Baby Boy Names In Cyprus

Introduction To Cyprus :

Cyprus, a Mediterranean island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, boasts a rich history blending Greek and Turkish influences. Its capital, Nicosia, stands as a vibrant hub of culture and history, divided by the Green Line, which separates the Greek Cypriot south from the Turkish Cypriot north.

The largest city, Limassol, known for its lively atmosphere and beautiful beaches, contrasts with one of the smallest towns, Lefkara, famous for its lace-making tradition and picturesque charm.

Covering an area of around 9,250 square kilometers, Cyprus is home to a population of approximately 1.2 million people. The island maintains a moderate population density, with a diverse mix of cultures and traditions.

On average, the country sees a fluctuating number of births and deaths per day, with roughly X children born and Y people passing away, contributing to the dynamics of its population. Cyprus is not only a tourist hotspot but also a place where history, modernity, and natural beauty converge to create a unique and vibrant society.

Central African Republic Baby Boy Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With A.


    • Alexander: Meaning "defender of the people."
    • Adam: Derived from Hebrew, meaning "man" or "earth."
    • Aaron: Signifying "high mountain" or "exalted."
    • Adrian: Referring to someone from the Adriatic Sea region.
    • Aidan: Meaning "little fire" or "fiery one."
    • Asher: Signifying "happy" or "blessed."
    • Anthony: Of Latin origin, meaning "priceless" or "praiseworthy."
    • Austin: Meaning "majestic" or "venerable."
    • Arthur: Derived from Celtic, meaning "bear" or "noble."
    • Axel: Originating from Scandinavia, meaning "father of peace."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With B.


      • Benjamin: Meaning "son of the right hand" or "son of the south."
      • Brandon: Of English origin, meaning "hill covered with broom."
      • Bryce: Signifying "speckled" or "freckled."
      • Bennett: Derived from Latin, meaning "blessed."
      • Blake: Referring to someone with dark hair or complexion.
      • Beckett: Meaning "bee cottage" or "dweller by the brook."
      • Brody: Signifying "ditch" or "muddy place."
      • Barrett: Of German origin, meaning "bear strength."
      • Brendan: Derived from Irish, meaning "prince" or "brave."
      • Beau: Signifying "handsome" or "beautiful."

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With C.


        • Caleb: Meaning "faithful" or "devotion to God."
        • Carter: Referring to someone who transports goods by cart.
        • Connor: Derived from Irish, meaning "lover of hounds" or "wolf lover."
        • Cole: Signifying "victory" or "youthful."
        • Cameron: Meaning "crooked nose" or "bent nose."
        • Colton: Referring to someone from the coal town.
        • Cyrus: Of Persian origin, meaning "sun" or "throne."
        • Chase: Signifying "to hunt" or "to pursue."
        • Christopher: Meaning "bearer of Christ" or "Christ-bearer."
        • Christian: Referring to a follower of Christ.

        Top Baby Boy Names That Start With D.


          • Daniel: Meaning "God is my judge" or "God is my strength."
          • David: Signifying "beloved" or "uncle."
          • Dylan: Of Welsh origin, meaning "son of the sea" or "son of the waves."
          • Dominic: Referring to "belonging to the Lord" or "of the master."
          • Damian: Meaning "to tame" or "subdue."
          • Declan: Of Irish origin, meaning "full of goodness" or "man of prayer."
          • Derek: Signifying "ruler of the people."
          • Donovan: Referring to "dark-haired" or "strong fighter."
          • Dexter: Meaning "right-handed" or "fortunate."
          • Desmond: Of Irish origin, meaning "from South Munster."

          Top Baby Boy Names That Start With E.


            • Ethan: Meaning "strong" or "firm."
            • Elijah: Signifying "my God is Yahweh" or "the Lord is God."
            • Evan: Of Welsh origin, meaning "young warrior" or "God is gracious."
            • Emmett: Referring to "universal" or "truth."
            • Ezra: Meaning "help" or "aid."
            • Elliott: Signifying "Jehovah is God" or "the Lord is my God."
            • Edward: Of English origin, meaning "wealthy guardian" or "rich guard."
            • Emanuel: Referring to "God is with us."
            • Everett: Meaning "brave" or "strong as a boar."
            • Elias: Signifying "Yahweh is God" or "the Lord is my God."

            Top Baby Boy Names That Start With F.


              • Felix: Meaning "fortunate" or "lucky."
              • Finn: Signifying "fair" or "white."
              • Frederick: Of German origin, meaning "peaceful ruler" or "peaceful sovereign."
              • Franklin: Referring to "free landowner" or "free man."
              • Finnegan: Meaning "fair" or "white."
              • Fabian: Signifying "bean grower" or "bean farmer."
              • Fletcher: Referring to "arrow-maker" or "seller of arrows."
              • Fox: Meaning "wild animal" or "clever."
              • Forrest: Signifying "from the forest" or "woodsman."
              • Flynn: Referring to "son of the red-haired one" or "descendant of the red-haired man."

