Guyanese Angle Girl Names II Top Picks

You will be enchanted by our well-chosen collection of Guyanese Angle Girl Names. Give your sweetheart a name that says grandeur.

Introduction To Guyana :

Guyana is a South American nation on the northeastern coast. It has a rich history and a diverse cultural landscape. Georgetown, the capital, is a lively hub that combines colonial charm with modern influences.

Georgetown, Guyana's capital, is spread out over an area of about 42 square miles. It is a thriving cultural, government, and business hub, with around 200,000 people living there.

Linden is one of the largest towns in Guyana. It is well-known for the significant bauxite mining industry that it has. It has a population of roughly 30,000 people and covers approximately 5.9 square miles.

Mabaruma, which covers an area of approximately 2.5 square miles and has a population of approximately 5,000 people, is one of the smaller towns in Guyana.

Georgetown has a population density of approximately 4,700 people per square mile, indicating that it is a populous urban center.

In terms of demographic data, Guyana experiences an average of 170 births per day, which contributes to the country's expanding population. At the same time, the nation experiences an average of 25 deaths per day.

Guyanese Baby Girl Names With Meaning From A To Z.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter A.


  • Amara - Of African origins, Amara means "grace" or "lovely." It symbolizes elegance and beauty
  • Aria - Rooted in Italian, Aria signifies "melody" or "air." It embodies harmony and gracefulness.
  • Adeline - Reflecting English charm, Adeline means "noble" or "nobility." It signifies grace and sophistication.
  • Aurora - Inspired by the dawn, Aurora represents new beginnings and hope. It embodies brightness and optimism.
  • Arabella - Rooted in Latin, Arabella means "yielding to prayer." It symbolizes faith and devotion.
  • Adelaide - Reflecting English heritage, Adelaide signifies "noble" or "of noble kind." It embodies strength and grace.
  • Alice - Meaning "noble" or "truth," Alice represents sincerity and dignity.
  • Athena - Inspired by Greek mythology, Athena signifies wisdom and courage. It embodies strength and intelligence.
  • Aveline - Rooted in Old French, Aveline means "hazelnut." It symbolizes protection and nourishment.
  • Arielle - Reflecting English charm, Arielle means "lioness of God." It embodies strength and divine presence.
  • Anastasia - Of Greek origin, Anastasia means "resurrection" or "revival." It symbolizes new beginnings and resilience.
  • Amelia - Meaning "industrious" or "striving," Amelia embodies determination and hard work.
  • Althea - Rooted in Greek, Althea means "healer" or "wholesome." It signifies nurturing qualities and care.
  • Aisha - Of Arabic origin, Aisha means "alive" or "living." It symbolizes vitality and vibrancy.
  • Azalea - Inspired by nature, Azalea represents beauty and femininity. It embodies gracefulness and charm.
  • Anneliese - Reflecting English elegance, Anneliese signifies "grace" or "favor." It embodies refinement and beauty.
  • Alaina - Meaning "dear child" or "precious," Alaina represents affection and endearment.
  • Allegra - Rooted in Italian, Allegra means "joyful" or "lively." It symbolizes happiness and liveliness.
  • Astrid - Reflecting Scandinavian heritage, Astrid means "divine strength." It embodies inner power and resilience.
  • Antonia - Meaning "priceless" or "invaluable," Antonia signifies value and importance.
  • Annabelle - Reflecting English charm, Annabelle means "loving" or "graceful." It embodies affection and elegance.
  • Aviana - Rooted in Latin, Aviana means "like a bird." It symbolizes freedom and independence.
  • Amelie - Inspired by French charm, Amelie signifies "hardworking" or "industrious." It embodies dedication and determination.
  • Alma - Meaning "nurturing" or "kind," Alma represents compassion and warmth.
  • Ashlyn - Reflecting English roots, Ashlyn means "dream" or "vision." It symbolizes aspirations and imagination.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter B.

