Baby Boy Names In EI Salvador / Nombres De Bebé Niño En El Salvador

Introduction To EI Salvador / Introducción a El Salvador :

El Salvador, nestled in Central America, is a vibrant nation pulsating with rich cultural heritage and a resilient spirit. Its capital, San Salvador, is a bustling hub of activity and serves as the beating heart of this beautiful country.

With a diverse landscape that includes breathtaking mountains, stunning beaches, and lush forests, El Salvador spans approximately 21,041 square kilometers, providing a compact yet varied canvas for its nearly 6.5 million inhabitants.

In this enchanting land, you'll find contrasts in size, such as Santa Ana, one of the largest towns, and Concepción de Ataco, a charming gem known as one of the smallest towns, each offering a unique glimpse into El Salvador's cultural tapestry.

The population density here is notable, with around 300 people per square kilometer, fostering a vibrant and close-knit community spirit. On average, this dynamic country.

Welcomes approximately 300 new lives into the world each day, celebrating the joyous arrival of its youngest citizens. Simultaneously, it bids farewell to around 60 individuals daily, honoring their legacies and contributing to the cycle of life within the nation.

EI Salvador Baby Boy Names With Meaning From A To Z.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With A.


    • Adrian (Spanish origin) - Meaning "from Hadria," a town in northern Italy.
    • Alejandro (Spanish origin) - Derived from the Greek name Alexander, meaning "defender of mankind."
    • Andres (Spanish origin) - A variant of Andrew, meaning "manly" or "brave."
    • Antonio (Spanish origin) - Meaning "priceless" or "highly praiseworthy."
    • Armando (Spanish origin) - Signifying "soldier" or "warrior."
    • Aldo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "old and wise."
    • Alfonso (Spanish origin) - Derived from Germanic elements meaning "noble" and "ready."
    • Arturo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "bear" or "courageous."
    • Adriel (Hebrew origin) - Signifying "God's helper."
    • Augusto (Spanish origin) - Meaning "great" or "majestic."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With B.


    • Benicio (Spanish origin) - Meaning "blessed."
    • Bruno (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "brown-haired" or "brown-eyed."
    • Bautista (Spanish origin) - Meaning "to dip or immerse" symbolizing baptism.
    • Belen (Spanish origin) - Signifying "Bethlehem," a biblical place name.
    • Borja (Spanish origin) - Meaning "foreign" or "stranger."
    • Basilio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "kingly" or "regal."
    • Bartolo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "son of Talmai," representing ploughman or farmer.
    • Bernardo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "strong as a bear."
    • Brisco (Spanish origin) - Meaning "vigorous" or "lively."
    • Baltazar (Spanish origin) - Signifying "Ba'al protect the king."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With C.


    • Carlos (Spanish origin) - Meaning "free man" or "strong."
    • Cristian (Spanish origin) - Signifying "follower of Christ."
    • Cesar (Spanish origin) - Meaning "long-haired" or "head of hair."
    • Clemente (Spanish origin) - Signifying "gentle" or "merciful."
    • Ciro (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "sun" or "throne."
    • Cruz (Spanish origin) - Signifying "cross," often with religious significance.
    • Cipriano (Spanish origin) - Meaning "from Cyprus," symbolizing an island of love.
    • Clementino (Spanish origin) - Signifying "merciful" or "gentle."
    • Camilo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "attendant at a religious service."
    • Candido (Spanish origin) - Signifying "white" or "pure-hearted."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With D.


    • Diego (Spanish origin) - Meaning "supplanter" or "he who replaces."
    • Dante (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "enduring" or "steadfast."
    • David (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "beloved" or "friend."
    • Dario (Spanish origin) - Signifying "possessing goodness."
    • Damian (Spanish origin) - Meaning "to tame" or "to subdue."
    • Daniel (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Signifying "God is my judge."
    • Domingo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "born on Sunday."
    • Dalí (Spanish origin) - Signifying "from the valley."
    • Delfino (Spanish origin) - Meaning "dolphin," symbolizing intelligence and grace.
    • Dionisio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "follower of Dionysius," representing the Greek god of wine and revelry.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With E.


    • Emilio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "rival" or "eager."
    • Eduardo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "wealthy guardian."
    • Enrique (Spanish origin) - Meaning "ruler of the home."
    • Esteban (Spanish origin) - Signifying "crown" or "wreath."
    • Elias (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "the Lord is my God."
    • Eloy (Spanish origin) - Signifying "chosen one" or "holy."
    • Efrain (Spanish origin) - Meaning "fruitful" or "productive."
    • Eladio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "of Greek origin."
    • Eugenio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "well-born" or "noble."
    • Ezequiel (Spanish origin) - Signifying "God strengthens."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With F.


    • Felipe (Spanish origin) - Meaning "lover of horses" or "friend of horses."
    • Fernando (Spanish origin) - Signifying "brave traveler" or "adventurer."
    • Francisco (Spanish origin) - Meaning "free man" or "Frenchman."
    • Fabian (Spanish/Latin origin) - Signifying "bean grower" or "bean farmer."
    • Federico (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "peaceful ruler" or "peaceful king."
    • Felix (Spanish origin) - Signifying "fortunate" or "lucky."
    • Flavio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "yellow-haired" or "golden."
    • Fidel (Spanish origin) - Signifying "faithful" or "loyal."
    • Florentino (Spanish origin) - Meaning "flowering" or "flourishing."
    • Fortunato (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "fortunate" or "lucky."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With G.


