Baby Boy Names In Fiji II Fiji's Best-Kept Secret

Are you looking for Baby Boy Names In Fiji? Skip into our assortment energized by Fiji's way of life and track down the best name this post is for You.

Introduction To Fiji :

Fiji, an amazing island country in the South Pacific, is a place that is known for lively societies and shocking scenes. Suva, the country's bustling capital, is a vibrant hub of activity that combines modernity with traditional Fijian charm.

The glow of its kin reverberates in each corner, transmitting a feeling of local area and cordiality that is really endearing. Lautoka, which is well-known for its sugar industry, thrives in the western part of the island, while Nadi, which is well-known for its international airport, warmly welcomes visitors in the north.

Despite their disparities in size, the two towns share the island soul, embracing guests and local people the same. Spreading over across around 7,056 square miles, Fiji protects roughly 900,000 spirits, encouraging a feeling of closeness among its occupants.

The land's quietness is reflected yet to be determined between its rich timberlands, flawless sea shores, and lively metropolitan regions. Amid the musicality of life, around 67 births and 23 passing beauty Fiji's shores every day, a sign of the wonderful pattern of presence.

In this charming heaven, the rhythmic movement of life is woven into the texture of the islands, where each spending day delivers fresh starts and loved recollections, forming the pith of Fiji's captivating soul.
Fiji Baby Boy Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With A.


      • Apenisa: A name symbolizing "God has been gracious."
      • Aisea: Meaning "God's gift," portraying blessings.
      • Akuila: A name embodying strength and resilience.
      • Atonio: Reflecting on the strength of ancestors.
      • Amani: Signifying peace and harmony in life.
      • Aminiasi: Carrying the essence of leadership and guidance.
      • Apolosi: Reflective of a noble and revered figure.
      • Alipate: Portraying bravery and courage.
      • Asaeli: A name signifying divine support.
      • Apisai: Meaning "chosen by God."

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With B.


      • Bosco: Reflective of someone who brings light and happiness.
      • Benedito: Meaning "blessed," embodying divine favor.
      • Bale: Symbolizing strength and fortitude.
      • Bukave: Signifying resilience and inner power.
      • Beniame: Reflecting on the blessings of God.
      • Balewai: Portraying courage and bravery.
      • Balewasa: Symbolizing the strength of the family.
      • Balebale: Embracing the concept of love and unity.
      • Balendra: A name embodying leadership and guidance.
      • Bainivalu: Signifying a warrior's spirit.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With C.


      • Cema: Reflecting the strength and stability of a mountain.
      • Cikamatana: Meaning "to protect," symbolizing guardianship.
      • Cokanavuli: Portraying wisdom and intelligence.
      • Cawanibuka: Signifying a spirit of endurance and perseverance.
      • Cikaitoga: Reflecting the qualities of a leader and decision-maker.
      • Cakobau: Embodying bravery and courage in adversity.
      • Cawaci: Signifying loyalty and devotion.
      • Cikotutu: Reflecting on the importance of community and togetherness.
      • Cavunavonu: Meaning "wise counselor," symbolizing guidance.
      • Colati: Portraying respect and honor towards others.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With D.


      • Draviko: Signifying bravery and courage in the face of challenges.
      • Dreketi: Reflecting leadership qualities and strength.
      • Dranidalo: Meaning "steadfast," symbolizing resilience.
      • Dakai: Portraying a warrior's spirit and valor.
      • Driti: Reflecting determination and perseverance.
      • Doviverata: Embodying loyalty and trustworthiness.
      • Drauniwasa: Signifying adaptability and flexibility.
      • Draucoko: Reflecting wisdom and intelligence.
      • Drauniniu: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing divine favor.
      • Driti: Portraying inner strength and fortitude.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With E.


