Baby Girl Names In China / 女婴在中国取名

 Introduction To China / 简介是中国 :

China, a nation steeped in ancient history and brimming with modern dynamism, stands as one of the world's most influential countries. Its capital, Beijing, is a bustling metropolis that embodies China's rich heritage while embracing rapid technological advancements.

Covering an expansive area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers, China is home to over 1.4 billion people, making it the most populous country globally. With such density, it averages around 150 people per square kilometer.

Within this vast expanse, China houses both mega-cities and small towns. Among the largest cities are Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, while one of the smallest towns is probably Jiaxing, nestled in Zhejiang province.

In terms of demographic statistics, China witnesses a considerable flux of life. On an average day, thousands of new lives begin, with around 12,000 children born per day. Conversely, the nation also experiences approximately 23,000 deaths daily, reflecting the size and complexity of its population dynamics.

Common and Popular Chinese Girl Names :


  • Ài (爱). It's a name that means “love” and “affection” and is fit for a little princess. This short and sweet name is one of the top Chinese names for girls.
  • Ǎi (蔼). This name is similar to the name Ài. Despite having the same spelling and pronunciation in English, Ǎi and Ài are different in the Chinese language. Ǎi means “friendly” or “lush,” which is just as beautiful as Ài.
  • Chun (春). Another common Chinese girl name you could select is Chun. It’s pronounced CHWUN and means “spring.” Just like the season brings forth good things, so shall your baby girl.
  • Fang (芳). Meaning “fragrance,” this popular Chinese girl name is also a unique baby girl name. It means “virtuous” or “beautiful.”
  • Fēn (芬). If you have a sweet girl on your hands, this name may be fitting for her. It can mean “scent, aroma, or perfume” and is pronounced FUN.
  • Hua (花). Another pretty Chinese girl name, Hua is pronounced KHWAH and means “flower.”
  • Jing (静). Do you wish for your little princess to have a calm and quiet future? Then you might want to consider the name Jing. It’s pronounced CHEENG and means “peace or quiet.”
  • Li (丽). Li is one of the top Chinese girl names that mean “pretty.” This sweet name is pronounced LEE.
  • Min (敏). Meaning “clever,” Min is a Chinese and Korean name for little girls and also for little boys.
  • Xiāng (香). Another name meaning “fragrance,” this cool Chinese girl’s name is pronounced SHYAHNG.

More Common and Popular Chinese Girl Names :


Popular names are always wise choices because they’re familiar! Whether you have Chinese roots and want to feel more connected to your heritage or simply love a certain name, you can't go wrong. Take a look at the list of more popular Chinese girl names that we’ve put together and the meanings behind them.
  • Mei (美). The most common Chinese female names have meanings like “flower,” “beauty,” “love,” or “elegant.” The name Mei, for instance, means “beauty or beautiful.” It’s pronounced MAY—a pretty name for a pretty girl.
  • Mèng yáo (梦瑶). This name is made of two Chinese girl names: Mèng, which is pronounced MUNG and means “dream” or “vision,” and Yáo, which means “jade.” The beauty is that you can make a rare Chinese name for your girl by picking two names or words you love.
  • Xīn yán (欣妍). Another top name with a similar meaning to Mei is Xīn yán, meaning “beauty” and “vitality.” This lovely name is pronounced SHEEN-YEHN.
  • Xīn yí (欣怡). Pronounced SHEEN-EE, this name can mean “happy” or “quiet” and could suit a cheerful little girl.
  • Xiù (秀). If you wish your daughter to have elegance and grace, then you may want to consider this name. It can mean “elegant,” “luxuriant,” “beautiful,” or “graceful” and is pronounced SHYO.
  • Yáng (阳). This cute name means “sun” and is an adorable name for a little princess. It’s pronounced YAHNG and is also gender neutral.
  • Yīng (英). Meaning “flower” or “wise,” this is a great choice if you want to go for a cute Chinese name for girls.
  • Yī nuò (诺). Here is another Chinese girl name with a strong meaning, “one promise.” It’s could be an especially good choice for your little one if a fortune teller predicted a big mission in her future. In Chinese, there’s a name like it that means “follow promise” and is written 依诺.
  • Yù míng (玉明). Meaning “jade brightness,” this is another good Chinese name for girls. It’s pronounced UY-MEENG.
  • Zhi (智). One other popular girls’ name that may be perfect for your bundle of joy could be Zhi. It’s pronounced CHEE and means “intellect or wisdom.” Your baby will share this name with Lu Zhi, who was China’s first female empress.