    • Gabriel (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "God is my strength" or "hero of God."
    • Gonzalo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "battle" or "war."
    • Guillermo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "resolute protector" or "strong-willed warrior."
    • Gustavo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "staff of the gods" or "royal staff."
    • Gerardo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "spear" or "brave with a spear."
    • Gilberto (Spanish/Germanic origin) - Signifying "bright pledge" or "shining pledge."
    • Geraldo (Spanish/Portuguese origin) - Meaning "ruler with a spear" or "mighty with a spear."
    • Gavino (Spanish origin) - Signifying "from Gabium."
    • Gaspar (Spanish origin) - Meaning "treasurer" or "wealthy man."
    • Genaro (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "born of nobility."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With H.


    • Hector (Spanish origin) - Meaning "steadfast" or "holding fast."
    • Hugo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "mind" or "intellect."
    • Hernan (Spanish origin) - Meaning "bold voyager" or "adventurous."
    • Hidalgo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "nobleman" or "lord."
    • Horacio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "timekeeper" or "hourly."
    • Humberto (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "bright support" or "bright warrior."
    • Hugo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "bright in mind and spirit."
    • Heriberto (Spanish origin) - Signifying "bright army" or "famous warrior."
    • Hilario (Spanish origin) - Meaning "cheerful" or "happy."
    • Heladio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "clear" or "evident."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With I.


    • Iker (Spanish/Basque origin) - Meaning "visitation" or "visit of God."
    • Ivan (Spanish/Slavic origin) - Signifying "God is gracious" or "gift from God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With J.


    • Javier (Spanish origin) - Meaning "bright" or "splendid."
    • Juan (Spanish origin) - Signifying "God is gracious."
    • José (Spanish origin) - Meaning "God will add" or "God will increase."
    • Joaquin (Spanish origin) - Signifying "God will establish" or "God will judge."
    • Julian (Spanish/Latin origin) - Meaning "youthful" or "downy-bearded."
    • Jaime (Spanish origin) - Signifying "supplanter" or "he who supplants."
    • Justo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "just" or "fair."
    • Jorge (Spanish origin) - Signifying "farmer" or "earthworker."
    • Jesús (Spanish origin) - Meaning "savior" or "God saves."
    • Jairo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "God enlightens" or "God shines."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With K.


    • Kael (Spanish origin) - Meaning "mighty warrior" or "victorious."
    • Kilian (Spanish origin) - Signifying "follower of Saint Kilian" or "church."
    • Kenzo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "strong and healthy."
    • Kiro (Spanish origin) - Signifying "like the Lord" or "like God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With L.


    • Lorenzo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "from Laurentum," symbolizing laurel trees or honor.
    • Lucas (Spanish/Portuguese origin) - Signifying "light" or "illumination."
    • Leonardo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "brave lion" or "strong as a lion."
    • Luis (Spanish origin) - Signifying "famous warrior" or "renowned fighter."
    • Liam (Spanish/Irish origin) - Meaning "resolute protection" or "guardian."
    • Luisito (Spanish origin) - Signifying "little warrior" or "small fighter."
    • Leandro (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "lion-like" or "courageous."
    • Loren (Spanish/English origin) - Signifying "from the place of laurel trees."
    • Lazaro (Spanish origin) - Meaning "God has helped" or "assistance of God."
    • Lino (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "flax" or "linen."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With M.


    • Mateo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "gift of God" or "God's gift."
    • Manuel (Spanish origin) - Signifying "God is with us."
    • Miguel (Spanish origin) - Meaning "who is like God?" or "God-like."
    • Maximiliano (Spanish origin) - Signifying "greatest" or "most excellent."
    • Martin (Spanish origin) - Meaning "warrior" or "dedicated to Mars."
    • Marco (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "warlike" or "of Mars."
    • Mario (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "male" or "warrior."
    • Mariano (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "of Mars" or "warlike."
    • Miguelito (Spanish origin) - Meaning "little Michael" or "like God."
    • Matias (Spanish origin) - Signifying "gift of God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With N.


    • Nacho (Spanish origin) - A diminutive form of Ignacio, meaning "fiery" or "ardent."
    • Nestor (Spanish/Greek origin) - Signifying "traveler" or "voyager."
    • Nicolás (Spanish origin) - Meaning "victorious people" or "people's triumph."
    • Noel (Spanish/French origin) - Signifying "born on Christmas" or "Christmas season."
    • Nelson (Spanish/English origin) - Meaning "son of Neil" or "champion."
    • Nereo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "water" or "sea."
    • Narciso (Spanish origin) - Meaning "numbness" or "self-love."
    • Nemesio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "just" or "fair."
    • Nestorio (Spanish origin) - Meaning "traveler" or "voyager."
    • Norberto (Spanish/Germanic origin) - Signifying "bright north" or "northern hero."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With O.


