Baby Girl Names In Bhutan / भूटान में बेबी गर्ल नाम

 Introduction To Bhutan /भूटान दा परिचय:

Bhutan, nestled in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas, is a serene kingdom known for its majestic landscapes and commitment to Gross National Happiness. The capital city, Thimphu, is a vibrant center blending traditional Bhutanese culture with modern developments.

Paro stands as one of the country's largest towns, famed for its stunning valley and the iconic Paro Taktsang monastery, often called the Tiger's Nest. Spanning approximately 38,394 square kilometers.

Bhutan is home to a population of around 800,000 people, resulting in a unique and serene population density. On average, this tranquil kingdom witnesses the birth of about 60 children per day, while the number of daily deaths hovers around 15.

Bhutan Baby Boy Popular Name From A To Z. 

01."A" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


      • Aaradhya: Signifying "worshipped" or "adored."
      • Aashna: Meaning "devoted" or "affectionate."
      • Abha: Translating to "glow" or "luster."
      • Aditi: Signifying "boundless" or "limitless."
      • Akshara: Meaning "imperishable" or "indestructible."
      • Alina: Translating to "beautiful" or "fair."
      • Amaya: Signifying "night rain" or "dreams."
      • Ananya: Meaning "unique" or "incomparable."
      • Anika: Translating to "grace" or "favour."
      • Anushka: Signifying "graceful" or "charming."

      1. 02."B" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
      2. Baby_Girl

        • Bhavana: Signifying "meditation" or "contemplation."
        • Bina: Translating to "melodious" or "musical."
        • Bishakha: Meaning "constellation" or "star."
        • Bodhi: Signifying "wisdom" or "understanding."
        • Bijou: Translating to "precious" or "valuable."
        • Briana: Meaning "strong" or "virtuous."
        • Beryl: Signifying a "gemstone" or "jewel."
        • Bimala: Translating to "pure" or "clean."
        • Blossom: Meaning "to bloom" or "flourish."
        • Binaara: Signifying "melodious sound" or "music."

        1. 03."C" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
        2. Baby_Girl

          • Chanda: Signifying "moonlight" or "glowing."
          • Charu: Translating to "beautiful" or "charming."
          • Chaya: Meaning "shade" or "shadow."
          • Chetana: Signifying "consciousness" or "perception."
          • Chinmayi: Translating to "full of knowledge" or "divine."
          • Chitra: Meaning "picture" or "artistic."
          • Chavi: Signifying "reflection" or "image."
          • Charvi: Translating to "beautiful" or "lovely."
          • Charisma: Meaning "attractive quality" or "charm."
          • Chandani: Signifying "moonlight" or "radiant."

          1. 04."D" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
          2. Baby_Girl

            • Dia: Signifying "lamp" or "light."
            • Disha: Translating to "direction" or "path."
            • Divya: Meaning "divine" or "pure."
            • Drishti: Signifying "vision" or "eyesight."
            • Daksha: Translating to "competent" or "skilled."
            • Darshini: Meaning "one who sees" or "visionary."
            • Devika: Signifying "little goddess" or "divine."
            • Dhara: Translating to "earth" or "flow."
            • Dipti: Meaning "brightness" or "radiance."
            • Dristi: Signifying "vision" or "gaze."

            1. 05."E" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
            2. Baby_Girl

              • Eesha: Signifying "goddess Parvati" or "purity."
              • Eila: Translating to "earth" or "world."
              • Elina: Meaning "bright" or "shining."
              • Ena: Signifying "mirror" or "reflection."
              • Era: Translating to "wind" or "breeze."
              • Esita: Meaning "one who desires" or "longed for."
              • Eva: Signifying "life" or "living one."
              • Ezra: Translating to "help" or "assistance."
              • Eshita: Meaning "desired" or "wished for."
              • Eshika: Signifying "dart" or "arrow."