  • Brielle - Rooted in French charm, Brielle signifies strength and resilience.
  • Bianca - Meaning "white" or "fair," Bianca embodies purity and clarity.
  • Bridget - Reflecting strength and determination, Bridget signifies resilience and fortitude.
  • Bethany - Rooted in English heritage, Bethany represents a place of grace and comfort.
  • Brynn - Signifying "hill" or "mound," Brynn embodies stability and strength.
  • Briony - Reflecting English charm, Briony signifies someone with a vibrant and lively nature.
  • Beatrice - Rooted in grace and elegance, Beatrice embodies beauty and sophistication.
  • Bella - Meaning "beautiful" or "lovely," Bella signifies charm and gracefulness.
  • Belle - Reflecting elegance and charm, Belle represents someone with a captivating presence.
  • Bonnie - Rooted in English essence, Bonnie embodies goodness and beauty.
  • Bailey - Signifying "bailiff" or "steward," Bailey represents responsibility and care.
  • Briar - Reflecting resilience and strength, Briar signifies someone who thrives amidst challenges.
  • Britta - Rooted in English heritage, Britta embodies someone with strength and vitality.
  • Blair - Meaning "plain" or "field," Blair signifies simplicity and openness.
  • Betsy - Reflecting English charm, Betsy signifies someone beloved and cherished.
  • Birdie - Rooted in nature, Birdie embodies freedom and a lightness of spirit.
  • Brinley - Signifying strength and determination, Brinley represents someone who perseveres.
  • Blythe - Reflecting joy and happiness, Blythe signifies a cheerful and carefree nature.
  • Bernadette - Rooted in English essence, Bernadette embodies strength and resilience.
  • Bronte - Signifying literary prowess, Bronte represents creativity and imagination.
  • Blanche - Reflecting purity and innocence, Blanche signifies clarity and honesty.
  • Bellamy - Rooted in charm and grace, Bellamy embodies elegance and sophistication.
  • Bethan - Signifying grace and kindness, Bethan represents a gentle and nurturing spirit.
  • Brandy - Reflecting warmth and generosity, Brandy signifies hospitality and kindness.
  • Bronwen - Rooted in strength and beauty, Bronwen embodies resilience and grace.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter C.

  • Cora - Reflecting maiden-like purity, Cora embodies innocence and grace.
  • Camilla - Meaning "young ceremonial attendant," Camilla signifies elegance and refinement.
  • Celeste - Rooted in heavenly essence, Celeste embodies a celestial and ethereal nature.
  • Clara - Signifying brightness and clarity, Clara embodies intellect and insight.
  • Celine - Reflecting a divine spirit, Celine signifies someone with a celestial connection.
  • Cassia - Meaning "cinnamon," Cassia embodies warmth and sweetness.
  • Colette - Rooted in victorious spirits, Colette signifies triumph and strength.
  • Chloe - Signifying blooming or fertility, Chloe embodies growth and vitality.
  • Carys - Reflecting love and affection, Carys signifies endearment and cherished bonds.
  • Celia - Meaning "heavenly," Celia embodies a spirit connected to the divine.
  • Corinne - Rooted in maidenhood, Corinne signifies youthfulness and purity of heart.
  • Clarissa - Signifying clarity and understanding, Clarissa embodies wisdom and discernment.
  • Cosette - Reflecting beauty and charm, Cosette signifies gracefulness and allure.
  • Carmen - Meaning "song," Carmen embodies melodious and harmonious qualities.
  • Calista - Rooted in the most beautiful, Calista embodies sheer elegance and beauty.
  • Charlize - Signifying free-spiritedness, Charlize embodies independence and autonomy.
  • Constance - Reflecting steadfastness and reliability, Constance signifies loyalty and trustworthiness.
  • Celine - Meaning "moon," Celine embodies a gentle and luminous presence.
  • Cleo - Rooted in splendor and magnificence, Cleo signifies regal and grand qualities.
  • Cascade - Signifying flowing energy, Cascade embodies movement and fluidity.
  • Calliope - Reflecting beautiful voice and sound, Calliope embodies artistic and poetic talents.
  • Ciara - Meaning "dark-haired" or "black," Ciara embodies mystery and allure.
  • Corinna - Rooted in a maiden's heart, Corinna signifies purity and sincerity.
  • Clementine - Signifying mercy and gentleness, Clementine embodies compassion and kindness.
  • Cassidy - Reflecting adventurous spirits, Cassidy signifies exploration and bravery.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter D.