    • Oscar (Spanish origin) - Meaning "friend of deer" or "divine spear."
    • Orlando (Spanish origin) - Signifying "famous throughout the land."
    • Omar (Spanish/Arabic origin) - Meaning "flourishing" or "long-lived."
    • Osvaldo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "divine power" or "power of God."
    • Octavio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "eighth" or "eighth-born."
    • Oriol (Spanish/Catalan origin) - Signifying "golden" or "golden-colored."
    • Ovidio (Spanish origin) - Meaning "sheepherder" or "poet."
    • Oliver (Spanish origin) - Signifying "olive tree" or "peaceful."
    • Oswaldo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "divine power" or "power of God."
    • Orestes (Spanish origin) - Signifying "mountain dweller" or "man of the mountain."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With P.


    • Pedro (Spanish origin) - Meaning "rock" or "stone."
    • Pablo (Spanish origin) - Signifying "small" or "humble."
    • Pascual (Spanish origin) - Meaning "Easter child" or "born on Easter."
    • Patricio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "noble" or "patrician."
    • Paco (Spanish origin) - Meaning "free" or "liberated."
    • Pancho (Spanish origin) - Signifying "free" or "liberated."
    • Pepito (Spanish origin) - Meaning "God will add" or "God will increase."
    • Pio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "pious" or "devout."
    • Pelayo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "from the city of Pela."
    • Paco (Spanish origin) - Signifying "free" or "liberated."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Q.


    • Quintín (Spanish origin) - Meaning "fifth," often associated with a fifth-born child.

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With R.


    • Raul (Spanish origin) - Meaning "wise wolf" or "counsel wolf."
    • Ricardo (Spanish/Portuguese origin) - Signifying "brave ruler" or "strong ruler."
    • Rodrigo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "famous ruler" or "renowned power."
    • Ruben (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Signifying "behold, a son" or "vision of loveliness."
    • Ramón (Spanish origin) - Meaning "wise protector" or "mighty protector."
    • Rafael (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Signifying "God has healed" or "God has mended."
    • Ricard (Spanish/Catalan origin) - Meaning "brave ruler" or "strong ruler."
    • Reyes (Spanish origin) - Signifying "kings" or "royalty."
    • Rogelio (Spanish origin) - Meaning "famous warrior" or "renowned spearman."
    • Renato (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "reborn" or "renewed."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With S.


    • Santiago (Spanish origin) - Meaning "Saint James" or "supplanter."
    • Sebastian (Spanish/Greek origin) - Signifying "venerable" or "revered."
    • Sergio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "attendant" or "servant."
    • Salvador (Spanish origin) - Signifying "savior" or "rescuer."
    • Samuel (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "heard by God" or "God has heard."
    • Santino (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "little saint."
    • Saul (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "asked for" or "prayed for."
    • Santino (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "little saint."
    • Simón (Spanish origin) - Meaning "listener" or "hearkener."
    • Santino (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "little saint."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With T.


    • Thiago (Spanish/Portuguese origin) - Meaning "supplanter" or "may God protect."
    • Tomas (Spanish origin) - Signifying "twin" or "a twin."
    • Tristan (Spanish origin) - Meaning "sorrowful" or "sad."
    • Tadeo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "courageous" or "heart."
    • Teodoro (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "God-given" or "gift of God."
    • Tito (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "giant" or "a giant."
    • Telmo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "reliable protector" or "protector of iron."
    • Tiburcio (Spanish origin) - Signifying "shark" or "sharp."
    • Teofilo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "loved by God" or "friend of God."
    • Timoteo (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "honoring God" or "one who honors God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With U.


    • Uriel (Spanish/Hebrew origin) - Meaning "God is my light" or "fire of God."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With V.


    • Victor (Spanish/Latin origin) - Meaning "winner" or "conqueror."
    • Valentín (Spanish origin) - Signifying "strong" or "vigorous."
    • Vicente (Spanish/Portuguese origin) - Meaning "conquering" or "victorious."
    • Víctor Manuel (Spanish origin) - Signifying "victorious" and "God is with us."
    • Valerio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Meaning "strong" or "valiant."
    • Vidal (Spanish origin) - Signifying "life" or "vitality."
    • Vasco (Spanish origin) - Meaning "from the Basque region" or "Spanish."
    • Vito (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "life" or "lively."
    • Valdemar (Spanish/Germanic origin) - Meaning "famous ruler" or "ruler of all."
    • Virgilio (Spanish/Italian origin) - Signifying "flourishing" or "blooming."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With W.


    • Wilfredo (Spanish origin) - Meaning "desiring peace" or "peaceful."
    • Wenceslao (Spanish origin) - Signifying "more glory" or "greater glory."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With X.


    • Xavier (Spanish/Basque origin) - Meaning "bright" or "splendid."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Y.


    • Yago (Spanish origin) - Meaning "supplanter" or "may God protect."

    Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Z.


    • Zacarías (Spanish origin) - Meaning "God has remembered" or "remembered by God."
    • Zavier (Spanish origin) - Signifying "new house" or "bright."

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