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Discover meaningful Burmese baby boy names with cultural significance. Explore our list for the perfect name for your little one.

Introduction To Myanmar :

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia with a rich social legacy and a different populace. Naypyidaw is Myanmar's capital, and Yangon (formerly Rangoon) and Mandalay are some of the country's largest and smallest towns.

Naypyidaw is the capital city of Myanmar and fills in as the seat of the public authority. It is situated in the focal piece of the nation and is home to the well known Shwedagon Pagoda, a brilliant Buddhist construction that is an image of the city and the country.

Yangon, then again, is the biggest city in Myanmar and was once known as Rangoon. It is situated in the southwest piece of the nation and is home to more than 5 million individuals. Yangon is a significant commercial and cultural center that is home to a diverse population of people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Mandalay is one more huge city in Myanmar, situated in the upper east piece of the country. It is the second-biggest city and fills in as a significant social and strict focus, with various Buddhist religious communities and sanctuaries.

Tragically, I was unable to find explicit data on the area, populace, thickness, kids conceived each day, and individuals dead each day for Myanmar and its capital, Naypyidaw. Notwithstanding, I can give some broad data about the nation and its kin.
  • Myanmar is a different country with a populace of more than 55 million individuals, comprising of different ethnic gatherings, dialects, and religions.
  • The authority language of Myanmar is Burmese, expressed by most of the populace as a first language and by all as a subsequent language
  • Myanmar is an individual from the Unified Countries, the Uncommitted Development, and the Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN)
  • The nation has a past filled with military rule and has been under sanctions by different nations, including the US and the European Association
  • Please be aware that the provided information is general and may not pertain specifically to Naypyidaw, the capital.

Burmese Baby Boy Name with Meaning From A To Z.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "A"


  • Aung Zeya: Symbolizing leadership and courage, Aung Zeya reflects the spirit of a noble leader.
  • Aye Chan: Meaning "bright and prosperous," Aye Chan captures hopes for a radiant future.
  • Aung Thu: Rooted in optimism, Aung Thu represents a new beginning filled with possibilities.
  • Aung Kyaw: Connoting honor and respect, Aung Kyaw is a name bestowed with dignity.
  • Aung Moe: Embodying charm and grace, Aung Moe celebrates beauty and elegance.
  • Aung Nay: Signifying determination, Aung Nay reflects a strong and unwavering spirit.
  • Aye Lin: Carrying a sense of serenity, Aye Lin symbolizes tranquility and inner peace.
  • Aung Htay: With connotations of prosperity, Aung Htay heralds a flourishing life.
  • Aye Min: Expressing humility, Aye Min is a name that embodies modesty and simplicity.
  • Aung Win: Embracing victory and triumph, Aung Win signifies success and accomplishment.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "B"

  • Bo Bo: Meaning "valuable gem," Bo Bo symbolizes preciousness and uniqueness.
  • Banya: Reflecting wisdom and knowledge, Banya signifies intellectual depth.
  • Baw Ga: Rooted in strength, Baw Ga embodies resilience and robustness.
  • Bhone Myat: Connoting purity and innocence, Bhone Myat celebrates a pristine nature.
  • Banyar: Symbolizing leadership, Banyar represents the qualities of a visionary.
  • Bo Kyi: With a sense of determination, Bo Kyi embodies perseverance and tenacity.
  • Bhone Htut: Signifying prosperity, Bhone Htut heralds a flourishing and successful life.
  • Ba Thein: Infused with kindness, Ba Thein reflects a compassionate and caring demeanor.
  • Bo Maung: Carrying a sense of honor, Bo Maung symbolizes dignity and respect.
  • Bhone Win: Embracing victory, Bhone Win signifies success and achievement.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "C"