  • Delilah - Reflecting allure and charm, Delilah embodies captivating beauty.
  • Daphne - Meaning "laurel tree," Daphne signifies victory and success.
  • Danielle - Signifying "God is my judge," Danielle embodies grace and righteousness.
  • Diana - Rooted in divinity and celestial grace, Diana signifies a celestial presence.
  • Darby - Reflecting resilience and determination, Darby embodies strength and tenacity.
  • Darcy - Meaning "from Arcy," Darcy signifies a spirited and adventurous soul.
  • Dahlia - Signifying elegance and dignity, Dahlia embodies graceful beauty.
  • Demi - Rooted in half, Demi signifies harmony and balance.
  • Danica - Reflecting morning star or "morning light," Danica embodies new beginnings and hope.
  • Dara - Meaning "compassion" or "oak tree," Dara signifies strength and nurturing qualities.
  • Delaney - Signifying a "dark challenger," Delaney embodies strength and resilience.
  • Della - Rooted in kindness and generosity, Della signifies a compassionate heart.
  • Daisy - Reflecting innocence and purity, Daisy embodies simplicity and freshness.
  • Deirdre - Meaning "sorrowful" or "broken-hearted," Deirdre signifies empathy and healing.
  • Dina - Signifying "judgment" or "vindicated," Dina embodies fairness and justice.
  • Destiny - Rooted in fate and purpose, Destiny signifies a predetermined path.
  • Drew - Reflecting strength and determination, Drew embodies resilience and fortitude.
  • Dahlia - Meaning "valley," Dahlia signifies a serene and grounded presence.
  • Diane - Signifying divine presence, Diane embodies a celestial connection.
  • Donna - Rooted in ladylike qualities, Donna signifies gracefulness and elegance.
  • Darcy - Reflecting bravery and courage, Darcy embodies fearless determination.
  • Dolores - Meaning "sorrow" or "pain," Dolores signifies empathy and healing.
  • Darlene - Signifying "tenderly loved," Darlene embodies affection and endearment.
  • Desiree - Rooted in longing and aspiration, Desiree signifies ambition and dreams.
  • Daphne - Reflecting timeless beauty, Daphne embodies elegance and grace.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter E.

  • Evelyn - Reflecting purity and grace, Evelyn embodies elegance and sophistication.
  • Elara - Meaning "bright" or "shining," Elara signifies radiant beauty and brilliance.
  • Emilia - Rooted in industriousness and hard work, Emilia embodies dedication and diligence.
  • Eleanor - Signifying "bright, shining one," Eleanor embodies luminosity and grace.
  • Ella - Reflecting beauty and charm, Ella signifies enchanting allure and loveliness.
  • Elodie - Meaning "foreign riches" or "wealth," Elodie embodies abundance and prosperity.
  • Esme - Rooted in gracefulness and elegance, Esme signifies poise and refinement.
  • Eliza - Signifying "pledged to God," Eliza embodies devotion and spiritual commitment.
  • Eden - Reflecting tranquility and bliss, Eden embodies serene peace and harmony.
  • Eira - Meaning "snow" or "blessed," Eira signifies purity and divine blessings.
  • Ember - Rooted in passion and intensity, Ember embodies fiery determination.
  • Elsa - Signifying "noble" or "truth," Elsa embodies integrity and nobility of character.
  • Evie - Reflecting life and vivacity, Evie embodies vibrant energy and vitality.
  • Elaine - Meaning "bright, shining light," Elaine signifies illuminating grace and radiance.
  • Eloise - Rooted in elegance and sophistication, Eloise embodies refined beauty.
  • Esmay - Signifying "beloved" or "esteemed," Esmay embodies cherished affection.
  • Elara - Reflecting celestial beauty, Elara embodies a cosmic and ethereal presence.
  • Eleni - Meaning "light" or "torch," Eleni signifies illumination and guidance.
  • Elina - Rooted in gracefulness and charm, Elina embodies captivating allure.
  • Estelle - Signifying "star," Estelle embodies celestial beauty and brilliance.
  • Emme - Reflecting empathy and compassion, Emme embodies a caring and nurturing spirit.
  • Elspeth - Meaning "consecrated to God," Elspeth embodies spiritual devotion.
  • Esmeralda - Rooted in preciousness and rarity, Esmeralda signifies unique beauty.
  • Elara - Signifying strength and resilience, Elara embodies endurance and fortitude.
  • Evangeline - Reflecting a bearer of good news, Evangeline embodies hope and optimism.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter F.

