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Discover a rich tapestry of Unique Baby Boy Names in Nigeria! Explore our curated list for meaningful and distinctive names.

Introduction To Nigeria

In Nigeria, human tones vary greatly, reflecting its diverse cultural tapestry. From the bustling streets of its capital, Abuja, to the tranquil villages scattered across its landscape, Nigeria encompasses a wide range of lifestyles and experiences.

Abuja, the capital, pulsates with energy, covering approximately 1,769 square kilometers. With a population exceeding millions, its density reflects the vibrancy of urban life. In this dynamic city, countless children are born each day, ushering in the next generation.

Conversely, in the tranquil town of Keffi, with a population much smaller, life moves at a slower pace. Spanning a mere few square kilometers, its intimate setting fosters close-knit communities.

Despite the peaceful ambiance, the town still sees its share of life's inevitable cycles, with a few souls departing each day, serving as a reminder of the ebb and flow of existence.

Nigerian Baby Boy Names With Meaning From A To Z.
Baby Boy Names Start With "A"

Baby Boy

  • Ademola - Meaning "crown adds to wealth," symbolizing prosperity and royal heritage.
  • Ayodeji - Denoting "joy has come," reflecting the celebration of happiness and blessings.
  • Akintunde - Translating to "bravery has returned," embodying courage and resilience.
  • Adebayo - Signifying "the crown meets joy," representing the convergence of royalty and happiness.
  • Adebowale - Meaning "the crown has come home," evoking a sense of belonging and fulfillment.
  • Azubuike - Denoting "the past is your strength," symbolizing resilience and learning from history.
  • Afolabi - Reflecting "born into wealth," signifying abundance and prosperity.
  • Ayomiposi - Translating to "my joy is complete," celebrating the fulfillment of happiness.
  • Ayoade - Signifying "joy of the crown," representing the happiness brought by royalty.
  • Akinwande - Meaning "bravery has surpassed," embodying courage and overcoming adversity.

Baby Boy Names Start With "B"

    • Babatunde - Meaning "father has returned," symbolizing the joy of paternal presence and leadership.
    • Boluwatife - Denoting "God's gift," reflecting gratitude and appreciation for divine blessings.
    • Bayo - Translating to "joy has found me," embodying happiness and contentment.
    • Bello - Signifying "one with a full measure of wealth," representing prosperity and abundance.
    • Babajide - Meaning "father is awake," symbolizing the guidance and protection of paternal figures.
    • Babatunji - Denoting "father has awoken again," representing the renewal of paternal care and support.
    • Bolarinwa - Translating to "wealth has come," embodying prosperity and success.
    • Bankole - Signifying "help me build my house," reflecting the desire for support and stability.
    • Babatayo - Meaning "father brings joy," symbolizing the happiness brought by paternal love.
    • Bamidele - Denoting "follow me home," representing leadership and guidance.

    Baby Boy Names Start With "C"

      • Chinedu - Meaning "God leads," symbolizing divine guidance and direction in life.
      • Chinonso - Denoting "God is close," reflecting a strong spiritual connection.
      • Chukwuebuka - Translating to "God is great," embodying awe and reverence for the divine.
      • Chijioke - Signifying "God gives," representing gratitude for divine blessings.
      • Chinemerem - Meaning "God does good for me," reflecting trust in divine providence.
      • Chukwuemeka - Denoting "God has done great," symbolizing acknowledgment of divine greatness.
      • Chimere - Translating to "my God knows," embodying faith and trust in divine knowledge.
      • Chibueze - Signifying "God is king," representing acknowledgment of divine sovereignty.
      • Chibuike - Meaning "God is strength," symbolizing reliance on divine power.
      • Chigozie - Denoting "God has blessed me," embodying gratitude for divine favor.