  • Chan Thar: Signifying "moon," Chan Thar reflects serenity and calmness.
  • Chit Oo: Meaning "bright light," Chit Oo celebrates optimism and positivity.
  • Caleb Kyaw: Rooted in faith, Caleb Kyaw embodies trust and devotion.
  • Chit Kaung: Symbolizing "great love," Chit Kaung represents boundless affection.
  • Chan Min: Connoting "gentle rain," Chan Min reflects a soothing and nurturing presence.
  • Cyrus Htun: Infused with leadership qualities, Cyrus Htun signifies a visionary spirit.
  • Chit Nyein: Reflecting "eternal kindness," Chit Nyein embodies enduring compassion.
  • Chan Aye: Carrying the essence of "inner peace," Chan Aye symbolizes tranquility.
  • Clement Win: Meaning "mild and gentle," Clement Win signifies a calm and composed nature.
  • Chit Thu: Signifying "heartfelt love," Chit Thu embodies deep and sincere affection.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "D"

  • Dana Kyaw: Rooted in generosity, Dana Kyaw symbolizes a giving and compassionate nature.
  • Devin Thura: Reflecting bravery, Devin Thura embodies courage and valor.
  • Dway Htun: Signifying strength and resilience, Dway Htun represents robustness.
  • Daryl Maung: Meaning "royal," Daryl Maung conveys regality and honor.
  • Din Min: Infused with brightness, Din Min represents a radiant and optimistic spirit.
  • Derek Myat: Symbolizing "pleasant surroundings," Derek Myat embodies a harmonious presence.
  • Dawei Hnin: Connoting sweetness, Dawei Hnin celebrates a delightful and endearing nature.
  • Danu Thant: Reflecting abundance, Danu Thant signifies a life filled with prosperity.
  • Dixon Zaw: Carrying the essence of "peaceful settlement," Dixon Zaw embodies tranquility.
  • Dennis Yar: Signifying "noble friend," Dennis Yar celebrates friendship and loyalty.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "E"

  • Eaindray Thura: Rooted in peace, Eaindray Thura symbolizes a tranquil and harmonious nature.
  • Ei Mon: Meaning "eternal love," Ei Mon embodies everlasting affection and devotion.
  • Ei Phyo: Signifying prosperity, Ei Phyo represents a life filled with abundance.
  • Ezra Htet: Reflecting leadership qualities, Ezra Htet embodies a visionary and inspiring spirit.
  • Eain Myat: Conveying inner strength, Eain Myat symbolizes resilience and fortitude.
  • Ethan Min: Infused with brightness, Ethan Min represents a radiant and optimistic presence.
  • Ei Thu: Carrying the essence of beauty, Ei Thu symbolizes elegance and charm.
  • Edward Kyaw: Meaning "prosperous guardian," Edward Kyaw signifies abundance and protection.
  • Ei Toe: Signifying purity, Ei Toe embodies an untarnished and pristine nature.
  • Eaindra Yar: Rooted in kindness, Eaindra Yar represents a compassionate and caring demeanor.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "F"

  • Felix Zaw: Meaning "fortunate and prosperous," Felix Zaw symbolizes a life filled with blessings.
  • Frederick Myo: Rooted in peace, Frederick Myo embodies a calm and tranquil demeanor.
  • Finnegan Thant: Signifying "fair" and just, Finnegan Thant represents integrity and honesty.
  • Floyd Kyaw: Reflecting resilience, Floyd Kyaw symbolizes strength and fortitude.
  • Franklin Win: Conveying "free man," Franklin Win celebrates independence and freedom.
  • Faris Htun: Infused with charm, Faris Htun represents a captivating and endearing personality.
  • Favian Nay: Carrying the essence of kindness, Favian Nay symbolizes a compassionate heart.
  • Fabian Maung: Meaning "bean farmer," Fabian Maung embodies simplicity and groundedness.
  • Fynn Pyae: Signifying "clear and bright," Fynn Pyae represents optimism and clarity.
  • Fergus Aung: Rooted in strength, Fergus Aung symbolizes resilience and robustness.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "G"