              1. 06."F" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
              2. Baby_Girl

                  • Fara: Signifying "beautiful" or "lovely."
                  • Faria: Translating to "fortunate" or "lucky."
                  • Farida: Meaning "unique" or "precious."
                  • Fleur: Signifying "flower" or "blossom."
                  • Freya: Translating to "goddess of love" or "queen."
                  • Fiza: Meaning "atmosphere" or "breeze."
                  • Faraah: Signifying "happiness" or "joy."
                  • Farzana: Translating to "wise" or "intelligent."
                  • Fenna: Meaning "ardent" or "passionate."
                  • Fidelia: Signifying "faithful" or "loyal."
                  1. 07."G" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                  2. Baby_Girl

                    • Gauri: Signifying "fair" or "yellowish-white."
                    • Gita: Translating to "song" or "holy verses."
                    • Gulab: Meaning "rose" or "flower."
                    • Geeta: Signifying "sacred book of Hinduism" or "song."
                    • Gayatri: Translating to "mother of Vedas" or "divine hymn."
                    • Garima: Meaning "grace" or "dignity."
                    • Gunjan: Signifying "buzzing of a bee" or "humming."
                    • Ganga: Translating to "holy river Ganges" or "divine flow."
                    • Gopi: Meaning "cowherd girls" or "beloved of Krishna."
                    • Grishma: Signifying "summer" or "warmth."

                    1. 08."H" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                    2. Baby_Girl

                      • Harini: Signifying "deer" or "graceful."
                      • Hansa: Translating to "swan" or "spiritual."
                      • Hema: Meaning "golden" or "golden-colored."
                      • Hiral: Signifying "diamond" or "precious."
                      • Hima: Translating to "snow" or "ice."
                      • Hina: Meaning "henna" or "fragrance."
                      • Hetal: Signifying "friendly" or "loving."
                      • Hila: Translating to "halo" or "aura."
                      • Hrishti: Meaning "light" or "brightness."
                      • Harsita: Signifying "joyful" or "cheerful."
                      1. 09."I" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                        • Inaya: Signifying "concern" or "care."
                        • Ishani: Translating to "wife of lord Shiva" or "goddess Parvati."
                        • Iva: Meaning "gracious" or "gift from God."
                        • Irina: Signifying "peace" or "peaceful."
                        • Ishita: Translating to "superiority" or "mastery."
                        • Ida: Meaning "industrious" or "hardworking."
                        • Ilina: Signifying "earth" or "earthly."
                        • Ivy: Translating to "climbing vine plant" or "faithfulness."
                        • Ishira: Meaning "goddess" or "queen."
                        • Ishima: Signifying "desire" or "longing."

                        1. 10."J" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                        2. Baby_Girl

                          • Jaya: Signifying "victory" or "success."
                          • Jasmine: Translating to a fragrant "flower" or "gift from God."
                          • Jeevika: Meaning "vitality" or "life."
                          • Joya: Signifying "rejoicing" or "happiness."
                          • Jhalak: Translating to "glimpse" or "sight."
                          • Janani: Meaning "mother" or "nurturer."
                          • Janhavi: Signifying "river Ganga" or "daughter of the river."
                          • Jivika: Translating to "source of life" or "life-giving."
                          • Jiya: Meaning "heart" or "soul."
                          • Juhi: Signifying a type of "flower" or "jasmine."

                          11."K" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                          • Kavya: Signifying "poetry" or "beautiful writing."
                          • Kiran: Translating to "ray of light" or "beam of sunlight."
                          • Kriti: Meaning "creation" or "artwork."
                          • Komal: Signifying "soft" or "gentle."
                          • Kaira: Trans

                          12."L" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                          • Lavanya: Signifying "grace" or "beauty."
                          • Lila: Translating to "divine play" or "beauty."
                          • Laxmi: Meaning "goddess of wealth" or "prosperity."
                          • Liana: Signifying "to bind" or "to connect."
                          • Lavina: Translating to "purity" or "innocence."
                          • Lopa: Meaning "wife of sage" or "saintly woman."
                          • Leela: Signifying "divine play" or "creation."
                          • Lasya: Translating to "graceful" or "elegant."
                          • Leki: Meaning "goodness" or "virtue."
                          • Lhamo: Signifying "goddess" or "divine female spirit."

                          1. 13."M" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                          2. Baby_Girl

                            • Meera: Signifying "prosperous" or "lover of Krishna."
                            • Mira: Translating to "admirable" or "worthy of admiration."
                            • Mitali: Meaning "friendly" or "affectionate."
                            • Mehak: Signifying "fragrance" or "perfume."
                            • Manushi: Translating to "woman" or "human."
                            • Mridula: Meaning "soft" or "tender."
                            • Mahika: Signifying "earth" or "goddess Lakshmi."
                            • Mihika: Translating to "mist" or "fog."
                            • Megha: Meaning "cloud" or "rain."
                            • Medha: Signifying "intelligence" or "wisdom."