      Baby Boy Names Start With "D"

        • Dike - Meaning "strong warrior," embodying bravery and valor in Nigerian culture.
        • Durotimi - Denoting "wait for me," symbolizing patience and endurance.
        • Damilola - Translating to "blessing has arrived," reflecting gratitude for divine favor.
        • Dara - Signifying "joy," symbolizing happiness and contentment.
        • Dayo - Meaning "joy arrives," embodying the celebration of happiness.
        • Durojaiye - Denoting "wait for joy," symbolizing patience in awaiting blessings.
        • Dare - Translating to "a king has arrived," embodying leadership and nobility.
        • Durosinmi - Signifying "wait for this one," symbolizing anticipation and hope.
        • Dahunsi - Meaning "answer me," reflecting a belief in divine responsiveness.
        • Dimeji - Denoting "stand by me," symbolizing companionship and support.

        Baby Boy Names Start With "E"

          • Emeka - Meaning "great deeds," symbolizing aspirations for significant achievements and contributions.
          • Efe - Denoting "love," embodying the essence of affection and compassion.
          • Enitan - Translating to "person of story," symbolizing a life rich with experiences and narratives.
          • Ebuka - Signifying "greatness is greater," reflecting a belief in surpassing one's potential.
          • Ekon - Meaning "strong," embodying resilience and fortitude in the face of challenges.
          • Ejiro - Denoting "praise," symbolizing appreciation and acknowledgment of blessings.
          • Ese - Translating to "gratitude," embodying thankfulness and appreciation for life's blessings.
          • Ebiere - Signifying "goodness," reflecting the inherent positivity and kindness within.
          • Eronmose - Meaning "God's gift," symbolizing the divine blessing and significance of life.
          • Eze - Denoting "king," embodying leadership, authority, and nobility.

          Baby Boy Names Start With "F"

            • Folarin - Meaning "walking with wealth," embodying the journey towards prosperity and abundance.
            • Farouk - Denoting "distinguisher of truth," symbolizing integrity and honesty.
            • Fiyinfoluwa - Translating to "praise God for wealth," reflecting gratitude for divine blessings.
            • Femi - Signifying "love me," embodying the essence of affection and compassion.
            • Fola - Meaning "honor brings wealth," symbolizing the importance of dignity and respect.
            • Fadil - Denoting "virtuous," embodying moral excellence and righteousness.
            • Fiyin - Translating to "praise," symbolizing appreciation and acknowledgment of blessings.
            • Folawiyo - Signifying "wealth has arrived," reflecting prosperity and success
            • Fijabi - Meaning "one who awakens with victory," embodying triumph and achievement.
            • Folaranmi - Denoting "walking with wealth is my joy," symbolizing happiness derived from prosperity.

            Baby Boy Names Start With "G"

              • Gbenga - Meaning "lift me up," embodying aspirations for progress and elevation in life.
              • Gideon - Denoting "mighty warrior," symbolizing strength and courage in the face of adversity.
              • Godwin - Translating to "God is victorious," reflecting faith in divine triumph and success.
              • Gabriel - Signifying "God is my strength," symbolizing reliance on divine power and support.
              • Gbadebo - Meaning "crown returns," embodying the restoration of honor and dignity.
              • Gbolahan - Denoting "God has blessed," symbolizing gratitude for divine favor and blessings.
              • Goodluck - Reflecting optimism and hope for favorable outcomes in life's endeavors.
              • Gbolabo - Signifying "God has brought joy," symbolizing happiness and contentment.
              • Gbemisola - Meaning "carry me into wealth," embodying aspirations for prosperity and abundance.
              • Gbenga - Denoting "lift me up," symbolizing the desire for support and encouragement in life's journey.

              Baby Boy Names Start With "H"

                • Hakeem - Meaning "wise," embodying intelligence and discernment in decision-making.
                • Hamzah - Denoting "lion," symbolizing strength, courage, and leadership.
                • Habib - Translating to "beloved," reflecting deep affection and cherished relationships.
                • Haruna - Signifying "joy," embodying happiness and contentment in life.
                • Hassan - Meaning "handsome," symbolizing physical attractiveness and charm.
                • Hadi - Denoting "guide," embodying the role of a leader or mentor.
                • Hafiz - Translating to "guardian," symbolizing protection and watchfulness over loved ones.
                • Haris - Signifying "guardian of treasure," reflecting responsibility and stewardship.
                • Hamisu - Meaning "joyful," embodying a disposition of happiness and positivity.
                • Hazaiah - Denoting "God sees," symbolizing divine awareness and guidance.

