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Attempting to find the most well-known child or baby Girl Names In Fiji? Bounce into our collection, jazzed up by Fiji's lifestyle, and find the best name. This post is for You.

Introduction To Fiji :

Fiji, an amazing island country in the South Pacific, is a place that is known for lively societies and shocking scenes. Suva, the country's bustling capital, is a vibrant hub of activity that combines modernity with traditional Fijian charm.

The glow of its kin reverberates in each corner, transmitting a feeling of local area and cordiality that is really endearing. Lautoka, which is well-known for its sugar industry, thrives in the western part of the island, while Nadi, which is well-known for its international airport, warmly welcomes visitors in the north.

Despite their disparities in size, the two towns share the island soul, embracing guests and local people the same. Spreading over across around 7,056 square miles, Fiji protects roughly 900,000 spirits, encouraging a feeling of closeness among its occupants.

The land's quietness is reflected yet to be determined between its rich timberlands, flawless sea shores, and lively metropolitan regions. Amid the musicality of life, around 67 births and 23 passing beauty Fiji's shores every day, a sign of the wonderful pattern of presence.

In this charming heaven, the rhythmic movement of life is woven into the texture of the islands, where each spending day delivers fresh starts and loved recollections, forming the pith of Fiji's captivating soul.
Fiji Baby Girl Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With A.


    • Adi: Reflective of a princess or noble lady.
    • Ana: Signifying grace and elegance.
    • Ateca: A name embodying the beauty of nature.
    • Alisi: Meaning "noble" or "noble kind."
    • Asenaca: Reflecting on faith and devotion.
    • Akanisi: Symbolizing a gift or blessing.
    • Alesi: Portraying uniqueness and individuality.
    • Atefina: Signifying inner strength and resilience.
    • Akanisi: Embracing the concept of grace and favor.
    • Adiela: A name embodying the grace of God.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With B.


    • Beti: Reflective of someone who brings joy and happiness.
    • Belen: Meaning "beautiful," portraying grace and charm.
    • Balewa: Symbolizing strength and resilience.
    • Bakalai: Signifying beauty and inner grace.
    • Bulou: Reflecting on the sweetness of life and kindness.
    • Balewai: Portraying strength and courage.
    • Benina: Symbolizing a gentle and kind-hearted nature.
    • Bulouwasa: Embracing the concept of family and togetherness.
    • Beliame: Reflecting on the blessings of love and grace.
    • Bela: Signifying a sense of wonder and beauty.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With C.


    • Cema: Reflecting strength and resilience in adversity.
    • Cikamatana: Signifying protection and care for others.
    • Cikikini: Portraying a spirit of joy and laughter.
    • Cawaki: Meaning "to bloom," symbolizing growth and vitality.
    • Cakacaka: Reflecting diligence and hard work.
    • Cokanasiga: Embodying kindness and compassion.
    • Cavu: Signifying freedom and independence.
    • Cokomata: Reflecting beauty and gracefulness.
    • Cawakiwaki: Meaning "to sparkle," symbolizing brightness.
    • Colati: Portraying honor and respect for oneself and others.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With D.


    • Draunikau: Reflecting grace and elegance.
    • Dranikoro: Signifying kindness and compassion.
    • Drekeni: Meaning "to guide," symbolizing leadership.
    • Draucake: Portraying beauty and inner strength.
    • Draninakelo: Reflecting resilience and determination.
    • Dovivinaka: Embodying happiness and joyfulness.
    • Dravunivolavola: Signifying wisdom and intelligence.
    • Dritiana: Reflecting determination and ambition.
    • Draunakelo: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing divine favor.
    • Dralini: Portraying a gentle and caring nature.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With E.


    • Elenoa: Reflecting God's light and grace.
    • Eseta: Signifying joy and happiness.
    • Ema: Meaning "beloved," symbolizing affection.
    • Emele: Portraying gentleness and kindness.
    • Elina: Reflecting beauty and gracefulness.
    • Eronieta: Embodying God's blessings and favor.
    • Elenita: Signifying purity and innocence.
    • Elisabeth: Reflecting devotion and dedication.
    • Eseteri: Meaning "star," symbolizing brightness and hope.
    • Emi: Portraying a sense of warmth and affection.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With F.


    • Fina: Reflecting a beautiful and noble nature.
    • Filimonieta: Signifying deep love and affection.
    • Fanele: Portraying inner strength and resilience.
    • Filomena: Meaning "beloved," symbolizing adoration.
    • Fai: Reflecting determination and ambition.
    • Fijiwai: Embodying the spirit of the Fijian islands.
    • Fanelevu: Signifying greatness and grandeur.
    • Feretieta: Reflecting loyalty and trustworthiness.
    • Fusi: Meaning "together," symbolizing unity.
    • Filo: Portraying grace and elegance.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With G.


    • Gelena: Reflecting the light and beauty within.
    • Galiana: Signifying grace and elegance.
    • Gaita: Portraying a kind and caring nature.
    • Galina: Meaning "calm" and composed.
    • Gaua: Reflecting strength and resilience.
    • Glass: Embodying the beauty of a flower in bloom.
    • Gilia: Signifying joy and happiness.
    • Gesa: Reflecting the warmth and affection in one's heart.
    • Garesi: Meaning "beloved," symbolizing love and adoration.
    • Galia: Portraying strength and inner beauty.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With H.