      • Eroni: Signifying faith and divine blessing.
      • Eparama: Reflecting the grace of God and His love.
      • Elia: Meaning "the Lord is my God," symbolizing devotion.
      • Enele: Portraying strength and resilience in adversity.
      • Eronieli: Reflecting faithfulness and commitment.
      • Esetaia: Embodying the blessings of the Lord.
      • Ekuasi: Signifying unity and togetherness.
      • Etonia: Reflecting perseverance and determination.
      • Emosi: Meaning "God is my salvation," symbolizing hope.
      • Eparamaia: Portraying faithfulness and trust in God.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With F.


      • Firipo: Reflecting a beloved gift from God.
      • Feliu: Signifying happiness and joyfulness.
      • Filitoga: Portraying honor and respect.
      • Fane: Meaning "to shine," symbolizing brightness.
      • Filimoni: Reflecting love and affection.
      • Fereti: Embodying strength and fortitude.
      • Finau: Signifying a leader and guide.
      • Fiji: Reflecting pride and connection to the land.
      • Feretieli: Meaning "faithful" and devoted.
      • Fiso: Portraying unity and togetherness.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With G.


      • Giovani: Signifying the gift of God's grace and favor.
      • Gabrieli: Reflecting God's strength and power.
      • Gugumatana: Portraying the qualities of leadership and guidance.
      • Gonelevu: Meaning "greatness," symbolizing strength and nobility.
      • Gavineta: Reflecting resilience and determination.
      • Gerosi: Embodying honor and respect for others.
      • Gugumatua: Signifying wisdom and intelligence.
      • Gagajavuna: Reflecting bravery and courage.
      • Galugala: Meaning "steadfast," symbolizing stability.
      • Gavidi: Portraying the joy and blessings of life.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With H.


      • Hitimoana: Signifying a peaceful and calm disposition.
      • Havala: Reflecting love and care for the family.
      • Haravi: Portraying strength and determination.
      • Hakawati: Meaning "storyteller," symbolizing wisdom.
      • Hakanisi: Reflecting a cherished blessing or gift.
      • Halapaki: Embodying kindness and compassion.
      • Havivoli: Signifying resilience and perseverance.
      • Halaiwasa: Reflecting unity and togetherness.
      • Hanima: Meaning "breath of life," symbolizing vitality.
      • Hakomai: Portraying courage and bravery.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With I.


      • Iliavi: Signifying strength and courage in adversity.
      • Isimeli: Reflecting God's heard prayer and blessing.
      • Iowani: Portraying God's gift and grace.
      • Isikeli: Meaning "God is my strength," symbolizing resilience.
      • Iowane: Reflecting the graciousness and mercy of God.
      • Ilaitia: Embodying love and affection.
      • Isei: Signifying honor and respect.
      • Isireli: Reflecting devotion and dedication to God.
      • Iferemi: Meaning "God will rise," symbolizing hope.
      • Iliavieta: Portraying bravery and valor.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With J.


      • Jioji: Signifying joy and happiness in life.
      • Josefa: Reflecting God's addition to the family.
      • Jitoko: Portraying strength and resilience.
      • Jale: Meaning "precious" and cherished.
      • Jone: Reflecting a God-given gift of grace.
      • Joneci: Embodying the blessings of God.
      • Jese: Signifying a sense of honor and respect.
      • Jekope: Reflecting God's foundation and strength.
      • Josefata: Meaning "God increases," symbolizing growth.
      • Jovesa: Portraying leadership and guidance.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With K.


      • Kitione: Signifying the Lord's guidance and blessing.
      • Kameli: Reflecting the sweetness and kindness of God.
      • Kaliopa: Portraying a melodious and harmonious spirit.
      • Kavaia: Meaning "strength" and resilience.
      • Kesoni: Reflecting the kindness and goodness of God.
      • Kasiano: Embodying endurance and determination.
      • Kolinio: Signifying victory and triumph.
      • Kalione: Reflecting God's provision and care.
      • Kavekini: Meaning "gracious ruler," symbolizing leadership.
      • Kavekinieli: Portraying divine strength and guidance.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With L.