  • Fiona - Reflecting purity and fairness, Fiona embodies grace and beauty.
  • Freya - Meaning "noblewoman" or "queen," Freya signifies regal elegance.
  • Felicity - Rooted in joy and happiness, Felicity embodies boundless delight.
  • Florence - Signifying "blossoming" or "flourishing," Florence embodies growth and prosperity.
  • Flora - Reflecting nature's beauty and vitality, Flora embodies flourishing life.
  • Fernanda - Meaning "adventurous," Fernanda signifies a daring and exploratory spirit.
  • Francesca - Rooted in freedom and independence, Francesca embodies autonomy.
  • Faye - Signifying "fairy" or "enchantment," Faye embodies magical allure.
  • Farrah - Reflecting happiness and joy, Farrah embodies radiant delight.
  • Fleur - Meaning "flower," Fleur signifies delicate beauty and grace.
  • Finley - Rooted in resilience and bravery, Finley signifies strength and valor.
  • Fallon - Signifying "leader" or "superiority," Fallon embodies authority and leadership.
  • Faith - Reflecting belief and trust, Faith embodies unwavering conviction.
  • Farida - Meaning "unique" or "precious," Farida signifies exceptional worth.
  • Francine - Rooted in authenticity and sincerity, Francine embodies genuine character.
  • Fawn - Signifying innocence and gentleness, Fawn embodies tender grace
  • Flavia - Reflecting golden beauty and radiance, Flavia embodies luminous elegance.
  • Finola - Meaning "white shoulder," Finola signifies purity and clarity.
  • Felicia - Rooted in happiness and good fortune, Felicia embodies joyous blessings.
  • Fiorella - Signifying "little flower," Fiorella embodies delicate beauty.
  • Frida - Reflecting strength and resilience, Frida embodies enduring fortitude.
  • Fiamma - Meaning "flame" or "passion," Fiamma signifies fiery enthusiasm.
  • Fleur - Rooted in blooming vitality, Fleur embodies blossoming life.
  • Franca - Signifying authenticity and genuineness, Franca embodies sincerity.
  • Felina - Reflecting grace and elegance, Felina embodies refined charm.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter G.

  • Genevieve - Meaning "woman of the race," Genevieve signifies strength and lineage.
  • Grace - Reflecting elegance and poise, Grace embodies refined charm and beauty.
  • Gwendolyn - Signifying "blessed ring," Gwendolyn embodies divine favor and blessings.
  • Gemma - Rooted in preciousness and rarity, Gemma signifies uniqueness and value.
  • Gloria - Reflecting glory and honor, Gloria embodies esteemed magnificence.
  • Gianna - Meaning "God is gracious," Gianna signifies divine blessings and gratitude.
  • Gabrielle - Signifying the strength of God, Gabrielle embodies divine resilience and power.
  • Georgia - Rooted in farming and earthiness, Georgia signifies groundedness and fertility.
  • Giselle - Reflecting purity and elegance, Giselle embodies refined gracefulness.
  • Gwyneth - Meaning "blessed" or "happy," Gwyneth signifies joyful blessings and contentment.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter H.

  • Hazel - Meaning "hazelnut tree," Hazel signifies wisdom and intuition.
  • Harper - Reflecting creativity and expression, Harper embodies artistic inclinations.
  • Hannah - Signifying grace and favor, Hannah embodies elegance and charm.
  • Helena - Rooted in light and radiance, Helena signifies luminous beauty.
  • Harlow - Meaning "from the mound of the people," Harlow embodies community and togetherness.
  • Hope - Reflecting optimism and faith, Hope embodies unwavering belief.
  • Holly - Signifying abundance and goodwill, Holly embodies blessings and joy.
  • Heidi - Rooted in nobility and grandeur, Heidi signifies regal elegance.
  • Hailey - Meaning "heroine" or "champion," Hailey embodies strength and resilience.
  • Harriet - Reflecting leadership and strength, Harriet embodies courage and empowerment.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter I.

  • Ivy - Meaning "faithfulness" or "fidelity," Ivy signifies enduring loyalty.
  • Isabel - Reflecting consecrated to God, Isabel embodies divine dedication.
  • Isla - Signifying island or serene nature, Isla embodies tranquility and serenity.
  • Iris - Rooted in the rainbow or messenger, Iris signifies a connection between worlds.
  • Ingrid - Meaning "beautiful" or "fair," Ingrid embodies elegance and grace.
  • Ida - Reflecting industriousness or hard work, Ida embodies diligent determination.
  • Ilana - Signifying tree or flourishing, Ilana embodies growth and vitality.
  • Imogen - Rooted in innocence or maiden, Imogen signifies pure and untarnished.
  • Ivana - Meaning "God is gracious," Ivana embodies divine favor and gratitude.
  • Irina - Reflecting peace or serenity, Irina embodies tranquil harmony.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter J.