    • Halia: Reflecting a serene and peaceful nature.
    • Hafiti: Signifying joy and happiness.
    • Halaqai: Portraying a strong and determined spirit.
    • Halimuni: Meaning "wise," symbolizing intelligence.
    • Haniwai: Reflecting the beauty and grace of water.
    • Hasei: Embodying grace and elegance.
    • Havivoli: Signifying resilience and strength.
    • Haimuni: Reflecting wisdom and understanding.
    • Hakarubaka: Meaning "treasured," symbolizing value.
    • Halotava: Portraying inner strength and resilience.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With I.


    • Ilisapesi: Reflecting the promise and grace of God.
    • Isimelieta: Signifying answered prayers and blessings.
    • Ielieta: Portraying the love and affection of God.
    • Iowanieta: Meaning "God's gracious gift," symbolizing joy.
    • Iseini: Reflecting inner strength and determination.
    • Ilimeleki: Embodying beauty and gracefulness.
    • Iloilo: Signifying happiness and joyfulness.
    • Isirelieta: Reflecting faithfulness and commitment.
    • Iferemieta: Meaning "God will uplift," symbolizing faith.
    • Iliana: Portraying hope and optimism.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With J.


    • Jiutatia: Reflecting joy and delightfulness.
    • Jiowana: Signifying God's gracious gift of life.
    • Jiowali: Portraying love and affection.
    • Jelaima: Meaning "God's beloved," symbolizing adoration.
    • Jiuta: Reflecting the blessings and grace of God.
    • Jennifer: Embodying beauty and gracefulness.
    • Jelaci: Signifying a cherished and treasured gift.
    • Jioka: Reflecting a strong and resilient spirit.
    • Josefa: Meaning "God adds," symbolizing abundance.
    • Jiniana: Portraying inner strength and resilience.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With K.


    • Ketewai: Reflecting a gentle and nurturing nature.
    • Kalisi: Signifying God's promise and hope.
    • Kavika: Portraying strength and resilience.
    • Kesonieta: Meaning "God's kindness," symbolizing compassion.
    • Kalara: Reflecting grace and elegance.
    • Kavatina: Embodying the blessings and favor of God.
    • Katarina: Signifying purity and innocence.
    • Kasianita: Reflecting divine victory and triumph.
    • Kavueta: Meaning "provision" and care.
    • Ketewalevu: Portraying a strong and nurturing spirit.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With L.


    • Laisani: Reflecting God's love and compassion.
    • Lepolo: Signifying grace and elegance.
    • Lusi: Portraying the beauty and brightness of life.
    • Leba: Meaning "beloved," symbolizing affection.
    • Losalini: Reflecting purity and innocence.
    • Lavenia: Embodying blessings and prosperity.
    • Lina: Signifying a gentle and kind-hearted nature.
    • Luisa: Reflecting grace and charm.
    • Leilani: Meaning "heavenly flower," symbolizing beauty.
    • Loata: Portraying blessings and abundance.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With M.


    • Mereoni: Reflecting the beloved nature of God.
    • Makereta: Signifying the joy and blessing of the Lord.
    • Melita: Portraying sweetness and grace.
    • Mereani: Meaning "God is gracious," symbolizing kindness.
    • Marika: Reflecting the Lord's light and guidance.
    • Miriama: Embodying faith and devotion.
    • Melaia: Signifying God's completeness and wholeness.
    • Matelita: Reflecting a gift from God.
    • Makalesi: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing favor from God.
    • Mela: Portraying the sweetness of life and love.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With N.


    • Naisa: Reflecting a gentle and caring nature.
    • Naomi: Signifying pleasantness and beauty.
    • Nalini: Portraying the grace and beauty of nature.
    • Nayavu: Meaning "serene," symbolizing tranquility.
    • Naseyani: Reflecting the joy of life.
    • Nacanielieta: Embodying divine protection and care.
    • Nasigatoka: Signifying a peaceful heart.
    • Nalinieta: Reflecting the beauty and delicacy of flowers.
    • Nalaca: Meaning "graceful," symbolizing elegance.
    • Nadi: Portraying a place of beauty and charm.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With O.


    • Olive: Reflecting peace and tranquility.
    • Olina: Signifying joy and happiness.
    • Oliana: Portraying the brightness and beauty of life.
    • Ofa: Meaning "love," symbolizing affection.
    • Ovadia: Reflecting the grace and blessings of God.
    • Ofati: Embodying faithfulness and devotion.
    • Oliva: Signifying a sense of purity and innocence.
    • Onaisi: Reflecting God's gift and blessing.
    • Otea: Meaning "pure," symbolizing sincerity.
    • Onorina: Portraying honor and respect.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With P.