                Baby Boy Names Start With "I"

                  • Ifeanyichukwu - Meaning "nothing is impossible for God," embodying faith and trust in divine power.
                  • Ibrahim - Denoting "father of nations," symbolizing leadership and familial responsibility.
                  • Ikechukwu - Translating to "God's strength," reflecting reliance on divine power and resilience.
                  • Idris - Signifying "interpreter," embodying wisdom and understanding in communication.
                  • Ifeoluwa - Meaning "God's love," symbolizing divine affection and grace.
                  • Imoh - Denoting "wealth," embodying aspirations for prosperity and abundance.
                  • Ismail - Translating to "God hears," symbolizing belief in divine responsiveness and mercy.
                  • Ikenna - Signifying "God's strength," reflecting reliance on divine power and resilience.
                  • Ifeanyi - Meaning "nothing is impossible," embodying faith and belief in overcoming challenges.
                  • Ihuoma - Denoting "good fortune," symbolizing blessings and favor from the divine.

                  Baby Boy Names Start With "J"

                    • Jide - Meaning "hold on," embodying perseverance and determination in the face of challenges.
                    • Jabari - Denoting "brave," symbolizing courage and strength in Nigerian culture.
                    • Jamal - Translating to "handsome," reflecting physical attractiveness and charm.
                    • Jelil - Signifying "greatness," embodying aspirations for significant achievements.
                    • Jibril - Meaning "angel," symbolizing purity, guidance, and protection.
                    • Jato - Denoting "born after twins," reflecting uniqueness and specialness.
                    • Jamiu - Translating to "one who listens," embodying attentiveness and understanding.
                    • Jelani - Signifying "mighty," symbolizing strength and power.
                    • Jubril - Meaning "one who consoles," embodying comfort and solace.
                    • Jumaane - Denoting "born on Tuesday," symbolizing connection to Nigerian traditions and culture.

                    Baby Boy Names Start With "K"

                      • Kehinde - Meaning "the second born of twins," symbolizing uniqueness and specialness.
                      • Kosi - Denoting "no one is greater than God," embodying humility and reverence for the divine.
                      • Kufre - Translating to "do not forget," symbolizing the importance of remembering one's roots and heritage.
                      • Kunle - Signifying "fills the house with wealth," reflecting aspirations for prosperity and abundance.
                      • Kamsi - Meaning "as I have asked," symbolizing faith and trust in prayers being answered.
                      • Kola - Denoting "wealth," embodying aspirations for financial stability and success.
                      • Kwame - Translating to "born on a Saturday," symbolizing connection to Nigerian cultural traditions.
                      • Kenechukwu - Signifying "thank God," embodying gratitude and appreciation for divine blessings.
                      • Kelechi - Meaning "thank God," symbolizing acknowledgment of divine favor and grace.
                      • Kosisochukwu - Denoting "there's no one like God," reflecting awe and reverence for the divine.

                      Baby Boy Names Start With "L"

                        • Lekan - Meaning "my wealth is growing," embodying aspirations for prosperity and abundance.
                        • Lamidi - Denoting "born on Sunday," symbolizing connection to Nigerian cultural traditions.
                        • Lateef - Translating to "gentle," embodying kindness and compassion in character.
                        • Lawal - Signifying "warrior," symbolizing strength, courage, and resilience.
                        • Lanre - Meaning "my wealth is my crown," reflecting pride and honor in one's accomplishments.
                        • Ladi - Denoting "arrived with royalty," embodying nobility and regal qualities.
                        • Lekan - Translating to "my wealth is growing," symbolizing hopes for financial growth and success.
                        • Labaran - Signifying "storyteller," embodying the importance of oral traditions in Nigerian culture.
                        • Lawan - Meaning "youthful," symbolizing energy, vitality, and youthfulness.
                        • Ladi - Denoting "arrived with royalty," symbolizing nobility and prestige in Nigerian society.