              Top Baby Boy Names That Start With G.


                • Gabriel: Meaning "God is my strength" or "God's able-bodied one."
                • George: Signifying "farmer" or "earthworker."
                • Gavin: Of Welsh origin, meaning "white hawk" or "white falcon."
                • Grayson: Referring to "son of the steward" or "son of the grey-haired one."
                • Grant: Meaning "great" or "tall."
                • Gideon: Signifying "hewer" or "mighty warrior."
                • Gage: Referring to "measure" or "pledge."
                • Griffin: Meaning "strong lord" or "mythical creature."
                • Garrett: Signifying "brave with a spear" or "hardy."
                • Giovanni: Of Italian origin, meaning "God is gracious."

                Top Baby Boy Names That Start With H.


                  • Henry: Meaning "ruler of the household" or "estate ruler."
                  • Harrison: Signifying "son of Harry" or "son of Henry."
                  • Hudson: Of English origin, meaning "son of Hudde" or "Hugh's son."
                  • Hunter: Referring to someone who hunts wild animals.
                  • Hayden: Meaning "heather-grown hill" or "hay valley."
                  • Hector: Signifying "steadfast" or "anchorman."
                  • Harvey: Referring to "battle-worthy" or "blazing iron."
                  • Holden: Meaning "hollow valley" or "deep valley."
                  • Heath: Signifying "heathland dweller" or "wasteland."
                  • Hugo: Of German origin, meaning "mind" or "intellect."

                  Top Baby Boy Names That Start With I.


                    • Ian: Meaning "God is gracious" or "gift from God."
                    • Isaac: Signifying "laughter" or "he will laugh."
                    • Ivan: Of Russian origin, meaning "God is gracious."
                    • Isaiah: Referring to "Yahweh is salvation" or "God is salvation."
                    • Ibrahim: Meaning "father of many" or "father of nations."
                    • Igor: Signifying "warrior" or "heroic."
                    • Irving: Referring to "green water" or "fresh water."
                    • Iker: Meaning "visitation" or "visit of God."
                    • Ira: Signifying "watchful" or "descendant."
                    • Imran: Referring to "exalted nation" or "exalted person."

                    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With J.


                      • Jacob: Meaning "supplanter" or "holder of the heel."
                      • James: Signifying "supplanter" or "one who follows."
                      • Jackson: Of English origin, meaning "son of Jack."
                      • Jasper: Referring to "treasurer" or "bringer of treasure."
                      • Jude: Meaning "praise" or "to give thanks."
                      • Julian: Signifying "youthful" or "downy-bearded."
                      • Jonah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "dove" or "peaceful being."
                      • Joel: Referring to "Jehovah is God" or "Yahweh is God."
                      • Jett: Meaning "jet-black" or "black gemstone."
                      • Jeremy: Signifying "appointed by God" or "God will uplift."

                      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With K.


                        • Kai: Meaning "sea" or "ocean" in Hawaiian.
                        • Kaden: Signifying "fighter" or "companion."
                        • Kieran: Of Irish origin, meaning "little dark one" or "dark-haired."
                        • Knox: Referring to "round hill" or "small hill."
                        • Kaleb: Meaning "faithful" or "whole-hearted."
                        • Kyler: Signifying "church" or "monastery."
                        • Khalil: Of Arabic origin, meaning "friend" or "companion."
                        • Kian: Referring to "ancient" or "enduring."
                        • Kaius: Meaning "rejoice" or "be glad."
                        • Karter: Signifying "driver of a cart" or "cart maker."

                        Top Baby Boy Names That Start With L.


                          • Liam: Meaning "strong-willed warrior" or "protector."
                          • Lucas: Signifying "light-giving" or "illumination."
                          • Logan: Of Scottish origin, meaning "small hollow" or "dweller at the little hollow."
                          • Leo: Referring to "lion" or "brave."
                          • Landon: Meaning "long hill" or "ridge."
                          • Levi: Signifying "joined" or "attached."
                          • Luke: Derived from Greek, meaning "from Lucania" or "light-giving."
                          • Lincoln: Referring to "lake colony" or "settlement by the pool."
                          • Luka: Meaning "light" or "illumination."
                          • Lawrence: Signifying "from Laurentum" or "laurel-crowned."

                          Top Baby Boy Names That Start With M.


                            • Mason: Meaning "stoneworker" or "one who works with stone."
                            • Matthew: Signifying "gift of God" or "gift from Yahweh."
                            • Maxwell: Of Scottish origin, meaning "Mack's spring" or "great stream."
                            • Michael: Referring to "who is like God?" or "gift from God."
                            • Miles: Meaning "soldier" or "merciful."
                            • Maverick: Signifying "independent" or "nonconformist."
                            • Malachi: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "my messenger" or "my angel."
                            • Marcus: Referring to "warlike" or "dedicated to Mars."
                            • Mateo: Meaning "gift of God" or "God's gift."
                            • Milo: Signifying "soldier" or "merciful."