  • Julia - Meaning "youthful" or "downy-bearded," Julia embodies youthful beauty and grace.
  • Jasmine - Reflecting a fragrant flower or gift from God, Jasmine embodies purity and blessings.
  • Josephine - Signifying "God will increase," Josephine embodies divine abundance and growth.
  • Jocelyn - Rooted in joy, Jocelyn signifies exuberance and happiness.
  • Jade - Meaning "precious green stone," Jade embodies rare and cherished qualities.
  • Juniper - Reflecting youthful and evergreen, Juniper signifies eternal vitality.
  • Joyce - Signifying joyful or cheerful, Joyce embodies happiness and merriment.
  • Jemma - Rooted in "precious stone" or "gem," Jemma signifies unique beauty.
  • Jacqueline - Meaning "supplanter," Jacqueline embodies a strong-willed nature.
  • Jolie - Reflecting "pretty" or "beautiful," Jolie embodies graceful elegance.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter K.

  • Kiera - Rooted in "dark-haired," Kiera signifies elegance and mystery.
  • Kaia - Reflecting "earth" or "sea," Kaia embodies natural beauty and strength.
  • Keira - Meaning "little dark-haired one," Keira signifies depth and charm.
  • Kyla - Signifying "narrow," Kyla embodies resilience and determination.
  • Kendra - Rooted in "wise ruler," Kendra signifies strong leadership.
  • Kinsley - Reflecting "king's meadow," Kinsley embodies regal grace.
  • Karina - Meaning "beloved" or "dear one," Karina signifies cherished affection.
  • Kiana - Signifying "divine" or "celestial," Kiana embodies ethereal beauty.
  • Kiera - Rooted in "dark-haired," Kiera signifies elegance and depth.
  • Kaya - Reflecting "restful place," Kaya embodies serene tranquility.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter L.

  • Luna - Meaning "moon," Luna signifies serenity and illumination.
  • Layla - Reflecting "night" or "dark beauty," Layla embodies mysterious charm.
  • Lila - Signifying "night" or "dark beauty," Lila embodies elegance and grace.
  • Leah - Rooted in "weary" or "tired," Leah signifies strength in adversity.
  • Lucy - Meaning "light" or "illumination," Lucy embodies radiance and positivity.
  • Lydia - Reflecting "woman from Lydia," Lydia signifies strength and confidence.
  • Lara - Signifying "bright" or "famous," Lara embodies vibrant energy.
  • Lena - Rooted in "light" or "illumination," Lena signifies optimism and clarity.
  • Lacey - Meaning "from Lassy," Lacey embodies graceful charm.
  • Lilian - Reflecting "lily flower," Lilian signifies purity and beauty.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter M.

  • Madeline - Meaning "tower" or "high-reaching," Madeline signifies ambition and grace, reaching for the stars.
  • Maya - Reflecting "illusion" or "dream," Maya embodies creativity and imagination, painting life's canvas.
  • Melody - Signifying "song" or "harmony," Melody embodies joy and rhythm, adding music to life.
  • Mira - Rooted in "wonder" or "admirable," Mira signifies beauty and admiration, an awe-inspiring presence.
  • Maeve - Meaning "intoxicating," Maeve embodies enchantment and allure, casting a spell of fascination.
  • Margot - Reflecting "pearl," Margot signifies purity and elegance, a rare gem in a world of wonders.
  • Marina - Signifying "of the sea," Marina embodies depth and tranquility, a calm presence amidst storms.
  • Malia - Rooted in "calm" or "peaceful," Malia signifies serenity and tranquility, a peaceful spirit.
  • Matilda - Meaning "mighty in battle," Matilda embodies strength and resilience, a warrior with a kind heart.
  • Miriam - Reflecting "wished-for child," Miriam signifies hope and cherished dreams, a blessing come true.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter N.

  • Nora - Meaning "light" or "honor," Nora embodies radiance and integrity, a guiding star.
  • Naomi - Reflecting "pleasantness" or "delight," Naomi signifies joy and contentment, a source of happiness.
  • Natalie - Signifying "born on Christmas," Natalie embodies warmth and celebration, a festive spirit.
  • Nova - Rooted in "new" or "bright star," Nova signifies uniqueness and brilliance, a shining presence.
  • Nina - Meaning "dreamer" or "beautiful," Nina embodies creativity and elegance, a poetic soul.
  • Nyla - Reflecting "winner" or "champion," Nyla signifies strength and victory, a resilient spirit.
  • Noelle - Signifying "Christmas," Noelle embodies festivity and joy, a source of holiday cheer.
  • Nia - Rooted in "purpose" or "intention," Nia embodies determination and focus, a goal-oriented mindset.
  • Nadia - Meaning "hope" or "tenderness," Nadia signifies optimism and compassion, a caring heart.
  • Nellie - Reflecting "bright one" or "torch," Nellie embodies illumination and guidance, a light in the darkness.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter O.