    • Penueli: Reflecting God's face and favor.
    • Pirita: Signifying purity and innocence.
    • Pesamino: Portraying a gentle and serene nature.
    • Pola: Meaning "jewel," symbolizing preciousness.
    • Petaia: Reflecting strength and determination.
    • Penina: Embodying a pearl of great value.
    • Pasepa: Signifying grace and compassion.
    • Pesi: Reflecting a kind and caring heart.
    • Pelenaise: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing divine favor.
    • Perpetua: Portraying eternal beauty and grace.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Q.


    • Quinn: Reflecting strength and inner beauty.
    • Queenie: Symbolizing leadership and gracefulness.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With R.


    • Ruci: Reflecting beauty and gracefulness.
    • Rusila: Signifying a gentle and kind-hearted nature.
    • Rosa: Portraying tenderness and compassion.
    • Ravaiwasa: Meaning "cherished island," symbolizing beauty.
    • Rusiate: Reflecting resilience and inner strength.
    • Rokowati: Embodying love and affection.
    • Ruciela: Signifying a graceful and elegant demeanor.
    • Raijieli: Reflecting a sense of pride and honor.
    • Ratuwati: Meaning "royal woman," symbolizing nobility.
    • Raimasima: Portraying strength and determination.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With S.


    • Sera: Reflecting angelic grace and purity.
    • Sereana: Signifying divine grace and favor.
    • Salaia: Portraying strength and resilience.
    • Sainimere: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing divine favor.
    • Siteri: Reflecting beauty and elegance.
    • Selai: Embodying preciousness and cherished love.
    • Sekola: Signifying wisdom and understanding.
    • Sainiana: Reflecting divine blessings and joy.
    • Sereima: Meaning "beloved," symbolizing affection.
    • Serafina: Portraying heavenly beauty and grace.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With T.


    • Talei: Reflecting beauty and gracefulness.
    • Taleiwa: Signifying a precious and beloved gift.
    • Time: Portraying kindness and compassion.
    • Tiana: Meaning "princess," symbolizing regal grace.
    • Tuisila: Reflecting strength and leadership.
    • Tavai: Embodying divine blessings and favor.
    • Tialevu: Signifying greatness and grandeur.
    • Teresia: Reflecting warmth and kindness.
    • Taleitina: Meaning "precious stone," symbolizing value.
    • Tuinayau: Portraying nobility and honor.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With U.


    • Ulina: Reflecting serenity and calmness.
    • Uliana: Signifying grace and elegance.
    • Ulamila: Portraying inner beauty and charm.
    • Usenia: Meaning "happiness," symbolizing joyfulness.
    • Ula: Reflecting beauty and uniqueness.
    • Uratu: Embodying strength and resilience.
    • Uatea: Signifying purity and innocence.
    • Usaiani: Reflecting divine grace and favor.
    • Ulaia: Meaning "bright gem," symbolizing preciousness.
    • Ulitaqali: Portraying enduring love and protection.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With V.


    • Vasiti: Reflecting grace and beauty.
    • Vilisi: Signifying happiness and joyfulness.
    • Varea: Portraying strength and resilience.
    • Varanisese: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing favor.
    • Veniana: Reflecting divine grace and love.
    • Vuliwai: Embodying wisdom and depth.
    • Vuniani: Signifying a beloved treasure.
    • Vika: Reflecting brightness and radiance.
    • Vunidilo: Meaning "hearts united," symbolizing unity.
    • Vatunicoko: Portraying a heart full of kindness.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With W.


    • Wainikiti: Reflecting grace and fluidity.
    • Wati: Signifying beauty and charm.
    • Wainikeli: Portraying purity and clarity.
    • Walesi: Meaning "hopeful," symbolizing optimism.
    • Waqa: Reflecting strength and stability.
    • Wainiyavi: Embodying liveliness and spirit.
    • Watiqila: Signifying gentleness and kindness.
    • Waisiliva: Reflecting elegance and gracefulness.
    • Wainivesi: Meaning "water of life," symbolizing vitality.
    • Wainibuka: Portraying a cherished and revered presence.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With X.


    • Xena: Reflecting strength and bravery.
    • Xiomara: Signifying uniqueness and grace.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Y.


    • Yaloyalo: Reflecting elegance and gracefulness.
    • Yalovosa: Signifying a heart full of love and tenderness.
    • Yasminia: Portraying beauty and fragrance.
    • Yaloviti: Meaning "precious," symbolizing value.
    • Yavala: Reflecting unity and harmony.
    • Yalodevi: Embodying divine blessings and grace.
    • Yalovakacegu: Signifying peace and serenity.
    • Yalolevu: Reflecting greatness and grandeur.
    • Yasimira: Meaning "protected," symbolizing safety.
    • Yalowaiwai: Portraying abundance and prosperity.

    Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Z.


    • Zara: Reflecting brightness and radiance.
    • Zuri: Signifying beauty and gracefulness.
    • Zena: Portraying a warm and kind-hearted nature.
    • Zaleina: Meaning "God has answered," symbolizing blessings.
    • Zariah: Reflecting princess-like elegance.
    • Zarina: Embodying a golden and precious spirit.
    • Zinovia: Signifying life and vitality.
    • Zefania: Reflecting God's protection and care.
    • Zilola: Meaning "golden flower," symbolizing beauty.
    • Zemeli: Portraying love and compassion.

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