                            Top Baby Boy Names That Start With N.


                              • Noah: Meaning "rest" or "comfort."
                              • Nathan: Signifying "gift of God" or "given."
                              • Nicholas: Of Greek origin, meaning "victory of the people."
                              • Nolan: Referring to "champion" or "famous."
                              • Nathaniel: Meaning "gift of God" or "God has given."
                              • Neil: Signifying "champion" or "cloud."
                              • Nash: Of English origin, meaning "by the ash tree."
                              • Nico: Referring to "victory" or "people of victory."
                              • Noel: Meaning "Christmas" or "born on Christmas."
                              • Nelson: Signifying "son of Neil" or "son of the champion."

                              Top Baby Boy Names That Start With O.


                                • Oliver: Meaning "olive tree" or "peaceful."
                                • Owen: Signifying "young warrior" or "well-born."
                                • Oscar: Of Gaelic origin, meaning "deer friend" or "divine spear."
                                • Orion: Referring to the constellation or "son of fire."
                                • Otto: Meaning "wealth" or "prosperity."
                                • Omar: Signifying "flourishing" or "life."
                                • Olivier: Of French origin, meaning "olive tree."
                                • Oakley: Referring to "oak meadow" or "oak field."
                                • Osmond: Meaning "divine protector" or "God's protection."
                                • Odin: Signifying "frenzy" or "rage."

                                Top Baby Boy Names That Start With P.


                                  • Parker: Meaning "park keeper" or "gamekeeper."
                                  • Patrick: Signifying "nobleman" or "patrician."
                                  • Peter: Of Greek origin, meaning "rock" or "stone."
                                  • Preston: Referring to "priest's town" or "town of the priests."
                                  • Phoenix: Meaning "dark red" or "mythical bird."
                                  • Pierce: Signifying "rock" or "stone."
                                  • Pablo: Of Spanish origin, meaning "small" or "humble."
                                  • Paxton: Referring to "peaceful town" or "peace settlement."
                                  • Philip: Meaning "lover of horses" or "friend of horses."
                                  • Perry: Signifying "dweller near the pear tree."

                                  Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Q.


                                    • Quentin: Meaning "fifth" or "fifth-born."
                                    • Quincy: Signifying "estate of the fifth son."
                                    • Quinton: Referring to "queen's town" or "queen's settlement."
                                    • Quillan: Meaning "cub" or "descendant of Caollaidhe."
                                    • Quest: Signifying "search" or "journey."
                                    • Quade: Referring to "descendant of Uadach."
                                    • Quinlan: Meaning "fit, shapely, strong."
                                    • Quirin: Signifying "spear" or "lance."
                                    • Quade: Referring to "from the meadow."
                                    • Quill: Meaning "writer" or "scribe."

                                    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With R.


                                      • Ryan: Meaning "little king" or "illustrious."
                                      • Robert: Signifying "bright fame" or "famed."
                                      • Riley: Of Irish origin, meaning "courageous" or "valiant."
                                      • Rory: Referring to "red king" or "red-haired king."
                                      • Roman: Meaning "citizen of Rome" or "from Rome."
                                      • Reid: Signifying "red-haired" or "red complexioned."
                                      • Rhett: Of English origin, meaning "advice" or "counsel."
                                      • Rowan: Referring to "little red-haired one" or "tree with red berries."
                                      • Raphael: Meaning "God has healed" or "God's healer."
                                      • Ronan: Signifying "little seal" or "little royal."

                                      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With S.


                                        • Samuel: Meaning "God has heard" or "name of God."
                                        • Sebastian: Signifying "venerable" or "revered."
                                        • Simon: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "hearkening" or "listening."
                                        • Seth: Referring to "placed" or "appointed."
                                        • Stephen: Meaning "crown" or "wreath."
                                        • Silas: Signifying "wood" or "forest."
                                        • Scott: Of Scottish origin, meaning "from Scotland" or "wanderer."
                                        • Sawyer: Referring to "woodcutter" or "someone who saws wood."
                                        • Samson: Meaning "sun" or "bright sun."
                                        • Sterling: Signifying "of high quality" or "excellent."

                                        Top Baby Boy Names That Start With T.


                                          • Theodore: Meaning "gift of God" or "God-given."
                                          • Thomas: Signifying "twin" or "double."
                                          • Tristan: Of Celtic origin, meaning "sorrowful" or "sad."
                                          • Tyler: Referring to "tile maker" or "maker of roofs."
                                          • Timothy: Meaning "honoring God" or "honorable."
                                          • Tobias: Signifying "God is good" or "God is my good."
                                          • Troy: Of Irish origin, meaning "foot soldier" or "descendant of foot soldier."
                                          • Tate: Referring to "cheerful" or "joyful."
                                          • Theo: Meaning "gift of God" or "God-given."
                                          • Tucker: Signifying "fabric pleater" or "softener of cloth."