  • Gabriel Min: Symbolizing strength and resilience, Gabriel Min embodies robustness.
  • Gavin Zaw: Meaning "white hawk," Gavin Zaw represents grace and agility.
  • George Kyaw: Rooted in honor and respect, George Kyaw signifies dignity.
  • Gideon Nay: Reflecting determination, Gideon Nay embodies perseverance and tenacity.
  • Graham Htun: Conveying charm, Graham Htun celebrates a captivating presence.
  • Gareth Thant: Signifying "gentle," Gareth Thant represents a tender and caring nature.
  • Gilbert Aung: Infused with wisdom, Gilbert Aung symbolizes intellectual depth.
  • Glen Myo: Carrying the essence of "green valley," Glen Myo embodies tranquility.
  • Griffin Win: Meaning "strong lord," Griffin Win symbolizes leadership qualities.
  • Gregory Yar: Reflecting kindness, Gregory Yar represents compassion and empathy.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "H"

  • Htin Kyaw: Signifying leadership, Htin Kyaw embodies qualities of a wise and capable leader.
  • Han Zaw: Meaning "precious," Han Zaw symbolizes the inherent value of an individual.
  • Htet Aung: Reflecting purity and nobility, Htet Aung signifies an honorable nature.
  • Htoo Nay: Conveying strength, Htoo Nay embodies resilience and fortitude.
  • Hein Min: Infused with kindness, Hein Min reflects a compassionate and caring heart.
  • Hla Thant: Symbolizing beauty, Hla Thant represents elegance and grace.
  • Hnin Htet: Carrying the essence of love, Hnin Htet embodies warmth and affection.
  • Hpaung Kyi: Meaning "prosperous village," Hpaung Kyi signifies a thriving community.
  • Htet Zin: Reflecting purity of heart, Htet Zin symbolizes sincerity and goodness.
  • Htet Oo: Signifying strength and courage, Htet Oo represents bravery.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "I"

  • Isaac Aung: Meaning "laughter," Isaac Aung symbolizes joy and happiness.
  • Ivan Htun: Reflecting strength, Ivan Htun embodies resilience and fortitude.
  • Ismail Kyaw: Signifying "heard by God," Ismail Kyaw represents a connection to the divine.
  • Irrawaddy Min: Inspired by the river, Irrawaddy Min symbolizes the flow of life.
  • Ian Nay: Infused with kindness, Ian Nay reflects a compassionate and caring demeanor.
  • Ibrahim Zaw: Conveying "father of nations," Ibrahim Zaw signifies leadership qualities.
  • Igor Thant: Rooted in vitality, Igor Thant represents a vibrant and lively spirit.
  • Immanuel Maung: Meaning "God is with us," Immanuel Maung embodies divine presence.
  • Ishan Hnin: Reflecting purity and innocence, Ishan Hnin celebrates a pristine nature.
  • Ismet Win: Carrying the essence of "honor," Ismet Win symbolizes dignity and respect.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "J"

  • Jasper Htun: Meaning "treasurer," Jasper Htun symbolizes value and importance.
  • Junaid Zaw: Signifying "warrior," Junaid Zaw represents strength and courage.
  • Jared Kyaw: Rooted in descent, Jared Kyaw symbolizes a rich heritage and ancestry.
  • Jett Nay: Reflecting "intense and vibrant," Jett Nay embodies energy and liveliness.
  • Johan Min: Carrying the essence of "God is gracious," Johan Min symbolizes divine blessings.
  • Jaxon Aung: Inspired by strength, Jaxon Aung embodies resilience and fortitude.
  • Jayden Thant: Conveying "thankful," Jayden Thant signifies gratitude and appreciation.
  • Jiro Maung: Reflecting "second son," Jiro Maung symbolizes familial ties and connection.
  • Jared Zin: Infused with kindness, Jared Zin reflects a compassionate and caring heart.
  • Joel Win: Signifying "Jehovah is God," Joel Win embodies faith and devotion.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "K"

  • Kyaw Thet: Meaning "precious heart," Kyaw Thet symbolizes affection and importance.
  • Kaung Htet: Conveying "auspicious and pure," Kaung Htet embodies positive and untarnished qualities.
  • Kyaw Zayar: Reflecting "victory," Kyaw Zayar signifies success and accomplishment.
  • Ko Min: Rooted in "elder brother," Ko Min symbolizes leadership and responsibility.
  • Kaung Nay: Signifying "auspicious sunshine," Kaung Nay represents positivity and brightness.
  • Kyaw Thu: Carrying the essence of "kindness," Kyaw Thu embodies a compassionate nature.
  • Khin Zaw: Infused with "beauty and charm," Khin Zaw symbolizes an enchanting presence.
  • Kyi Maung: Meaning "gentle and gracious," Kyi Maung represents a kind-hearted and polite demeanor.
  • Ko Zin: Reflecting "elder brother," Ko Zin embodies qualities of guidance and support.
  • Kaung Myat: Inspired by "auspicious fortune," Kaung Myat symbolizes a life filled with blessings.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "L"