Beautiful and Pretty Chinese Girl Names :


Some names are so sweet and beautiful that they melt your heart! If you’re on the lookout for a pretty baby girl name, make sure to go through the list below. We’ve compiled some beautiful and pretty Chinese names for girls for you to consider.
  • Ah Lam. Meaning “peace,” this sweet girl name is pronounced AH LUM and is perfect for a little angel.
  • An. Another beautiful name you may want to consider for your little girl is the name An. It means “peaceful” and is pronounced AHN.
  • Bai. Such a pretty name for any little princess! This name can mean “purity” or “white” and is pronounced PIE.
  • Bao. Meaning “gem,” this name is a wonderful choice for a Chinese girl name. It’s pronounced POW.
  • Bo. Pronounced PWAW, Bo means “precious” and can be a great name choice.
  • Caihong. Another great pick for a beautiful Chinese girl name is Caihong, which means “rainbow.”
  • Chang. Want your baby girl to soar? Consider the name Chang, which means “free.”
  • Chow. Meaning “summertime,” this name is perfect if your little one was born during summer. It’s a time of happiness and adventure, and with any luck your little girl can experience these in her life.
  • Chunhua. Another wonderful seasonal name you may like is Chunhua. It’s pronounced CHWUN-KHWAH and means “spring flower.”
  • Ehuang. There couldn’t be a more beautiful Chinese name for a girl than Ehuang, which means “beautiful.”

More Beautiful and Pretty Chinese Girl Names :

If you’re looking for a few more Chinese names for girls that are beautiful or pretty, check out the list below.

Name Pronunciation Meaning :


  • Fen FUN Scent
  • Feng FUNG Maple
  • Fu FOO Abundant/rich/wealthy
  • Genji GEN-JEE Gold
  • Hai KHIE Ocean/sea
  • Heng HENG Lasting
  • Hua KHWA Flower
  • Huiying KHWAY-EENG Joy
  • Jia CHYAH Good/auspicious/beautiful
  • Jie CHYEH Outstanding.

Unique and Rare Chinese Female Names :


While a traditional name can be a great choice, you may be hoping to give your daughter a unique name. If that’s the case, you may find this list of unique and rare girl names helpful.
  • Chan-Juan. Meaning “the moon,” this is a special name that could symbolize your shining light in the dark. It’s made of two names—Chan, pronounced KAHN, and Juan. pronounced CHWEHN.
  • Chao-Xing. This beautiful and poetic name means “morning star” and is fitting for a little girl destined to bring light to your family.
  • Chen. Pronounced CHUN, this rare Chinese girl name means “dawn” or “morning.” It may be popular in some regions in China, so if you're hunting for something more unusual you may want to use it as a middle name or add another name to it for a different spin.
  • Chyou. If you’re looking for a seasonally inspired name for your little one, consider Chyou! It’s pronounced CH-yoo and means “autumn.”
  • Dai Lu. Planning to teach your girl to make her own path in life? Then this name could be the right choice—it means “lead the way.” With this name, your girl will have namesakes such as Chinese actress Dai Lu Wa.
  • Dongmei. Want a symbol of hope? Then you’ve found the best female Chinese name for that. Meaning “winter plums,” it's a name that offers hope and cheer as winters in China can be harsh and the winter plums are the first to blossom.
  • Eu-Meh. This cute and unique Chinese girl name means “especially beautiful” or “gorgeous.” With this name, your daughter will have undeniable beauty. It’s pronounced YOO-MEH and is a great name choice!
  • Kai-Ming. If you’re an open-minded family and planning to raise your newest family addition similarly, Kai-Ming is a beautiful, well-fitting choice! It means “open-minded.”
  • Kexin. This is definitely a name that you’d want for your little one! It means “dependable or faithful,” and with a name like this you can always count on your little girl.
  • Lihua. Pronounced LEE-KHWA, this unique girl name means “pear blossom.”