                        Baby Boy Names Start With "M"

                          • Mazi - Meaning "respected sir," embodying honor and reverence in Nigerian culture.
                          • Malik - Denoting "king," symbolizing leadership, authority, and nobility.
                          • Mubarak - Translating to "blessed," embodying gratitude and appreciation for divine favor.
                          • Moshood - Signifying "one who is favored," reflecting divine blessings and grace.
                          • Mustafa - Meaning "chosen one," symbolizing uniqueness and specialness in destiny.
                          • Mofe - Denoting "I desire," symbolizing aspirations and dreams for the future.
                          • Mekam - Translating to "I will not let you down," embodying commitment and loyalty.
                          • Mabayoje - Signifying "I have come to enjoy royalty," symbolizing honor and prestige.
                          • Muna - Meaning "desire," embodying wishes and hopes for fulfillment.
                          • Mukhtar - Denoting "chosen," symbolizing divine selection and purpose.

                          Baby Boy Names Start With "N"

                            • Nnamdi - Meaning "my father is alive," embodying the bond and reverence for paternal figures.
                            • Nkemjika - Denoting "my own is greater," symbolizing uniqueness and significance.
                            • Nwabueze - Translating to "child of a king," reflecting nobility and leadership qualities.
                            • Nnadi - Signifying "my father is alive," symbolizing the importance of family and lineage.
                            • Nkemdirim - Meaning "my own joy is good," embodying happiness and fulfillment.
                            • Nduka - Denoting "life is supreme," symbolizing reverence for the gift of life.
                            • Nwakaego - Translating to "child is greater than wealth," reflecting the value of family over material possessions.
                            • Nnenna - Signifying "father's mother," embodying the maternal bond and nurturing qualities.
                            • Nwadiuto - Meaning "life is sweet," symbolizing appreciation for the joys of existence.
                            • Nkechi - Denoting "God's own," embodying divine favor and blessings.

                            Baby Boy Names Start With "O"

                              • Oluwaseun - Meaning "God has done wonders," embodying gratitude for divine blessings.
                              • Obinna - Denoting "father's heart," symbolizing the love and affection of paternal figures.
                              • Olumide - Translating to "God has brought me," reflecting faith and trust in divine providence.
                              • Ogochukwu - Signifying "God's glory," embodying reverence for divine greatness and splendor.
                              • Olatunji - Meaning "wealth has returned," symbolizing the restoration of prosperity and abundance.
                              • Onyedikachi - Denoting "who is like God," embodying awe and reverence for divine uniqueness.
                              • Olufemi - Translating to "God loves me," symbolizing divine affection and grace.
                              • Obioma - Signifying "good heart," embodying kindness, compassion, and empathy.
                              • Okechukwu - Meaning "God's portion," symbolizing reliance on divine providence and provision.
                              • Osaze - Denoting "God's power," reflecting the belief in divine strength and authority.

                              Baby Boy Names Start With "P"

                                • Paschal - Meaning "born at Easter," embodying renewal and spiritual rebirth.
                                • Pius - Denoting "pious," symbolizing devotion and righteousness.
                                • Pelumi - Translating to "I am complete," reflecting fulfillment and wholeness.
                                • Peter - Signifying "rock," embodying strength and stability.
                                • Prosper - Meaning "successful," symbolizing achievement and abundance.
                                • Praise - Denoting "admiration," embodying celebration and reverence.
                                • Patrick - Translating to "nobleman," symbolizing dignity and honor.
                                • Princewill - Signifying "prince of God's favor," embodying divine blessings.
                                • Promise - Meaning "pledge," symbolizing commitment and trustworthiness.
                                • Precious - Denoting "valuable," embodying cherished and esteemed qualities.

                                Baby Boy Names Start With "Q"

                                  • Quadri - Meaning "fourth-born," symbolizing order and sequence within the family.
                                  • Quddus - Denoting "holy" or "sacred," embodying reverence and spiritual significance.