  • Lwin Htet: Meaning "bright and pure," Lwin Htet symbolizes a radiant and untarnished nature.
  • Lin Kyaw: Conveying "handsome and honorable," Lin Kyaw represents dignity and respect.
  • Lay Min: Reflecting "gentle and tender," Lay Min embodies a kind-hearted and compassionate spirit.
  • Linn Maung: Rooted in "good son," Linn Maung symbolizes filial piety and family values.
  • Laith Zaw: Signifying "lion," Laith Zaw represents strength and courage.
  • Lu Aung: Carrying the essence of "prosperity," Lu Aung symbolizes a flourishing and successful life.
  • Lay Thant: Infused with "peaceful spirit," Lay Thant embodies tranquility and serenity.
  • Lwin Zin: Meaning "bright and precious," Lwin Zin signifies the uniqueness and value of an individual.
  • Lar Myo: Reflecting "tender love," Lar Myo symbolizes deep and sincere affection.
  • Lone Nay: Inspired by the "victorious sun," Lone Nay represents success and triumph.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "M"

  • Min Thu: Meaning "precious jewel," Min Thu symbolizes the inherent value of an individual.
  • Myo Aung: Reflecting "radiant dawn," Myo Aung signifies optimism and the start of a new day.
  • Mandalay Zaw: Rooted in cultural significance, Mandalay Zaw represents historical and traditional richness.
  • Moe Htet: Conveying "gentle and pure," Moe Htet embodies a kind and untarnished nature.
  • Myat Kyaw: Signifying "auspicious and dignified," Myat Kyaw represents positive fortune and respect.
  • Maung Khin: Carrying the essence of "noble and illustrious," Maung Khin symbolizes honor.
  • Myanmar Nay: Infused with national pride, Myanmar Nay represents a strong connection to the country.
  • Mingalabar Zin: Meaning "blessed," Mingalabar Zin symbolizes a life filled with good fortune and positivity.
  • Myo Thant: Reflecting "peaceful spirit," Myo Thant embodies tranquility and serenity.
  • Maw Gyi: Inspired by "wise teacher," Maw Gyi signifies wisdom and knowledge.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "N"

  • Nanda Kyaw: Meaning "joyful and dignified," Nanda Kyaw embodies happiness and respect.
  • Nay Lin: Reflecting "shining sun," Nay Lin symbolizes optimism and brightness.
  • Nyunt Maung: Rooted in "eternal prosperity," Nyunt Maung represents lasting success.
  • Noble Thant: Signifying honor and respect, Noble Thant embodies dignity and reverence.
  • Nyi Zaw: Carrying the essence of "young and precious," Nyi Zaw symbolizes youthful value.
  • Nay Htet: Infused with "radiant heart," Nay Htet represents a warm and vibrant spirit.
  • Noble Aung: Meaning "honorable and prosperous," Noble Aung signifies respect and abundance.
  • Nyunt Thu: Reflecting "eternal peace," Nyunt Thu embodies a tranquil and serene nature.
  • Nay Win: Conveying "shining victory," Nay Win represents success and triumph.
  • Nyein Zin: Inspired by "bright and clear," Nyein Zin symbolizes clarity and brilliance.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "O"

