddess.

21. " U " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Uma (ഉമ): Goddess Parvati; Nation.
  • Uthara (ഉത്തര): Superior; Northern.
  • Udita (ഉദിത): Sunrise.
  • Urvi (ഉർവി): Earth.
  • Unnati (ഉന്നതി): Progress; Growth.
  • Ujjwala (ഉജ്വല): Bright; Lustrous.
  • Udara (ഉദാര): Generous; Noble.
  • Upasana (ഉപാസന): Worship.
  • Umika (ഉമിക): Goddess Parvati.
  • Utkarsha (ഉത്കർഷ): Advancement; Elevation.
  • Urja (ഉർജ): Energy; Power.
  • Urmila (ഉർമില): Daughter of King Janaka; Wife of Lord Lakshman.
  • Udisha (ഉദിശ): Direction.
  • Ulka (ഉൽക): Meteorite; Shooting star.
  • Utkala (ഉത്കല): Brilliant; Prosperous.
  • Utpala (ഉത്പല): Lotus.
  • Urmika (ഉർമിക): Small wave.
  • Unika (ഉനിക): To win.
  • Ulina (ഉലിന): Saturation; Fullness.
  • Ujas (ഉജസ്): Brightness; Light.
  • Ujwala (ഉജ്വല): Bright; Lustrous.
  • Umaima (ഉമൈമ): Little mother; The promised one.
  • Upama (ഉപമ): Simile; Comparison.
  • Uttara (ഉത്തര): Daughter of King Virata; North.

22. " V " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Vaishnavi (വൈഷ്ണവി): Devotee of Lord Vishnu.
  • Vidya (വിദ്യ): Knowledge; Wisdom.
  • Vanya (വന്യ): Gracious gift of God.
  • Varsha (വർഷ): Rain; Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Veda (വേദ): Sacred knowledge.
  • Vrinda (വൃന്ദ): Tulsi; Basil; Goddess Radha.
  • Vithika (വിതിക): Path; Way.
  • Vismaya (വിസ്മയ): Amazing; Astonishment.
  • Vidhisha (വിധിഷ): Bright; Star.
  • Vidulika (വിദുലിക): Moonlight.
  • Vrithi (വൃതി): Right way; Path.
  • Vithika (വിതിക): Path; Way.
  • Vanya (വന്യ): Gracious gift of God.
  • Vrinda (വൃന്ദ): Tulsi; Basil; Goddess Radha.
  • Vaidehi (വൈദേഹി): Sita; Daughter of King Janaka.
  • Vasudha (വസുധ): Earth; Giver of wealth.
  • Vinutha (വിനുത): Modest; Humble.
  • Vidulika (വിദുലിക): Moonlight.
  • Vithika (വിതിക): Path; Way.
  • Vrishti (വൃഷ്ടി): Rain.
  • Vidhi (വിധി): Destiny; Law; Method.
  • Vidulika (വിദുലിക): Moonlight.
  • Vaibhavi (വൈഭവി): Majestic; Prosperous.
  • Vithika (വിതിക): Path; Way.

23. " W " Girl Name With Meaning.

  • Wisha (വിശ): Desire; Hope.

24. " X " Girl Name With Meaning.

  • Xyla (ക്സൈല): Moonlit night.

25. " Y " Girl Name With Meaning.

  • Yamini (യാമിനി): Night.
  • Yashika (യാഷിക): Success; Fame.
  • Yamika (യാമിക): Night.
  • Yamuna (യമുന): Holy river.
  • Yojana (യോജന): Plan; Strategy.
  • Yamirika (യാമിരിക): Moon.
  • Yuktha (യുക്ത): Bounded; Attentive.
  • Yuvika (യുവിക): Young girl; Beautiful.
  • Yamika (യാമിക): Night.
  • Yashitha (യാശിത): Successful; Famous.
  • Yamisha (യാമീഷ): Night.
  • Yasmin (യാസ്മിൻ): Jasmine flower.
  • Yagna (യജ്ഞ): Ceremonial rites; Worship.
  • Yamika (യാമിക): Night.
  • Yamitha (യാമിത): Night.
  • Yasodha (യശോധ): Mother of Lord Krishna.
  • Yazhini (യാഴിനി): Musical instrument; Harp.
  • Yamika (യാമിക): Night.
  • Yuthika (യൂതിക): Jasmine.
  • Yashwita (യശ്വിത): Famous; Glorious.
  • Yamika (യാമിക): Night.
  • Yashasvi (യശസ്വി): Famous; Glorious.
  • Yamitha (യാമിത): Night.
  • Yogitha (യോഗിത): One who can concentrate.

26. " Z " Girl Name With Meaning.


  • Zara (സാറ): Princess; Flower..

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