  • Olivia - Meaning "olive tree," Olivia signifies peace and tranquility, a calming presence.
  • Ophelia - Reflecting "help" or "aid," Ophelia embodies compassion and support, a helping hand.
  • Octavia - Signifying "eighth" or "born eighth," Octavia signifies renewal and regeneration, a new beginning.
  • Odette - Rooted in "wealth" or "fortune," Odette embodies abundance and prosperity, a lucky charm.
  • Olympia - Meaning "from Mount Olympus," Olympia signifies greatness and elevation, an aspiring soul.
  • Oona - Reflecting "one" or "unity," Oona embodies cohesion and unity, a bond between hearts.
  • Orla - Signifying "golden princess," Orla embodies royalty and preciousness, a treasure to behold.
  • Onyx - Rooted in "gemstone," Onyx signifies uniqueness and rarity, a one-of-a-kind spirit.
  • Opal - Meaning "gemstone," Opal signifies beauty and brilliance, a radiant presence.
  • Odessa - Reflecting "long journey," Odessa embodies resilience and endurance, a traveler through life.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter P.

  • Penelope - Meaning "weaver," Penelope signifies creativity and craftsmanship, a creator of dreams.
  • Phoebe - Reflecting "bright" or "radiant," Phoebe embodies illumination and warmth, a source of light.
  • Piper - Signifying "flute player," Piper embodies melodious charm and creativity, a musician's soul.
  • Paige - Rooted in "page" or "servant," Paige signifies humility and service, a helper and guide.
  • Priscilla - Meaning "ancient" or "venerable," Priscilla embodies wisdom and reverence, an old soul.
  • Presley - Reflecting "priest's meadow," Presley signifies spirituality and grace, a serene presence.
  • Patricia - Signifying "noble" or "patrician," Patricia embodies elegance and nobility, a regal spirit.
  • Pearl - Rooted in a "precious gem," Pearl signifies purity and beauty, a rare and cherished treasure.
  • Paisley - Meaning "church" or "basilica," Paisley embodies faith and sanctuary, a peaceful haven.
  • Primrose - Reflecting "first rose," Primrose signifies youthfulness and beauty, a bloom of innocence.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter Q.

  • Quinn - Meaning "wise" or "counsel," Quinn signifies intelligence and wisdom, a knowledgeable spirit.
  • Queenie - Reflecting royalty and eminence, Queenie embodies regal grace and strength, a dignified presence.
  • Quiana - Signifying "graceful," Quiana embodies elegance and poise, a refined soul.
  • Quintessa - Rooted in "fifth-born," Quintessa signifies uniqueness and individuality, a one-of-a-kind spirit.
  • Quilla - Meaning "feather," Quilla signifies lightness and freedom, a carefree heart.
  • Quenby - Reflecting "woman's estate," Quenby embodies independence and strength, a self-reliant soul.
  • Quintana - Signifying "fifth," Quintana embodies resilience and adaptability, a versatile nature.
  • Quintessa - Rooted in "fifth-born," Quintessa signifies uniqueness and individuality, a distinctive presence.
  • Quinley - Meaning "queen's meadow," Quinley embodies beauty and serenity, a peaceful aura.
  • Quintara - Reflecting "fifth," Quintara signifies balance and harmony, a poised and centered spirit.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter R.

  • Rosemary - Meaning "dew of the sea," Rosemary embodies purity and rejuvenation, a symbol of freshness.
  • Reina - Reflecting "queen" or "royalty," Reina signifies regal grace and elegance, a dignified presence.
  • Rosalie - Signifying "rose," Rosalie embodies beauty and grace, a symbol of love.
  • Rhea - Rooted in "flowing stream," Rhea signifies fluidity and adaptability, a free-flowing spirit.
  • Rhiannon - Meaning "great queen," Rhiannon embodies leadership and strength, a majestic soul.
  • Rowena - Reflecting "fame" or "joy," Rowena signifies happiness and acclaim, a joyful heart.
  • Reyna - Signifying "queen," Reyna embodies authority and empowerment, a leader among her peers.
  • Ramona - Rooted in "wise protector," Ramona signifies wisdom and guardianship, a protective figure.
  • Raina - Meaning "mighty" or "queen," Raina embodies strength and dignity and is a resilient character.
  • Ruby - Reflecting the precious gem, Ruby signifies passion and vitality, a radiant presence.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter S.