      • Lote: Reflecting love and affection towards family.
      • Laisiasa: Signifying God's help and support.
      • Lasarusa: Portraying God's assistance and aid.
      • Lepani: Meaning "rejoice," symbolizing joyfulness.
      • Livai: Reflecting the hope and faithfulness of God.
      • Laiseni: Embodying the blessings of the Lord.
      • Lotevuka: Signifying a heart full of kindness.
      • Losana: Reflecting sweetness and tenderness.
      • Lusiano: Meaning "light," symbolizing brightness.
      • Leveni: Portraying dedication and commitment.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With M.


      • Maciu: Signifying God's gift and blessing.
      • Meliakim: Reflecting the joy and grace of the Lord.
      • Mosese: Portraying God's drawn-out salvation.
      • Maikeli: Meaning "who is like God," symbolizing divine strength.
      • Mataiasi: Reflecting the Lord's gift of salvation.
      • Mikaeli: Embodying God's power and authority.
      • Malakai: Signifying a messenger of God.
      • Makaruse: Reflecting God's guidance and wisdom.
      • Manasa: Meaning "one who forgets," symbolizing forgiveness.
      • Mitieli: Portraying God's lovingkindness.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With N.


      • Nasoni: Reflecting hope and optimism.
      • Nikolas: Signifying victory of the people.
      • Navitalai: Portraying the arrival of good times.
      • Neumi: Meaning "comfort," symbolizing solace.
      • Niumaia: Reflecting blessings from above.
      • Nacanieli: Embodying God's protection.
      • Nakelo: Signifying strength and resilience.
      • Naliva: Reflecting peace and serenity.
      • Nabukalu: Meaning "bright future," symbolizing hopefulness.
      • Navitalai: Portraying new beginnings and possibilities.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With O.


      • Osaiasi: Signifying God's help and salvation.
      • Ovini: Reflecting God's vineyard and blessings.
      • Opeti: Portraying a strong and steadfast spirit.
      • Oris: Meaning "God is my light," symbolizing guidance.
      • Osea: Reflecting God's salvation and deliverance.
      • Opetia: Embodying strength and endurance.
      • Ovinieli: Signifying God's favor and grace.
      • Onisimo: Reflecting God's love and kindness.
      • Orama: Meaning "dream," symbolizing hopefulness.
      • Oven: Portraying the blessings of God.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With P.


      • Peni: Reflecting a blessed and divine gift.
      • Pauliasi: Signifying humility and grace.
      • Pita: Portraying rock-solid strength and stability.
      • Patelesio: Meaning "counselor," symbolizing wisdom.
      • Pio: Reflecting devotion and commitment.
      • Petueli: Embodying the presence and favor of God.
      • Penioni: Signifying divine compassion and kindness.
      • Pitaia: Reflecting steadfastness and reliability.
      • Pioeli: Meaning "faithful," symbolizing loyalty.
      • Peceli: Portraying a strong and enduring spirit.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Q.


      • Quinton: Meaning "fifth," symbolizing uniqueness and strength.
      • Quincy: Portraying resilience and determination.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With R.


      • Rupeni: Reflecting joy and happiness in the family.
      • Ratu: Signifying nobility and leadership.
      • Ratuwalesi: Portraying a noble and honorable spirit.
      • Rotate: Meaning "God's gift," symbolizing divine blessing.
      • Rusiate: Reflecting strength and resilience.
      • Rabici: Embodying faith and trust in God.
      • Ravai: Signifying a cherished and beloved one.
      • Rajnesh: Reflecting devotion and commitment.
      • Ratuia: Meaning "royal," symbolizing grandeur.
      • Rokobati: Portraying a strong and enduring heart.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With S.


      • Savenaca: Reflecting God's love and care.
      • Sakiusa: Signifying divine power and authority.
      • Saimoni: Portraying the joy and blessings of God.
      • Sakaraia: Meaning "remembered by God," symbolizing faithfulness.
      • Setareki: Reflecting God's guidance and protection.
      • Sikeli: Embodying divine victory and triumph.
      • Sefanaia: Signifying God's mercy and grace.
      • Sikeliame: Reflecting the presence of God.
      • Sakiusame: Meaning "God is salvation," symbolizing hope.
      • Savenasau: Portraying God's enduring love.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With T.