More Unique and Rare Chinese Female Names :

We’ve compiled a list of a few other unique and rare girl names you may want to keep in mind when choosing a name for your little angel.

Name Pronunciation Meaning.

  • Chun-Hua CHWUN-KHWAH Spring grace
  • Huifen KHWAY-FUN Smart/fragrant
  • Li-Mei LEE-MAY Pretty rose
  • Ling LEENG Spirit/ice/bell
  • Mei-Xia MAY-SHYAH Bright glow
  • Ming-Zhu MEENG-ZHU Bright pearl
  • Ping PEENG Peaceful/level
  • Qiao CHIAO Pretty
  • Susu SOO-SOO A slight sound
  • Xing Xing SHEENG-SHEENG Twin stars

Cool Chinese Female Names :

A cool or edgy name can have so much character and bring a lot of personality. If that’s the direction you hope to go while picking a name for your little one, check out this list of cool Chinese girl names. You’ll be sure to find a name you love among these options, which include meanings like “black jade,” “cannibar,” and “laurel beauty.”

  • Baozhai. Pronounced BOW-CHAI, this cool and unique name for girls means “stockade of treasures.” If you hope for your girl to be adventurous, this is a well-fitting name.
  • Bi. Meaning “green jade,” this is a good pick for a cool name. It’s short and sweet, and can pair perfectly with a second name.
  • Biyu. This cool name means “jasper,” and if you have any idea about the stone, you know how precious this name is. Jasper is a yellow, red, brown, or green precious stone that’s used in many cultures to provide physical and spiritual protection.
  • China. Meaning “filled with affection,” China is a sweet name for a little baby girl.
  • Daiyu. Another of the jade names is Daiyu, which means “black jade.” This has an edgier tone but has a nice ring to it.
  • Dandan. If you want to pay homage to ancient Chinese history, this might be a great name choice! Dandan in Chinese means “cinnabar,” which is a brick-red form of mercury sulfide. In Chinese history, it was believed to have magical powers that were often linked to immortality.
  • Guiying. Another name associated with immortality and long life is Guiying. It means “laurel beauty,” referring to the evergreen Mediterranean tree.
  • Jiayi. Pronounced CHYA-EE, this cool Chinese name for girls means “lucky one.” With a name like this, your precious girl is set to have lots of luck!
  • Lisha. Meaning “sweet,” Lisha is the Chinese version of the name Lisa, which is a popular name. If your daughter is Chinese American or you reside in the United States, this may be a great name choice.
  • Ming-Yue. This cute and cool name for girls means “bright moon.” The moon represents gentleness and peace in Chinese culture.

More Cool Chinese Female Names :

Need more inspiration for good Chinese names for a girl? Check out this list of additional girl names that we’ve compiled.
Name Pronunciation Meaning.

  • Ah cy AH-SIE Lovely
  • Ah-lam AH-LAHM Peace
  • Alix A-LEEKS Dignified
  • Chin CHEEN Golden
  • Cong TSUWNG Intelligent
  • Far FAR Flower
  • Ju CHUY Daisy
  • Jun CHUYN Truth
  • Kwong KWAANG Broad
  • Lanying LAN-EENG Blue quartz.
If you’re looking for a cute name to match your precious little girl, the list below is for you! Read on to get inspiration on cute Chinese names for girls.

  • Ah Kum. Meaning “as good as gold,” this is a really cute name for a little girl.
  • Lai. Another cute name for a little girl that means “future,” Lai is a fitting name if you see nothing but the best ahead for your girl.
  • Li jing. If you have a sweet girl on your hands, this is the perfect name. It means “beautiful spirit” and is pronounced LEE-CHEENG.
  • Li na. A name that means “beautiful or graceful,” this is a nice choice for girls and is pronounced LEE-NAH.
  • Li wei. This name has the same meaning as Li na. Li wei works well if you’re looking for a Chinese girl name that’s cute and unique. It’s pronounced LEE-WAY.
  • Liena. Perfect for a beautiful little girl, Liena means “as beautiful as a lotus flower.”
  • Mei Lien. Pronounced MAY-LEEN, Mei Lien means “beautiful lotus.” It could be a winner if you’re a lover of nature and nature-inspired names.
  • Mey. This cute Chinese name for girls means “pretty.” Short and sweet, it's a lovely option for your daughter.
  • Mui. If you value sisterhood, this is a great name choice for your little bundle of joy! It means “sister” and is also a Vietnamese name.
  • Shu. Meaning “warmhearted,” this is a great name choice for a sweet girl.
  • More Cute Chinese Female Names
Here’s an extra list of cute Chinese female names you may want to keep in mind for your little angel.