                                  Baby Boy Names Start With "R"

                                    • Rasheed - Meaning "wise" or "rightly guided," embodying intelligence and wisdom in decision-making.
                                    • Razaq - Denoting "provider" or "sustainer," symbolizing God's provision and care.
                                    • Rotimi - Translating to "stay with me," reflecting a desire for companionship and support.
                                    • Rufai - Signifying "compassionate" or "kind-hearted," embodying empathy and benevolence.
                                    • Rahman - Meaning "merciful" or "compassionate," symbolizing God's mercy and forgiveness.
                                    • Raji - Denoting "hope" or "expectation," embodying optimism and belief in better days.
                                    • Remy - Translating to "loving" or "affectionate," symbolizing warmth and tenderness.
                                    • Rasaq - Signifying "provider" or "maintainer," embodying responsibility and caretaking qualities.
                                    • Ridwan - Meaning "pleased" or "contented," symbolizing inner peace and satisfaction.
                                    • Ropo - Denoting "praise" or "admiration," embodying appreciation and recognition.

                                    Baby Boy Names Start With "S"

                                      • Sadiq - Meaning "truthful" or "sincere," embodying honesty and integrity in character.
                                      • Segun - Denoting "victorious" or "triumphant," symbolizing success and achievement.
                                      • Sikiru - Translating to "glory" or "honor," reflecting prestige and dignity.
                                      • Sunday - Signifying "born on Sunday," embodying connection to Nigerian cultural traditions.
                                      • Sulaiman - Meaning "peaceful" or "tranquil," symbolizing harmony and serenity.
                                      • Samson - Denoting "sun child" or "bright sun," embodying strength and vitality.
                                      • Sola - Translating to "wealth" or "prosperity," symbolizing abundance and success.
                                      • Saheed - Signifying "witness" or "observer," embodying awareness and perception.
                                      • Solomon - Meaning "peace" or "harmony," symbolizing tranquility and reconciliation.
                                      • Seyi - Denoting "worthy of honor" or "praised," embodying admiration and respect.

                                      Baby Boy Names Start With "T"

                                        • Tunde - Meaning "return of the chosen one," symbolizing the anticipation of a cherished presence.
                                        • Tijani - Denoting "one who travels at night," embodying resilience and adaptability in darkness.
                                        • Taiwo - Translating to "taste the world," reflecting curiosity and exploration.
                                        • Toba - Signifying "God is great," embodying faith and reverence for the divine.
                                        • Tariq - Meaning "morning star," symbolizing guidance and hope in times of darkness.
                                        • Tayo - Denoting "joy" or "happiness," embodying positivity and optimism.
                                        • Tamuno - Reflecting "God's gift," symbolizing gratitude for divine blessings.
                                        • Tolu - Signifying "God's will," embodying acceptance and surrender to divine plans.
                                        • Temitope - Meaning "enough to give thanks," symbolizing gratitude and contentment.
                                        • Tunji - Denoting "resurrected," embodying renewal and second chances.

                                        Baby Boy Names Start With "U"

                                          • Uche - Meaning "God's will" or "God's wish," embodying acceptance of divine plans.
                                          • Udeme - Denoting "peace" or "tranquility," symbolizing harmony and serenity.
                                          • Umar - Translating to "life" or "longevity," embodying wishes for a long and prosperous life.
                                          • Ugochukwu - Signifying "God's pride," embodying divine favor and blessings.
                                          • Uzoma - Meaning "good road" or "safe journey," symbolizing guidance and protection.
                                          • Uzodinma - Denoting "the way of life," embodying the essence and path of existence.
                                          • Udoka - Reflecting "peaceful heart," symbolizing inner calmness and tranquility.
                                          • Uchechukwu - Signifying "God's will" or "God's wish," embodying trust in divine providence.
                                          • Uzor - Meaning "the child is the king," symbolizing leadership and nobility.
                                          • Uwem - Denoting "life" or "strength," embodying vitality and resilience.