  • Sophia - Meaning "wisdom," Sophia signifies intelligence and insight, a perceptive mind.
  • Scarlett - Reflecting "red," Scarlett embodies passion and vitality, a spirited presence.
  • Serena - Signifying "serene" or "calm," Serena embodies tranquility and grace, a peaceful demeanor.
  • Stella - Rooted in "star," Stella signifies luminosity and guidance, a shining light.
  • Savannah - Meaning "treeless plain," Savannah embodies openness and freedom, a free spirit.
  • Sienna - Reflecting "reddish-brown," Sienna signifies warmth and earthiness, a grounded soul.
  • Sylvia - Signifying "forest," Sylvia embodies a connection with nature, and a harmonious spirit.
  • Sadie - Rooted in "princess" or "noblewoman," Sadie signifies grace and elegance, a regal presence.
  • Selena - Meaning "moon," Selena signifies mystique and allure, a mysterious charm.
  • Sasha - Reflecting "defender of mankind," Sasha embodies strength and protection, a guardian figure.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter T.

  • Tabitha - Meaning "gazelle" or "graceful," Tabitha embodies elegance and agility, a graceful presence.
  • Thea - Signifying "goddess" or "divine," Thea embodies inner strength and beauty, a celestial spirit.
  • Talia - Rooted in "gentle dew from heaven," Talia signifies purity and freshness, a revitalizing force.
  • Tessa - Reflecting "harvester" or "to reap," Tessa embodies productivity and abundance, a fruitful soul.
  • Thalia - Meaning "blooming" or "to flourish," Thalia signifies growth and vitality, a blossoming character.
  • Tatum - Signifying "cheerful bringer of joy," Tatum embodies happiness and positivity, a joyful presence.
  • Trinity - Rooted in "threefold," Trinity signifies unity and completeness, a harmonious soul.
  • Tiffany - Reflecting "manifestation of God," Tiffany embodies divine grace and presence, a spiritual essence.
  • Tiana - Meaning "princess" or "star," Tiana signifies elegance and celestial beauty, a royal spirit.
  • Taliah - Signifying "gentle rain," Taliah embodies tranquility and nourishment, a source of calmness.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter U.

  • Una - Meaning "one," Una embodies uniqueness and individuality, a distinct presence.
  • Unity - Reflecting "oneness" or "wholeness," Unity signifies harmony and togetherness, a unifying force.
  • Ursula - Signifying "little she-bear," Ursula embodies courage and protection, a nurturing spirit.
  • Uma - Rooted in "mother," Uma signifies nurturing and care, a maternal figure.
  • Udelle - Meaning "prosperity" or "fortune," Udelle embodies abundance and success, a symbol of prosperity.
  • Urbana - Reflecting "from the city," Urbana signifies sophistication and elegance, a refined character.
  • Ulrica - Signifying a "powerful ruler," Ulrica embodies authority and leadership, a guiding figure.
  • Ulyana - Rooted in "youthful," Ulyana signifies vitality and youthfulness, a vibrant spirit.
  • Urbane - Meaning "sophisticated" or "polished," Urbane embodies refinement and culture, a poised presence.
  • Ursel - Reflecting "little bear," Ursel embodies strength and protectiveness, a guardian angel.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter V.

  • Valerie - Meaning "strength, health," Valerie embodies robustness and well-being, a resilient spirit.
  • Victoria - Reflecting "victory," Victoria signifies triumph and success, a conqueror of challenges.
  • Vanessa - Signifying "butterfly," Vanessa embodies transformation and grace, a symbol of beauty.
  • Vivian - Rooted in "alive" or "living," Vivian signifies vitality and liveliness, a vibrant presence.
  • Veronica - Meaning "true image," Veronica embodies authenticity and honesty, a genuine soul.
  • Vienna - Reflecting "from wine country," Vienna signifies sophistication and elegance, a refined character.
  • Violet - Signifying the flower "violet," Violet embodies modesty and delicacy, a symbol of humility.
  • Veda - Rooted in "knowledge" or "sacred knowledge," Veda signifies wisdom and insight, a learned spirit.
  • Vespera - Meaning "evening star," Vespera signifies illumination and guidance, a guiding light.
  • Valencia - Reflecting "bravery" or "valor," Valencia embodies courage and strength, a brave heart.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter W.