  • Oakkar Thant: Meaning "bright and victorious," Oakkar Thant symbolizes success and radiance.
  • Omyo Maung: Reflecting "noble and brave," Omyo Maung embodies courage and honor.
  • Osman Nay: Rooted in "pure heart," Osman Nay represents sincerity and goodness.
  • Owen Kyaw: Signifying "young warrior," Owen Kyaw embodies strength and vitality.
  • Oscar Zaw: Carrying the essence of "God's spear," Oscar Zaw symbolizes divine protection.
  • Omar Htet: Infused with "life and happiness," Omar Htet represents joy and vitality.
  • Oo Thura: Meaning "royal warrior," Oo Thura signifies regal strength and bravery.
  • Omar Aung: Reflecting "flourishing and prosperous," Omar Aung embodies success and abundance.
  • Oli Maung: Inspired by "olive tree," Oli Maung symbolizes peace and growth.
  • Orion Nay: Conveying "mighty hunter," Orion Nay represents strength and determination.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "P"

  • Phyo Thura: Meaning "prosperous leader," Phyo Thura embodies success and guidance.
  • Pyae Sone: Reflecting "precious gold," Pyae Sone symbolizes inherent value and uniqueness.
  • Paw Htoo: Rooted in "gentle and clear," Paw Htoo represents a calm and transparent nature.
  • Phoe Min: Signifying "bright and radiant," Phoe Min embodies a luminous and optimistic spirit.
  • Palaung Zaw: Carrying the essence of the "Palaung people," Palaung Zaw represents cultural richness.
  • Pann Aung: Infused with "wisdom and prosperity," Pann Aung symbolizes intellectual depth and success.
  • Pyin Nyunt: Meaning "bright and auspicious," Pyin Nyunt represents positive fortune and radiance.
  • Pauk Sa: Reflecting "green and pure," Pauk Sa embodies natural beauty and untarnished qualities.
  • Phyo Nay: Conveying "prosperous sun," Phyo Nay signifies success and a shining presence.
  • Phoe Maung: Inspired by "bright and honorable," Phoe Maung symbolizes dignified radiance.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "Q"

  • Quinten Myo: Meaning "fifth son," Quinten Myo symbolizes familial bonds and heritage.
  • Quay Thant: Reflecting "gracious and calm," Quay Thant embodies a composed and polite nature.
  • Quincy Nay: Rooted in "estate of the fifth son," Quincy Nay represents prosperity and familial connection.
  • Questar Htun: Signifying "seeker of truth," Questar Htun symbolizes a quest for knowledge and wisdom.
  • Quintus Aung: Carrying the essence of "fifth," Quintus Aung represents a significant and unique presence.
  • Quillon Zaw: Infused with "strong and enduring," Quillon Zaw embodies resilience and strength.
  • Quillan Win: Meaning "cub," Quillan Win symbolizes youthfulness and vibrancy.
  • Quintrell Kyaw: Reflecting on "fifth born," Quintrell Kyaw represents familial order and significance.
  • Qasim Phyo: Conveying "divider of bread," Qasim Phyo signifies generosity and sharing.
  • Quade Maung: Inspired by the "fourth-born son," Quade Maung symbolizes the family heritage and lineage.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "R"

  • Rohan Zaw: Meaning "ascending," Rohan Zaw signifies growth and progress.
  • Ravi Htun: Reflecting "sun," Ravi Htun embodies warmth and radiance.
  • Ryker Min: Rooted in "strength," Ryker Min symbolizes resilience and fortitude.
  • Rajan Nay: Signifying "king," Rajan Nay represents leadership and authority.
  • Reylan Kyaw: Carrying the essence of "intelligent and noble," Reylan Kyaw symbolizes wisdom and honor.
  • Rith Aung: Infused with "truth," Rith Aung represents honesty and authenticity.
  • Ruvan Thant: Meaning "bright gem," Ruvan Thant embodies preciousness and luminosity.
  • Remy Maung: Reflecting "oarsman," Remy Maung symbolizes navigation and guidance.
  • Riley Thura: Conveying "valiant," Riley Thura represents courage and bravery.
  • Rajan Phyo: Inspired by "royal wisdom," Rajan Phyo signifies regal intelligence.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "S"