Name Pronunciation Meaning.


  • Nu Ying NU-EENG Maiden bloom
  • Shi SHUR Time/stone
  • Shihan SHEE-HAHN Poetic, mellow
  • Xia SHYAH Glow of the sunrise
  • Xiao Hong SHYOW-KHUWNG A morning rainbow
  • Yeong YUN Flower petal
  • Yue WEH Moon
  • Yun UYN Cloud
  • Yuxi UY-CHEE Moon
  • Zang ZAHNG Good/right.

Strong Chinese Girl Names:

While most Chinese names for girls mean things like “beauty,” “fragrance,” or “love,” there are still other names that are strong and fierce. If this is how you plan to raise your little girl, any one of these strong names can be a great choice for her.

  • Daxia. Meaning “great Xia,” this an ancient name that represented a wealthy region in the third century BCE. With this name, fortune and wealth may follow your little girl.
  • Feng-po-po. Representing the “goddess of the wind,” this is a strong and powerful name for a little girl.
  • Leizu. Another name with strong symbolism is Leizu. It means “silkworm mother” and was the name of a Chinese empress who discovered silkworms. If you hope your little girl grows up to be an explorer or discoverer, this may be the right name.
  • Qi. Meaning “enlightenment” or “life force,” this is a strong and powerful name.
  • Tai. A common Hebrew name meaning “a dew from paradise,” Tai in Chinese means “great extreme.” It’s a mighty name for a little girl.
  • Wan. Wan is a sweet yet powerful name for girls that can mean “graceful,” “gentle,” or “elegant.”
  • Wei. A very popular Chinese name, Wei is also very powerful. With this name, your daughter will have notable namesakes like fashion model Wei Song, composer Dou Wei, and actress Tang Wei.
  • Wen. Meaning “literate,” this an excellent choice for a bright little girl!
  • Ying. Pronounced EENG, Ying means “brave beauty.” It’s a great name for any little girl and it embodies the notorious phrase “beauty and brains.”
  • Si Yu. Meaning “think and speak,” this is a virtuous name and a wonderful choice.
More Strong Chinese Girl Names

If you’ve enjoyed the list of strong Chinese girl names, take a look at the list below. We’ve compiled a list of more names that embody strength and would be perfect for strong and fierce little girl.

Name Pronunciation Meaning ;


  • Anhe AN-KHU Peaceful water lily
  • Chenguang CHUN-GUANG Morning light
  • Fa FA Beginning
  • Gong KONG Bow
  • Huiqing KHWAY-CHEENG Kind emperor
  • Mu MOO Admired
  • Monchou MON-CHO Free of sadness
  • Wangshu WAHNG-SHOO Hope and comfortable
  • Yingyue YING-UE Moon/reflection of the moon
  • Yina EE-NAH Joy/bright

Short and Long Chinese Girl Names :

If you haven’t yet decided between a short or long name, we’ve compiled a list of short and long names that you may be interested in! These range from being cute and unique names to more powerful and ancient names.

  • Diu. This short Chinese name for girls means “practical.” While it’s not on the list of beautiful or pretty Chinese names and meanings, it’s still a great choice, as practicality is an important virtue.
  • Fen-Fang. Meaning “fragrant,” this is a sweet name for girls. It's pronounced FUN-FAHNG.
  • Gho. This cute and short Chinese girl name means "inspiration." If you believe that your little one is destined for leadership and greatness, this is the best name!
  • Suyin. Meaning “simple-sounding,” this is a cute and simple Chinese name for a girl.
  • Ya. Another name with a really good meaning is Ya, which means “elegant, graceful, or refined.”
  • Yahui. This cute Chinese name for girls is a combination of two names: Ya, which means “elegant, graceful, or refined,” and Hui, which means “favor” or “benefit.”
  • Yaling. One other name that’s made of two names is Yaling. Ling means “tinkling of jade,” and Ya means “elegant, graceful, or refined.” This sophisticated name is fitting for a precious little girl.
  • Yi. This short name for girls means “suitable” or “proper.” In Chinese, it can also mean “decisive,” “firm,” “righteousness,” “joy,” or “harmony,” depending on how it’s written.
  • Zhihao. Another wonderful name you may want to consider is Zhihao, which is made from the names Zhi and Hao. Zhi means “wisdom” or “intellect,” and Hao means “brave, heroic, and chivalrous.”
  • Zhou. This name for girls means “boat or ship” and can be an interesting name for your little girl.