                                          Baby Boy Names Start With "V"

                                            • Victor - Meaning "winner" or "conqueror," embodying strength and triumph.
                                            • Valentine - Denoting "strong" or "healthy," symbolizing vitality and resilience.
                                            • Vincent - Translating to "conqueror," embodying determination and success.
                                            • Voke - Signifying "happiness" or "joy," embodying positivity and delight.
                                            • Vandi - Meaning "destined for greatness," symbolizing potential and ambition.
                                            • Voke - Denoting "happiness" or "joy," symbolizing contentment and fulfillment.
                                            • Vwede - Reflecting "chosen by God," symbolizing divine selection and favor.
                                            • Viano - Signifying "gift from God," embodying gratitude and appreciation.
                                            • Voke - Meaning "happiness" or "joy," symbolizing inner contentment and peace.
                                            • Victor - Denoting "winner" or "conqueror," symbolizing triumph and success.

                                            Baby Boy Names Start With "W"

                                              • Wale - Meaning "come home," embodying the warmth and welcome of family.
                                              • Wisdom - Denoting "knowledge" or "understanding," symbolizing intelligence and insight.
                                              • Wasiu - Translating to "born to inherit," embodying the anticipation of legacy and heritage.
                                              • Waziri - Signifying "chief" or "leader," embodying authority and respect.
                                              • Waleed - Meaning "newborn" or "infant," symbolizing innocence and purity.
                                              • Wuraola - Reflecting "gold of wealth," symbolizing prosperity and abundance.
                                              • Wale - Denoting "come home," embodying the longing for familial connection and reunion.
                                              • Wazi - Signifying "clever" or "intelligent," embodying sharpness of mind and wit.
                                              • Wemimo - Meaning "do good," symbolizing altruism and benevolence.
                                              • Wasiu - Denoting "born to inherit," embodying the anticipation of legacy and heritage.

                                              Baby Boy Names Start With "X"

                                                • Xolani - Meaning "peace" or "forgiveness," embodying harmony and reconciliation.
                                                • Xavier - Denoting "bright" or "splendid," symbolizing radiance and brilliance.

                                                Baby Boy Names Start With "Y"

                                                  • Yemi - Meaning "my joy," embodying happiness and delight.
                                                  • Yaro - Denoting "young man" or "youth," symbolizing vitality and vigor.
                                                  • Yakubu - Translating to "God will increase," reflecting faith in divine abundance.
                                                  • Yinka - Signifying "surrounded by honor," embodying prestige and dignity.
                                                  • Yusuf - Meaning "God will increase," symbolizing blessings and growth.
                                                  • Yele - Denoting "wealth has come," embodying prosperity and abundance.
                                                  • Yemi - Reflecting "my joy," symbolizing happiness and contentment.
                                                  • Yaro - Signifying "young man" or "youth," embodying energy and vitality.
                                                  • Yinka - Meaning "surrounded by honor," symbolizing respect and admiration.
                                                  • Yusuf - Denoting "God will increase," embodying faith in divine provision.

                                                  Baby Boy Names Start With "Z"

                                                    • Zuberu - Meaning "strong" or "powerful," embodying resilience and fortitude.
                                                    • Zikora - Denoting "God's strength," symbolizing divine empowerment.
                                                    • Zaid - Translating to "abundance" or "increase," embodying prosperity and growth.
                                                    • Zuriel - Signifying "God is my rock," embodying trust in divine protection.
                                                    • Zulu - Meaning "heavenly" or "divine," symbolizing spirituality and connection to the divine.
                                                    • Zayd - Denoting "abundance" or "prosperity," embodying blessings and wealth.
                                                    • Zikora - Reflecting "God's strength," symbolizing reliance on divine power.
                                                    • Zino - Signifying "blessing" or "gift," embodying gratitude for divine favor.
                                                    • Zafar - Meaning "victory" or "triumph," symbolizing success and achievement.
                                                    • Zubair - Denoting "strong" or "brave," embodying courage and bravery.

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