  • Soe Min: Meaning "gentle and precious," Soe Min embodies a kind and valuable nature.
  • Sai Htet: Reflecting "noble and pure," Sai Htet symbolizes honorable and untarnished qualities.
  • Shwe Kyaw: Rooted in "golden prosperity," Shwe Kyaw represents wealth and positive fortune.
  • Saw Thura: Signifying "brave leader," Saw Thura embodies courage and leadership.
  • San Nay: Carrying the essence of "clear and bright," San Nay symbolizes clarity and brilliance.
  • Sithu Zaw: Infused with "expansive and grand," Sithu Zaw embodies a broad and majestic spirit.
  • Soe Aung: Meaning "gentle and powerful," Soe Aung represents strength and kindness.
  • Saya Maung: Reflecting "teacher and elder brother," Saya Maung symbolizes guidance and wisdom.
  • Shan Min: Conveying "gentle and precious," Shan Min represents a tender and valuable nature.
  • Saw Win: Inspired by "victorious leader," Saw Win signifies success and triumph.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "T"

  • Thant Zin: Meaning "radiant and precious," Thant Zin embodies a bright and valuable presence.
  • Thura Aung: Reflecting "noble and prosperous," Thura Aung signifies honor and abundance.
  • Thein Htet: Rooted in "clear and pure," Thein Htet represents a transparent and untarnished nature.
  • Tun Nay: Signifying "clear sun," Tun Nay embodies brightness and positivity.
  • Thu Min: Carrying the essence of "clear and precious," Thu Min symbolizes clarity and value.
  • Tin Zaw: Infused with "adorned with silver," Tin Zaw represents a refined and precious spirit.
  • Tay Za: Meaning "king of victory," Tay Za symbolizes triumph and success.
  • Thant Myo: Reflecting "peaceful heart," Thant Myo embodies tranquility and serenity.
  • Thiha Aung: Conveying "brave and prosperous," Thiha Aung signifies courage and abundance.
  • Thiri Maung: Inspired by "bright and noble," Thiri Maung represents a luminous and honorable presence.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "U"

  • U Kyaw: Meaning "respectable elder brother," U Kyaw embodies qualities of guidance and honor.
  • U Thant Zaw: Reflecting "noble and precious," U Thant Zaw signifies a valuable and honorable presence.
  • U Htet Nyunt: Rooted in "clear and pure," U Htet Nyunt represents a transparent and untarnished nature.
  • U Aung Min: Signifying "prosperous and radiant," U Aung Min embodies success and luminosity.
  • U Nay Lin: Carrying the essence of the "clear sun," U Nay Lin represents brightness and positivity.
  • U Ko Zaw: Infused with "elder brother adorned with gold," U Ko Zaw symbolizes a respected and precious elder.
  • U Myat Thura: Meaning "prosperous leader," U Myat Thura embodies success and guidance
  • U Win Htike: Reflecting a "victorious heart," U Win Htike signifies a triumphant and resilient spirit.
  • U Soe Min: Conveying "gentle and precious," U Soe Min represents a kind and valuable nature.
  • U Yan Naing: Inspired by an "unbeatable hero," U Yan Naing embodies strength and invincibility.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "V"

  • Vimal Thura: Meaning "pure leader," Vimal Thura embodies honesty and strong leadership.
  • Vihan Aung: Reflecting "dawn of prosperity," Vihan Aung signifies the beginning of a prosperous life.
  • Virat Nay: Rooted in "majestic leader," Virat Nay symbolizes regal authority and strength.
  • Vasudev Htet: Signifying "divine and gentle," Vasudev Htet represents a kind and spiritual nature.
  • Vijay Kyaw: Carrying the essence of "victory and respect," Vijay Kyaw embodies triumph and honor.
  • Vishal Zaw: Infused with "grand and precious," Vishal Zaw symbolizes a valuable and majestic presence.
  • Vikram Maung: Meaning "courageous hero," Vikram Maung represents bravery and strength.
  • Vijay Thant: Reflecting a "victorious heart," Vijay Thant signifies a triumphant and resilient spirit.
  • Vivan Myo: Conveying "full of life," Vivan Myo represents vitality and a vibrant personality.
  • Veer Nay: Inspired by a "brave leader," Veer Nay embodies courage and leadership.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "W"