                            1. 14."N" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                            2. Baby_Girl

                              • Naina: Signifying "eyes" or "sight."
                              • Nisha: Translating to "night" or "darkness."
                              • Nitya: Meaning "eternal" or "constant."
                              • Navya: Signifying "new" or "young."
                              • Neha: Translating to "affection" or "love."
                              • Nisha: Meaning "night" or "darkness."
                              • Nandini: Signifying "delightful" or "happy."
                              • Neela: Translating to "blue" or "sapphire."
                              • Naina: Meaning "eyes" or "vision."
                              • Nirupa: Signifying "calm" or "quiet."

                              1. 15."O" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                              2. Baby_Girl

                                • Oviya: Signifying "artistic" or "beautiful drawing."
                                • Omana: Translating to "tender" or "affectionate."
                                • Omya: Meaning "essential" or "pure."
                                • Onella: Signifying "light" or "brightness."
                                • Oni: Translating to "desired" or "longed for."
                                • Oma: Meaning "life giver" or "spiritual leader."
                                • Ovi: Signifying "holy scripture" or "sacred text."
                                • Orva: Translating to "golden" or "golden-hued."
                                • Orna: Meaning "light" or "shine."
                                • Ora: Signifying "light" or "dawning."

                                1. 16."P" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                2. Baby_Girl

                                  • Priya: Signifying "beloved" or "dear."
                                  • Parina: Translating to "fairy" or "beauty."
                                  • Pari: Meaning "fairy" or "angel."
                                  • Pavitra: Signifying "pure" or "holy."
                                  • Prisha: Translating to "beloved" or "gift of love."
                                  • Palak: Meaning "eyelash" or "blink of an eye."
                                  • Pihu: Signifying "chirp" or "tweeting of birds."
                                  • Purnima: Translating to "full moon" or "complete."
                                  • Preeti: Meaning "love" or "affection."
                                  • Pallavi: Signifying "new leaves" or "budding."

                                  1. 17."Q" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                  2. Baby_Girl

                                    • Quiana: Signifying "silky" or "soft."
                                    • Quincy: Meaning "estate of the fifth son" or "fifth-born."
                                    • Quinn: Translating to "wise" or "intelligent."
                                    • Quinna: Signifying "queen" or "female ruler."
                                    • Quintessa: Meaning "fifth-born" or "fifth child."
                                    • Quella: Translating to "quiet" or "tranquil."
                                    • Queenie: Signifying "queen" or "female ruler."
                                    • Quenby: Meaning "woman's estate" or "from the queen's estate."
                                    • Quintina: Translating to "fifth" or "born fifth."
                                    • Quinley: Signifying "queen's meadow" or "meadow of tranquility."

                                    1. 18."R" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                    2. Baby_Girl

                                      • Riya: Signifying "singer" or "graceful."
                                      • Ria: Translating to "creeper" or "graceful."
                                      • Rani: Meaning "queen" or "female ruler."
                                      • Radha: Signifying "success" or "prosperity."
                                      • Roshni: Translating to "light" or "brightness."
                                      • Riya: Meaning "singer" or "melody."
                                      • Reena: Signifying "melt" or "dissolve."
                                      • Rima: Translating to "white antelope" or "gazelle."
                                      • Ria: Meaning "singer" or "melody."
                                      • Roma: Signifying "from Rome" or "citizen of Rome."

                                      1. 19."S" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                      2. Baby_Girl

                                        • Sara: Signifying "pure" or "princess."
                                        • Sia: Translating to "moving" or "graceful."
                                        • Shreya: Meaning "auspicious" or "fortunate."
                                        • Saanvi: Signifying "goddess Lakshmi" or "one who will be followed."
                                        • Sakshi: Translating to "witness" or "evidence."
                                        • Sahana: Meaning "patience" or "endurance."
                                        • Shaina: Signifying "beautiful" or "graceful."
                                        • Samaira: Translating to "enchanting" or "pleasant."
                                        • Simran: Meaning "remembrance" or "meditation."
                                        • Sanya: Signifying "radiant" or "splendid."

                                        1. 20."T" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                        2. Baby_Girl

                                          • Tara: Signifying "star" or "goddess of stars."
                                          • Tanisha: Translating to "ambition" or "aspiration."
                                          • Trisha: Meaning "desire" or "thirst."
                                          • Tithi: Signifying "auspicious date" or "lunar day."
                                          • Tanya: Translating to "fairy queen" or "princess."
                                          • Tanvi: Meaning "beautiful" or "delicate."
                                          • Tara: Signifying "star" or "goddess of stars."
                                          • Trisha: Translating to "desire" or "thirst."
                                          • Tara: Meaning "star" or "goddess of stars."
                                          • Tanisha: Signifying "ambition" or "aspiration."