More Short and Long Chinese Girl Names :

Need more inspiration? Consider this list of names below.

Name Pronunciation Meaning :


  • Chun Hua CHWUN-KHWAH Spring grace
  • Hui Ying KHWAY-EENG Clever beauty
  • Hui Fen KHWAY-FUN Wise scent
  • Jia Li CHYAH-LEE Good and beautiful
  • Qiao Hui CHIAO- HUEI Smart, wise
  • Shi Yun SHEE-UYN Poem cloud
  • Xiao Dan SHI-OW- Little dawn
  • Xin Yue SHEEN-WEH Joyful
  • Yan Ya YEHN-YAH Beauty/grace
  • Yi Ran EE-RAN Joy and bright

Chinese Boy and Girl Names :

Unisex names are great for a variety of reasons! They could be just what you're looking for if you don’t yet know the baby’s gender, or if you’re having girl and boy twins and want similar names for them. We’ve put together a list of Chinese boy and girl names that may be a perfect choice for you.

  • Da. Meaning “achieve,” “vast,” and “high,” Da is a wonderful name to guide your little one to great achievements in life.
  • Rong. Pronounced RUWNG, this Chinese name for girls and boys means “flourish, prosper” or “honor.” It’s a great choice for a strong and powerful name.
  • Shui. This cute name is perfect for water-loving parents. If you love the ocean or the sea, this name will be a delightful pick! It’s pronounced SHWAY and means “water.”
  • Shun. Meaning “obey, submit,” Shun, pronounced SHWUN, is also a wonderful name choice.
  • Su. If you believe that less is more, this name may just be for you. Su can mean “plain, simple” or “respectful,” all of which are great attributes. In Turkish, Su also means “water.”
  • Xia. Believe you have a little star in the making? Then this is a fantastic name choice for you! It can mean “great, grand” or “summer.” It's the perfect Chinese name if you love the sunny season.
  • Xue. Another seasonal name for a winter baby! If your little girl is arriving during the colder months, this name can be a great fit! It means “snow” and will give your winters a whole new meaning. This name is pronounced SHWEH.
  • Zan. This sweet and short name means “support,” “favor,” or “praise.” It’s pronounced TSAHN.
  • Zhen. This adorable name means “rare, genuine, or precious,” and is pronounced CHUN. It’s a wonderful choice because it can reflect how you feel about your little one!
  • Zhong. Pronounced CHUWNG, this is a fantastic pick for a Chinese girls’ name. It can mean “loyalty,” “middle,” or “devotion.”

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Even More Chinese Girl Names :

If you’re looking for even more popular, common, unique, cute, and strong Chinese names for girls, consider the names listed below.

More Chinese Girl Names :



  • Ah
  • Liu
  • Nuying
  • Wangfang
  • Xuesong
  • Fenhua
  • Lim
  • Nuo
  • Shuang
  • Xiu
  • Caihong
  • Loi
  • Pangfua
  • Wang Li
  • Xun
  • Hong
  • Luli
  • Peijing
  • Weici
  • Yan
  • Hop
  • Meizhen
  • Qiaohui
  • Wu
  • Yazhu
  • Hu
  • Meihui
  • Qingling
  • Xiandan
  • Yin
  • Le
  • .Mingzhu
  • Rou
  • Xiafan
  • Yong
  • Lian
  • Ninghong
  • Shan
  • Xiaohui
  • Yu
  • Lien
  • Niu
  • .Sharpay
  • Xiaolian
  • Zedong
  • Liling
  • Nuan
  • Shihong
  • Xiatong
  • Zihan

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