      • Tevita: Reflecting honor and respect.
      • Taniela: Signifying God's judgment and justice.
      • Tevitaia: Portraying divine guidance and wisdom.
      • Tevitaqali: Meaning "God is my armor," symbolizing protection.
      • Taito: Reflecting a strong and enduring spirit.
      • Tevaiqia: Embodying God's provision and care.
      • Tevitaibau: Signifying God's strength and refuge.
      • Tomasi: Reflecting twinship and closeness.
      • Taione: Meaning "royal," symbolizing nobility.
      • Tomaibau: Portraying the strength of God.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With U.


      • Uraia: Reflecting the brightness of God's light.
      • Ulaiasi: Signifying hope and optimism.
      • Usaia: Portraying God's salvation and help.
      • Uro: Meaning "heart," symbolizing inner strength.
      • Ura: Reflecting a radiant and shining spirit.
      • Uasila: Embodying loyalty and devotion.
      • Ulita: Signifying endurance and steadfastness.
      • Uraiasi: Reflecting divine promise and blessing.
      • Uate: Meaning "wave," symbolizing resilience.
      • Uwaisi: Portraying humility and kindness.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With V.


      • Vilimoni: Reflecting God's protection and care.
      • Viliame: Signifying strength and courage.
      • Vuate: Portraying steadfastness and loyalty.
      • Vasemaca: Meaning "precious jewel," symbolizing value.
      • Vueti: Reflecting resilience and endurance.
      • Viliamelevu: Embodying greatness and grandeur.
      • Vote: Signifying unity and togetherness.
      • Vatilia: Reflecting firmness and stability.
      • Vulimai: Meaning "hopeful," symbolizing optimism.
      • Vatuniveivuke: Portraying a heart full of love.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With W.


      • Waisale: Reflecting leadership and strength.
      • Waisea: Signifying a powerful and enduring spirit.
      • Wame: Portraying faithfulness and loyalty.
      • Wainiqolo: Meaning "water of life," symbolizing vitality.
      • Waqa: Reflecting stability and reliability.
      • Wales: Embodying hope and optimism.
      • Waikiki: Signifying a revered and respected leader.
      • Watisoni: Reflecting a firm and unwavering character.
      • Wakaniyasi: Meaning "protector," symbolizing guardianship.
      • Waisele: Portraying a heart full of love.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With X.


      • Xavier: Meaning "bright," symbolizing intelligence and illumination.
      • Xander: Signifying strength and protection.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Y.


      • Yabaki: Reflecting new beginnings and fresh starts.
      • Yalani: Signifying joy and happiness.
      • Yalowai: Portraying a heart filled with love.
      • Yasiria: Meaning "blessed," symbolizing divine favor.
      • Yaloqiri: Reflecting a strong and courageous spirit.
      • Yavu: Embodying strength and resilience.
      • Yavala: Signifying unity and togetherness.
      • Yasaaceli: Reflecting the blessings of God.
      • Yamani: Meaning "gift," symbolizing a precious blessing.
      • Yalowaiwai: Portraying abundance and richness.

      Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Z.


      • Zaccheus: Reflecting purity and innocence.
      • Zayden: Signifying strength and power.
      • Zakaria: Portraying God's remembrance and blessings.
      • Zerubabeli: Meaning "born in Babylon," symbolizing resilience.
      • Zenas: Reflecting kindness and generosity.
      • Zalimai: Embodying hope and optimism.
      • Zuriano: Signifying a heart full of love.
      • Zagatai: Reflecting courage and bravery.
      • Zakamaia: Meaning "God has heard," symbolizing divine attention.
      • Zukei: Portraying a strong and enduring spirit.

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