                                          1. 21."U" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                          2. Baby_Girl

                                            • Uma: Signifying "flax" or "splendor."
                                            • Urja: Translating to "energy" or "power."
                                            • Udita: Meaning "risen" or "awakened."
                                            • Uma: Signifying "flax" or "splendor."
                                            • Urvi: Translating to "earth" or "the goddess of earth."
                                            • Urmila: Meaning "wife of Lakshmana" or "soft."
                                            • Udisha: Signifying "direction" or "goal."
                                            • Ulka: Translating to "comet" or "meteor."
                                            • Unnati: Meaning "progress" or "upliftment."
                                            • Upasana: Signifying "worship" or "meditation."

                                            22."V" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                                              • Vaani: Signifying "speech" or "voice."
                                              • Vanya: Meaning "gracious" or "gift of God."
                                              • Vidhi: Translating to "destiny" or "fate."
                                              • Viara: Signifying "brave" or "courageous."
                                              • Vrinda: Meaning "tulsi" or "holy basil plant."
                                              • Vasudha: Translating to "earth" or "goddess of earth."
                                              • Vrishti: Signifying "rain" or "downpour."
                                              • Vanya: Meaning "forest" or "wilderness."
                                              • Veda: Translating to "sacred knowledge" or "knowledge of the Vedas."
                                              • Vaidehi: Signifying "Sita" or "daughter of Videha kingdom."

                                              1. 23."W" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                              2. Baby_Girl

                                                • Willow: Signifying the "willow tree" or "graceful."
                                                • Wanda: Translating to "shepherdess" or "wanderer."
                                                • Wendy: Meaning "friend" or "blessed ring."
                                                • Winifred: Signifying "blessed peacemaking" or "holy reconciliation."
                                                • Willa: Translating to "resolute protection" or "shield."
                                                • Winter: Meaning "the season winter" or "cold season."
                                                • Wynne: Signifying "fair" or "blessed."
                                                • Wren: Translating to "small bird" or "songbird."
                                                • Wanda: Meaning "shepherdess" or "wanderer."
                                                • Willa: Signifying "resolute protection" or "shield."

                                                1. 24."X" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                                2. Baby_Girl

                                                  • Xena: Signifying "hospitable" or "welcoming."
                                                  • Xenia: Translating to "hospitality" or "guest-friendship."
                                                  • Xyla: Meaning "from the forest" or "woodland."
                                                  • Xandra: Signifying "defender of mankind" or "protector."
                                                  • Xanthe: Translating to "golden" or "yellow."
                                                  • Xara: Meaning "princess" or "flower."
                                                  • Xanthe: Signifying "golden" or "yellow."
                                                  • Xanthea: Translating to "golden" or "yellow."
                                                  • Xenia: Meaning "hospitable" or "welcoming."
                                                  • Xenia: Signifying "hospitality" or "guest-friendship."

                                                  25."Y" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.


                                                    • Yana: Signifying "God's gift" or "beautiful flower."
                                                    • Yashi: Translating to "fame" or "glory."
                                                    • Yamini: Meaning "night" or "nocturnal."
                                                    • Yashika: Signifying "success" or "fame."
                                                    • Yuvika: Translating to "young girl" or "young woman."
                                                    • Yamika: Meaning "night" or "nocturnal."
                                                    • Yashvi: Signifying "glory" or "fame."
                                                    • Yashita: Translating to "fame" or "glory."
                                                    • Yusra: Meaning "prosperity" or "wealth."
                                                    • Yuvika: Signifying "young girl" or "young woman."

                                                    1. 26."Z" Baby Girl Name with Meaning.
                                                    2. Baby_Girl

                                                      • Zara: Signifying "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zoe: Translating to "life" or "vitality."
                                                      • Zaina: Meaning "beauty" or "grace."
                                                      • Zaria: Signifying "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zara: Translating to "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zara: Meaning "princess" or "flower."
                                                      • Zayna: Signifying "graceful" or "beautiful."
                                                      • Ziva: Translating to "brilliance" or "brightness."
                                                      • Zaina: Meaning "beauty" or "grace."
                                                      • Zuri: Signifying "beautiful" or "gorgeous."

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