  • Win Htet: Meaning "bright and pure," Win Htet embodies a clear and untarnished nature.
  • Wai Min: Reflecting "radiant gem," Wai Min signifies brightness and preciousness.
  • Wunna Aung: Rooted in "prosperous and noble," Wunna Aung symbolizes abundance and honor.
  • Wai Yan: Signifying "clear sunlight," Wai Yan embodies brightness and clarity.
  • Wint Htoo: Carrying the essence of "clear and valuable," Wint Htoo represents clarity and worth.
  • Win Zaw: Infused with "bright and adorned," Win Zaw symbolizes a radiant and precious spirit.
  • Wai Phyo: Meaning "clear and prosperous," Wai Phyo embodies clarity and success.
  • Win Thant: Reflecting "bright and peaceful," Win Thant signifies tranquility and radiance.
  • Wai Hlaing: Conveying "bright and influential," Wai Hlaing represents a luminous and impactful presence.
  • Wunna Kyaw: Inspired by "prosperous and victorious," Wunna Kyaw symbolizes success and triumph.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "X"

  • Xander Thura: Meaning "defender of peace," Xander Thura embodies a noble protector.
  • Xin Aung: Reflecting "new beginnings and prosperity," Xin Aung signifies a fresh start and abundance.
  • Xian Kyaw: Rooted in "elegant and prosperous," Xian Kyaw represents refined prosperity.
  • Xavion Htun: Signifying "bright and pure," Xavion Htun embodies clarity and innocence.
  • Xerxes Nay: Carrying the essence of "warrior king," Xerxes Nay symbolizes strength and leadership.
  • Xylon Zaw: Infused with "precious and strong," Xylon Zaw represents strength and value.
  • Xuan Min: Meaning "profound and precious," Xuan Min signifies deep value and significance.
  • Xavi Thant: Reflecting "radiant and peaceful," Xavi Thant embodies a bright and tranquil presence.
  • Xian Htet: Conveying "elegant and clear," Xian Htet represents refined clarity.
  • Xayden Maung: Inspired by "brave and precious," Xayden Maung symbolizes bravery and value.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "Y"

  • Yan Naing: Meaning "unbeatable hero," Yan Naing embodies strength and invincibility.
  • Yar Thura: Reflecting "heroic leader," Yar Thura signifies bravery and leadership.
  • Yamin Zaw: Rooted in "noble and precious," Yamin Zaw represents honor and value.
  • Yan Aung: Signifying "heroic prosperity," Yan Aung embodies success and courage.
  • Yar Pyae: Carrying the essence of "heroic and auspicious," Yar Pyae symbolizes positive fortune and bravery.
  • Ye Min: Infused with "gentle and precious," Ye Min represents a kind and valuable nature.
  • Yadana Htun: Meaning "treasure and clear," Yadana Htun embodies precious clarity.
  • Yar Hlaing: Reflecting "heroic and influential," Yar Hlaing represents strength and impact.
  • Yan Kyaw: Conveying "unbeatable and prosperous," Yan Kyaw signifies invincibility and abundance.
  • Yathar Myo: Inspired by "heart of valor," Yathar Myo embodies courage and strength.

Baby Boy Name Starting With "Z"

  • Zaw Min: Meaning "golden gem," Zaw Min embodies preciousness and radiance.
  • Zin Ko: Reflecting "valuable elder brother," Zin Ko signifies a respected and cherished sibling.
  • Zeya Aung: Rooted in "radiant prosperity," Zeya Aung symbolizes bright and abundant success.
  • Zaw Htet: Signifying "golden clear," Zaw Htet represents clarity and the value of gold.
  • Zin Thura: Carrying the essence of a "valuable leader," Zin Thura embodies leadership and worth.
  • Zaw Pyae: Infused with "golden and auspicious," Zaw Pyae symbolizes positive fortune and preciousness.
  • Zayar Maung: Meaning "victorious hero," Zayar Maung represents triumph and courage.
  • Zaw Lin: Reflecting "golden image," Zaw Lin symbolizes a precious and radiant presence.
  • Zin Myat: Conveying "valuable prosperity," Zin Myat represents the worth of success.
  • Zaw Win: Inspired by "golden triumph," Zaw Win signifies success and victory.

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