  • Willow - Meaning "slender" or "graceful," Willow embodies elegance and flexibility, a graceful presence.
  • Wendy - Reflecting "friend," Wendy signifies companionship and loyalty, a devoted soul.
  • Winifred - Signifying "blessed peacemaking," Winifred embodies harmony and blessings, a peaceful spirit.
  • Wanda - Rooted in "wanderer," Wanda signifies exploration and curiosity, an adventurous heart.
  • Whitney - Meaning "white island," Whitney embodies purity and serenity, a calm and composed nature.
  • Waverly - Reflecting "quaking aspen," Waverly signifies adaptability and strength, a resilient character.
  • Winter - Signifying the season "winter," Winter embodies change and renewal, a symbol of transformation.
  • Winona - Rooted in "firstborn daughter," Winona signifies significance and precedence, a special presence.
  • Wilhelmina - Meaning "resolute protector," Wilhelmina embodies strength and guardianship, a protective figure.
  • Wren - Reflecting the bird "wren," Wren signifies freedom and agility, a free-spirited soul.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter X.

  • Xandra - Meaning "protector of mankind," Xandra embodies caring and safeguarding, a nurturing presence.
  • Xena - Reflecting "hospitable" or "friendly," Xena embodies warmth and hospitality, a welcoming character.
  • Xanthe - Signifying "golden" or "fair-haired," Xanthe embodies radiance and charm, a shining soul.
  • Xaviera - Rooted in "bright" or "splendid," Xaviera signifies illumination and positivity, a radiant spirit.
  • Xyla - Meaning "woodland," Xyla embodies a connection with nature, a free-spirited persona.
  • Xyla - Reflecting "from the forest," Xyla signifies a bond with nature, a nature-loving spirit.
  • Xiomara - Signifying "famous in battle," Xiomara embodies strength and courage, a fearless heart.
  • Xenia - Rooted in "hospitality" or "welcoming," Xenia embodies friendliness and acceptance, and a hospitable nature.
  • Xanthe - Meaning "yellow" or "golden," Xanthe embodies brightness and vitality, a vibrant soul.
  • Xylia - Reflecting "of the woods," Xylia embodies resilience and adaptability, a sturdy character.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter Y.

  • Yara - Meaning "water lady" or "small butterfly," Yara embodies grace and fluidity, a symbol of beauty.
  • Yasmine - Signifying "jasmine flower," Yasmine embodies elegance and purity, a delicate presence.
  • Yvonne - Rooted in "yew tree," Yvonne signifies resilience and strength, a symbol of endurance.
  • Ysabel - Reflecting on "God is my oath," Ysabel embodies faithfulness and commitment, a devoted soul.
  • Yvette - Meaning "archer," Yvette embodies focus and precision, a determined character.
  • Yoko - Signifying "child of sunlight," Yoko embodies brightness and warmth, a radiant spirit.
  • Yasmin - Rooted in the "jasmine flower," Yasmin signifies purity and beauty, a symbol of grace.
  • Yuliana - Reflecting "youthful," Yuliana embodies vitality and youthfulness, a vibrant presence.
  • Yasmina - Meaning "jasmine flower," Yasmina embodies elegance and charm, a symbol of delicacy.
  • Yara - Signifying "water lady," Yara embodies fluidity and adaptability, a free-flowing spirit.

Here are some popular names for baby girls that begin with the letter Z.

  • Zara - Meaning "princess" or "flower," Zara embodies regality and beauty, a royal spirit.
  • Zoe - Signifying "life" or "vitality," Zoe embodies liveliness and energy, a vibrant presence.
  • Zelda - Rooted in "gray fighting maid," Zelda signifies strength and courage, a warrior princess.
  • Zariah - Reflecting "princess" or "flowing river," Zariah embodies grace and fluidity, a serene soul.
  • Zadie - Meaning "prosperous" or "fortunate," Zadie embodies abundance and blessings, a symbol of luck.
  • Zena - Signifying "friendly" or "hospitable," Zena embodies warmth kindness, and a welcoming character.
  • Zinnia - Rooted in the flower "zinnia," Zinnia embodies beauty and uniqueness, a symbol of individuality.
  • Zola - Reflecting "earth," Zola signifies groundedness and stability, a steadfast presence.
  • Zaria - Meaning "princess" or "golden," Zaria embodies elegance and radiance, a shining spirit.
  • Zephyra - Signifying "gentle breeze," Zephyra embodies tranquility and calmness, a soothing essence.

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