                                          Top Baby Boy Names That Start With U.


                                            • Uriel: Meaning "God is my light" or "God's fire."
                                            • Ulric: Signifying "power of the wolf" or "wolf ruler."
                                            • Ulysses: Of Greek origin, meaning "wrathful" or "hateful."
                                            • Upton: Referring to "upper town" or "high town."
                                            • Urban: Meaning "from the city" or "city dweller."
                                            • Usher: Signifying "doorkeeper" or "one who escorts."
                                            • Umar: Of Arabic origin, meaning "flourishing" or "prospering."
                                            • Ugo: Referring to "mind" or "spirit."
                                            • Ulises: Meaning "wrathful" or "hateful."
                                            • Usama: Signifying "lion" or "king of beasts."

                                            Top Baby Boy Names That Start With V.


                                              • Vincent: Meaning "conquering" or "victorious."
                                              • Victor: Signifying "winner" or "champion."
                                              • Vaughn: Of Welsh origin, meaning "small" or "junior."
                                              • Valentine: Referring to "strength" or "health."
                                              • Vance: Meaning "marshland" or "bog."
                                              • Vaughan: Signifying "small" or "little."
                                              • Viktor: Of Hungarian origin, meaning "victorious."
                                              • Vernon: Referring to "alder tree" or "place of alders."
                                              • Vidal: Meaning "life" or "lively."
                                              • Vince: Signifying "conquering" or "victorious."

                                              Top Baby Boy Names That Start With W.


                                                • William: Meaning "resolute protector" or "will-helmet."
                                                • Wyatt: Signifying "brave in war" or "little warrior."
                                                • Wesley: Of Old English origin, meaning "western meadow."
                                                • Walter: Referring to "ruler of the army" or "powerful warrior."
                                                • Warren: Meaning "park keeper" or "game warden."
                                                • Winston: Signifying "joy stone" or "happy stone."
                                                • Wayne: Of Old English origin, meaning "wagon maker" or "cartwright."
                                                • Wilson: Referring to "son of Will" or "son of William."
                                                • Wade: Meaning "to go" or "river ford."
                                                • Wade: Signifying "young warrior" or "advancer."

                                                Top Baby Boy Names That Start With X.


                                                  • Xander: Meaning "defender of the people" or "warrior."
                                                  • Xavier: Signifying "bright" or "splendid."
                                                  • Xavi: Of Spanish origin, a diminutive of Xavier, meaning "new house" or "bright."
                                                  • Xerxes: Referring to "ruler over heroes" or "king among kings."
                                                  • Xenon: Meaning "foreigner" or "hospitable."
                                                  • Xenos: Signifying "guest" or "stranger."
                                                  • Xylon: Of Greek origin, meaning "from the forest" or "wood."
                                                  • Xanto: Referring to "blond" or "yellow-haired."
                                                  • Xan: Meaning "praise God" or "God is gracious."
                                                  • Xaiden: Signifying a modern invented name with no specific meaning.

                                                  Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Y.


                                                    • Yael: Meaning "mountain goat" or "God's strength."
                                                    • Yahir: Signifying "he who enlightens" or "to illuminate."
                                                    • Yanis: Of Greek origin, meaning "God is gracious" or "gift of God."
                                                    • Yosef: Referring to "God will add" or "may God add."
                                                    • Yuri: Meaning "farmer" or "earth worker."
                                                    • Yannick: Signifying "God is gracious" or "gift of God."
                                                    • Yasir: Of Arabic origin, meaning "wealthy" or "well-off."
                                                    • Yarrow: Referring to the flowering plant or "herb used for healing."
                                                    • Yannis: Meaning "God is gracious" or "gift of God."
                                                    • Yonatan: Signifying "gift of Jehovah" or "given by God."

                                                    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Z.


                                                      • Zane: Meaning "gift from God" or "God is gracious."
                                                      • Zander: Signifying "defender of the people" or "warrior."
                                                      • Zayn: Of Arabic origin, meaning "beauty" or "grace."
                                                      • Zachary: Referring to "remembered by God" or "God has remembered."
                                                      • Zeke: Meaning "God strengthens" or "God will strengthen."
                                                      • Zephyr: Signifying "west wind" or "gentle breeze."
                                                      • Zion: Referring to "a place of peace" or "promised land."
                                                      • Zaiden: Meaning "fiery" or "ardent."
                                                      • Zoltan: Of Hungarian origin, meaning "sultan" or "ruler."
                                                      • Zahir: Signifying "bright" or "shining."

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